Monday, March 6, 2017

Celebrating Four Years Without a Rice Meal

Celebrating Four Years Without a Rice Meal

I just celebrated 4 years without rice.

Incidentally, it coincided with our dog’s 14th Birth Day.

Reason was not arsenic in rice.

I was reacting to some chemical contaminant for over 8 years without knowing it.

It was finally discovered by dropping each item in my diet.

Even milk rice off limits.

Be that it may, pesticide, fertilizer, rice preservative or alien dust is immatrial.

That was the best health initiative or insurance I can vouch for.

My work output was better (as compared to rice eating days) without late evening dumping syndrome.

I am trim (cut down the excess fat)!

I started enjoying alternative food items including Indian delicacies.

Chocolate was energy replacement often with liqueur or wine.

Fortunately, I did not react to string hoppers.

Please do not share this idea since an average Sri-Lankan might think I am gone bonkers.