Thursday, March 10, 2016

Long Life

Nobody seems to have addressed this issue of Long Life of our yesteryear Buddhist monks and their secrets.

I have a list of reasons and they are listed not in any order of merits.

1.  Simple Monastery Life
2. Vegetarian Diet
3. Meditation Practice
4. Rituals like Recitation of Stanzas by heart
5. Multi-language Capability (as many as six to eight)
6. Wondering life style (No fixed aboard)
7. Village Life Style
8. Simple exercises like walking from temple to temple
9. Herbal medicines and their use
10. Sleeping (resting) Schedule

Having analyzed the impact of above observations, I have formulated the following for working adults.

1. You are, What You Eat

It is very simple and easy to change food habits.

I am not asking you to change to a vegetarian diet.
Two meals are sufficient, healthy breakfast and one major meal according to the life style.

One must never miss the breakfast (after all you are breaking the overnight fast). 
At least carry a snack with you, if you have to run for the bus or train and eat it on the go, once you have boarded the transportation.

Fruits and nuts are for your breaks, if you have any, not tea and coffee.

Chocolates are OK but not Coca Cola.

Milk should be a daily accompaniment (think of the osteoporosis when you are 70) and soothing for yur stomach and duodenum.

2. Things you have to STOP
There is no place for smoking in healthy living.

3. Drink in Moderation
That got to be alcohol (100 mg the most).

4. Never in Life
Never hashish.
They lead you to urge or try more potent ones.

5. Plenty in Life
Exercise in plenty.

6. Never not Enough
Good Friends are never enough.

7. Mental Culture
All waking hours.

My prescription is 3M (Minute Moment Meditation)

8. Plant Watching (my addition)
If your favorite pot plant is dying, there is something wrong with you.

I discourage keeping pet fish unless an aquarium keeper visits you at short notice. 

It can be a pain.
I have plenty of pet Fish.

9. Games
Including computer games.

10. Grandchildren
Having grandchildren is a contentious issue.
I will leave at that.

Many more items can be fitted into this list of priorities and I do not intend to go beyond this point.

11. Summary
1. If you smoke, quit today.
Avoid Passive smoking!

2. Get plenty of exercise.
Walking is a great all around activity. 

3. Limit your drinking or no alcohol.

4. Eat fruits, nuts and vegetables daily

5. Get enough sleep each night.
Sleep can help to recharge your immune systems as well as give you the energy you need each day.

6. Maintain a healthy weight.
Consider reducing starch, fat and meat in your diet.

7. Schedule your health checkups.

8. Become Educated.
Learn about medical conditions that you may have.
Or be at risk for developing.

9. Practice Meditation
Practice stress management.
Your emotions can affect your health.

10. Have a hobby (Minimum “Plant Watching”)
Practice simple computer games.

Frozen Bubble is my favorite with the cellphone

12. Balancing your Brain (my addition)
This is a concept I have developed on my own.
There are many techniques including learning a new language but less demanding ones can be formulated.

I have discussed this elsewhere!