Saturday, February 25, 2017

How to Prepare for Metta Meditation (Aliens included)

How to Prepare for Metta Meditation (Aliens included)

The "Metta Meditation" should be extended to beings (Visiting Aliens) outside our solar system if they by chance venture into our domain.

 I have reproduced WISE uttering by Lord Buddha (Sutta) for  Mass Awareness!

There are four words  in Pali that is very difficult to translate into English!

They are


2. Karuna

3. Muditha

4. Upekka

Fortunately English is a language that constantly changes and improves its vocabulary to understand Eastern Wisdom.

Emotional intelligence, universal and unbound compassion (not carnal love) "no soul" are few of them.

Western civilization is based on "God and Soul" bound Dogma and might take few generations to entertain Eastern Wisdom.

 Western dogma is also bound by "One World System" and find it very  difficult to entertain other living worlds outside our Solar System.
That is why they covered up the Alien Visitation in Roswell 70 years ago and still carrying on with the misinformation campaign.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Well, I had done a verse in 2013

The Discourse On Loving Kindness

He who is skilled in doing good
And who wishes to attain that state of calm (Nibbana) should act thus
He should be able, upright, perfectly upright
Obedient, gentle and humble
Contented, easily supportable (not a burden to others)
With few duties, simple in livelihood
Controlled in senses, discreet, not impudent
Not greedily attached to families
He should not commit any slight wrong
So that other wise men might deplore

May all beings be happy and safe
May their hearts be happy
Whatsoever living beings that exist
Weak, or strong, without exception
Long, stout or medium
Short, small or large

Those seen (visible) or unseen (not visible)
And those dwelling far (Aliens included) or near
Those who are born and those who are to be born
May all beings, without exception, be happy minded

Let no one deceive another
Nor despise anyone anywhere
In anger or ill will
Let them not wish each other harm
Just as a mother would guard her only child
At the risk of her own life
Even so towards all beings

Let him cultivate boundless mind
Let thoughts of boundless love pervade the whole world
Above, below and across
Without any obstruction
Without any hatred, without any enmity
Whether he stands, walks, sits
Or lies down, as long as he is awake

He should develop this mindfulness
This they say is the Highest conduct here
Not falling into (wrong) views
Virtuous and endowed with vision (insight)
He discards attachment to sensuous desires
Truly, he does not come again; to be conceived in a womb
By the firm determination of this truth may I ever be well
By the firm determination of this truth may I be free from illness
By the firm determination of this truth may peaceful victory be mine!

Karaniya Metta Sutta

Buddha’s words on loving kindness

Karaniya atthakusalena

Yan tam santam padam abhisamecca

Sakko uju cha suju cha

suvatho thassa mudu anatimani

Santussako va subharo va

appakicco va sallahukavutti

santindriyo va nipako va

appagabbho kulesu ananugiddho

Na cha khuddam samachare

Kiñ ci yena viññuu pare upavadeyyum

Sukhino va khemino hontu

Sabbe sattaa bhavantu sukhitatta

Ye keci panabhut'atthi

Tasa va thavara va anavasesa

Digha va ye mahanta va

Majjhima rassaka anukathula

Dittha-va ye va adittha

Ye ca dure vasanti avidure

Bhuta va sambhavesi va

Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta

Na paro param nikubbetha

Natimaññetha kattha si nam kiñ si

vyarosana patighasañña

Naññamaññassa dukkham iccheyya

Mata yatha niyam puttam

Ayusa ekaputtamanurakkhe

Evam pi sabbabhutesu

Manasam bhavaye aparimanam

Mettañ va sabbalokasmim

Maanasam bhavaye aparimanam

Uddham adho cha tiriyañ va

Sambadham averam asapattam

Tittham caram nisinno va

Sayano va yavat'assa vigatamiddho

Etam satim adhittheyya

Brahmametam viharam idhamahu

Ditthiñ va anupagamma sila va

Dassanena sampanno

Kamesu vineyya gedham

Na hi jatu gabbhaseyyam punare ti ti

This is what should be done by one who is skilled in achieving his own good of peace and tranquility.

He should be efficient and competent (sakko),

Honest and upright (udu cha su ju cha)

Pleasant and polite in speech (Suvacco)

(Suvaco does not n mean obedient)

Gentle in demeanor ( gentle composure -mudu)

He should be modest and not arrogant (anatimani)

He should be content and satisfied (santussako)

And be easily supportable ((subarro).

He should not be over involved (appa kikko) and

Simple and light in his life style (sallahukavutti)

He should keep his sense faculties calmed and tranquilled (santindrio)

He should be wise (nipako) but not too bold and daring ( appagabbo not arrogant)

He should not be attached to households (kulesu ananugiddo0

He should never resort to doing anything so mean (na cha kudham samachare) whereby the rest of the wise world would reproach him (yene vinnu pare upavedeyyuum)

May all biengs enjoy happiness and comfort (sabbe satta bHavantu skitatta)

May they feel safe and secure (sukino va khemino hontu)

Then meditate;

May all be happy and secure. 

May all beings become happy in their heart of hearts!

And think of every living thing without exception:

the weak and the strong, from the smallest to the

largest, whether you can see them or not, living

nearby or far away, beings living now or yet to arise –

may all beings become happy in their heart of hearts!

May no one deceive or look down on anyone

anywhere, for any reason. Whether through feeling

angry or through reacting to someone else, may no

one want another to suffer.

As strongly as a mother, perhaps risking her life,

cherishes her child, her only child, develop an

unlimited heart for all beings.

Develop an unlimited heart of friendliness for the

entire universe, sending metta above, below, and all

around, beyond all narrowness, beyond all rivalry,

beyond all hatred.

Whether you are staying in one place or travelling,

sitting down or in bed, in all your waking hours rest in

this mindfulness, which is known as like living in

heaven right here and now!

In this way, you will come to let go of views, be

spontaneously ethical, and have perfect Insight. And

leaving behind craving for sense pleasures, from the

rounds of rebirth you will finally be completely free!