Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bypassing UEFI BIOS with Peppermint

Bypassing UEFI BIOS with Peppermint
This is interesting I bought a new computer just yesterday, since my 32 bit computer is due for its retirement after over 12 year service.
I am not going to dismantle last of my 10 32 bit computers left (save on electricity bill) after dismantling 9 out of the ten. Funnily enough, I paid for a Microsoft Windows and got the vendor to install it.
I tried to dual boot Linux.
I could not.
Debian 8.2 wanted me to over wright the boot sector and manually configure it to boot Windows.
I was hesitant, lest lose my warranty, then I installed Peppermint with a boot partition but it did not boot.

Grub was  blocked by Windows.

I forgot to read the instructions while installing.
Peppermint has a way to solve this.
It wants the boot sector to be formated in an Extra BIOS partitioning.

Presto it boots into Peppermint.

Now how to get back to Windows, just PRESS F-2 or Del and the hidden windows is live again.
Then when I booted Windows it wanted to update 41 packages (my Windows is only few hours old).
This is the very reason I hate or never use (only to watch TV over TV Card) Windows.
One can run Linux for a year or two without updates.
In actual fact, I was using Peppermint 4 for the last one year.
Christmas coming, I wanted Peppermint 6 for my routine work.
Well, done Peppermint!
For Giving Windows the BOOT KICK.
Keep up your good work.
I will try Debian and come to you with my updates.
One need not GO through the hassle of devious route to DUAL Boot.
Del Key and F-2 is enough for me.