Monday, April 24, 2017

"Middle Path" the viable route!

"Middle Path" the viable route!

The Knowledge and Fame tend to ruin of the fools

Dhammapda Verse 72

To ruin indeed, the fool gains knowledge and fame; they destroy the bright lot and cleave his head (that is his wisdom).

How true is this statement to the Current and Old political leaders.

Below is the cotextual nature of the beings in the universe (not only this World Order), aliens inluded who do visit us roughly in 5000 year cycles.
Buddhist do not fear any beings Worldly or Otherwise (Gods or Peta included).
No need to pay offer Puja to any Worldly being/s including current or future political leaders (included).


Abhidhamma meaning.

This compound should be understood as NAMA alone. RUPA alone and NAMARUPA together.

In the case of Arupa planes there arisesonly Mind, in the case of mindless planes (asanna), only matter and in the case of Kama Rupa planes both mindad matter.
The Nama are meant the three aggregates, of Vedana, Sanna and Sankhara.