Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"Pissed Off"

Sex, sleep and pissing are uncontrollable by will power BUT we are getting "Pissed Off" by our Legislature, Constitution, the Judiciary!

Erectile Function

I will post few of my Twitter Bits here.
Easy thing is to visit the Twitter.

Erectile Function
What if, all Sri-Lankans males lost erectile function except the Head of State for 3 weeks? 

He will cancel holidays abroad not us!

We will go on holidays until it starts erecting normally.

Game Changer

Game Changer

I am going to be Digitally Zero in due course.

You are going to get less of my Junk (but meant for Lateral Thinking, not for ideologically rigid mentality) Mail.

The real reason is 90% of all mails (not necessarily mine) are deleted even without reading the heading by reflex and prejudiced mind of the receiver.

It is the human nature and humans of today are BORN LAZY.

The email has lost the intended fast and skillful office administration Use (tool), due to its ubiquitous presence.

I prefer the Twitter which is very brief and if somebody cannot put an idea across with 140 characters it is not an electronic wizardry.

That does not mean I am dead.

I am living skillfully and mindfully focused.

My perennial question to my associates is what will happen to my email when I am dead and gone?

No email provider has found a solution to this. 
That is an issue for me.