Friday, August 7, 2015

“man-in-the-cloud" attack

man-in-the-cloud" attack

This is a small blog piece related to an article on “man-in-the-cloud" attack.

The vulnerability discussed in this article is real.

In my case, being an open source man and Linux promoter, sharing what little I know is automatic and almost mandatory.

I may kick the budget of old age but I leave behind lot of digital footprint for to be exploited ad hoc.

So the mobile you use may be a big risk factor.

If you lose your mobile or somebody steals it, all your emails and contacts are at risk.

I cannot offer any solutions.

But it is better to use the non digital land phone for strictly private phone calls.

But even the government can eavesdrop (Sri-Lanka Under MR, I do not know how it is now and USA in particular).

Other option is to have an android of cheapest (Rs.5000/=) price with limited capacity and function for ordinary communications and emails and your value added iphone or any android or commercial for mission critical work and make it sure that it is kept under lock and key physically when not in use for long periods and not to carry it when one is on a shopping free or holidaying (hard thing to do).

We did not have all these gadgets an we carried out confidential work without fear or favour just 20 years ago.

Now we are getting paranoid and young people who are starting their careers should take a special not of the vulnerability of the mobile phone an in particular if you have private data in the Cloud.

This was one reason I was never too keen on for a mobile.

In my twilight years, it is getting bit lazy and less mobile physically that is when you become hooked to a gadget and the vulnerability of old age is also exposed.

It is the responsibility of the mobile carrier to safeguard your interests but if you leave your door open, very little they can do.

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