Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mosquito Magic

Mosquito Magic

On reflection, I have realized that a killing a mosquito won't help my sleep.
I have to get into deep sleep before they arrive or keep up waiting to thud them with both my hands until the last one is sent to heaven by misadventure.
Both these strategies have misfired and failed.
Also the mosquitoes have not realized that easiest time to hit me is in my deep sleep.

Ideally of course when I am dreaming.
That will make sure a good meal and if I get up I have the luxury of creative ideas coming out of my dreaming brain.
Bright ideas are resistant medium in wakeful states.
The magic of Mosquitoes is that most of my creative blog posts have come out after their stings.
So if you start a blog post make sure there are plenty of mosquitoes around waiting to attack.
Every time you kill one the bad ideas that ruminate in your mind without a brain wave disappears instantaneously.
Your brains goes blank for a second and starts recharging with a bright idea.
They help me to keep up a night.
No alternative but start up the computer browse a bit and sit down and finish an article or a book.

So all my books are dedicated to these versatile mosquitoes of many species.

If not for them I would have never started or finish a book.

Brave the mosquitoes, keep up and give them the due credit for Mosquito Magic.