Sunday, September 11, 2016



I is a powerful letter in English.

Not only because it creates I concept.

I exist and What matters is I (exclude all the other I entities).

In Buddhism cardinal teaching IS that I does not exist, since there are many others Is around this, IMPORTANT (me) I, in both the animal and plant Kingdoms.

Moment one takes the I out and consider there are other hungry Is around us, we begin to practice Metta Meditation (That is the only one I practice not, Insight Meditation).

So this is a beginning point for one to Lose Weight.
You rear a cat or dog.
You feed the cat or dog first.
You feed your kids and friends around you.
The excess food is dished out first.

The cardinal feature is YOU eat last and you eat less to survive.

Eat to live not “Live to eat like all Sri-Lankans”.

Obesity is looked after if you substitute all animal foods and animal fats with coconut oil or Pol Sambol.
Having fed my pet fish including the tiny guppy I cannot sit and eat some fish flesh.

This is nothing to do with Buddhism but pure altruism!
Another step forward in Metta.

Is there a substitute for Meat/Flesh.

Luckily in 1970s when (under SLFP) when people were killing for a loaf of bread we developed the “Thriposa (of cause with added animal flesh like sprats and offal) Program.

Now that  a Sri-Lankan company has developed a “Samposa Brand” (based on Thriposa) of 4G Snack (four types of Grains) with sugared chocolate (I am against the sugaring or coating, though), one or two snacks is a good substitute for bread, buns and cakes (much better nutrition).

I have not left out (I hate pure fresh milk) milk.

(Now I hate Sri-Lankan Tea which is made out of discard (used for manure in good old days) at the Colombo Auction).
Good brand is labeled at Two Rupees a Gram (1).

We have a number of new Yogurt Drinks with Probiotis.
One can easily make yogurt at home with a Yogurt Maker, now at room temperature with the "Global Warming in Full Swing".

That part is for Losing Weight with bit of mild exercise and writing as a pastime, NOT Blogging!

One can lose more weight if  you get rid of the fridge and freezer and do once in three day purchase of essentials!

By the way, Fridge can be used for keeping milk products contributing to global warming Directly.

Breast Milk is meant to be dished out only when needed (not in storage) in mammals.

Now coming to my other Is which are much important than self I.

I for Investigation (observation).

I for Interpretation.

I for Integration.

I for Incarceration (free thinking too with dogmas)

I for Investing the thought processes (not for conspiracy) for the right (good) purpose at the right time in "Now Nows".

Not necessarily for Meditation!

I for Infection.

I for Inflammation.

I for Immunity.

Last three are of course the pathological terms in use.