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In the event of alien contact.

Fact or Fiction?
In the event of alien contact.

1. The entire human history is studded with conspiracies.

2. The conspiracies are slanted with faith and religion.

3. It is useless to think science has a major role in human thinking and progress.

4. If not for Russia;
No faith
Allegiance to the state
No Stand Off with secret service
There is only one truth, communism

5.Alien saga is good enough for detente

6. China is in state of suspense, not knowing what to do!

7. Basis of conspiracy not on "need to know" classification but on Need not know basis for ordinary citizens.

8. UK and USA unanimous collusion staging the conspiracy.

9. French in intransigence.

10. Ceylon caught up napping not having a language of communication.

Telepathy there only choice with total misinterpretation when translated into BBC news.

The Elephant Corridor

This is a reproduction of my old piece for our Elephant Pundits to Ponder
The Elephant Corridor
It is a grand myth.

Yala, Wagamuwa, Wilpattu and Uda Walawe are not connected by a corridor for the elephants to move freely, since the rest of the land is densely populated and there is not even a hypothetical corridor.
My calculation is that not even one percent of the land is reserved for the elephants.
If I assume 10% (ten) of the land is allocated in a hypothetical space on this island  as a zoological garden and all the elephants are relocated inside it for the people to see them as exhibits, and only 0.1% of the total population come to the zoo, to see them in one go (again hypothetical), there will be one man or woman standing every 10 feet (3.3 meters) of the perimeter and no elephant can move out without touching a human being.
If we get 1% to visit the zoo, one can stand and won’t be able to stretch the hands without pushing and shoving.
Elephant will have to trample 10 of them to get out of the perimeter and see the man’s world, which is fully developed.
One may wonder, why I used 10% which is high land mass in commercial concepts.
It is very simple.
My estimate is that there should be 35% (it is less than 25% and we will be like Dubai in about 50 years of development from now and then we might even have to import water) of total land to be reserved for rain forest, if we are to maintain at least 10% of the perennial rivers.
So if we roughly have 30% for the rain forest, elephants should take the major share of at least one third of it which will be 10%.
That is why I state that there is not even 1% of land left for our elephants.
So the natural selection will let 500 elephants to survive in the this land and in that estimate it is really endangered species.
Stating that we have 5000 elephants in the forest is a mythical figure concocted by our Mega Media Men (M.M.M) to satisfy the politicians. I think each elephant is counted ten (10) times in making that mythical figure, sometimes by reputed NGO's.
Development of the man’s world is also a big myth in the same stretch of imagination, since only a very few with patronage will be able to enjoy it.
I have made the calculation confusing and difficult so that politicians won’t be able to understand my logic of it but the figures are below for one to work out.
Human Population density in Sril-Lanka averaged out but in reality it is much more than that because people congregate on socio-economic reasons.
The population density in Gamphaha is more than Decca and Calcatta.
Kandy has 10 times the population density of Gaza Strip.
Beauty is nobody talks about population control.
I have used the total population projected in another 10 to 50 years for my calculation since total square miles is roughly 25,000.
1000 in a square mile
400 in a Square Kilometer
400 x 2.4=1000
Reserve only 10% 2500 Sq Miles(6500 Sq. Meters)
0.1 of population 250,000
Every 10 feet or 3.3 meters there is a man/woman standing.
Location   Indian Ocean     Coordinates   7°N 81°E
Area       65,610 km2 (25,332 sq miles)
Area rank     25th
Coastline   1,340 km (833 miles)
Highest elevation   2,524.13 m (8,281.27 ft)
Highest point    Pidurutalagala
Water bodies     870 km² of water =400 square miles (only about 1%)
( If Water body  is 1.5 % it equals to 1000 Km)
Population density   1000 sq miles
Population density  400 km

Microsoft’s Strategy

 Microsoft’s Strategy

This strategy is similar to elimination of Professor Bibile's, humane drug policy.

Bulldoze other operating systems with Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD).
Why I have stopped writing about Linux?
I have stopped writing about Linux  (this site is named Linux 100) mainly because of of the popularity of the smart phones.

Smart phone  is a minicomputer and is slowly outstripping the PC Market.
Reason for writing about Linux, is to show how Linux contributed to IT industry and how Microsoft tried to kill Linux by various alliances (Novel included).

1. Android is Linux based (has taken over the place of Apple iPhone).

Microsoft is NOW struggling to enter the phone market.

2. Unlike Apple and Microsoft, Linux has many desktops from minimal to heavy (KDE).
I love Gnome but now Xfce4 is almost becoming the standard due to its low usage (fast) of resources.

3. Server market is dominated by Linux.

4. The cloud can be easily managed by Linux.

5. The story is when one cannot kill, one has to embrace it.

Microsoft is lately doing it to survive in the Cloud Market, and it is unknown  truth that Microsoft use Linux in its back end cloud space.

The bottom line is if you have money buy the elegant iPhone.
If you are low in budget or want a second smart phone by an Android and not a Microsoft (you have to pay for every little thing you download).

Of course you have Samsung (again Linux derivative) as an attractive design.

In the meantime F-Droid free software version of Android is building up its repertoire of software.

Linux is all over the place including NASA space station NOW and Microsoft cannot monopolize. 

I am one of those guys who used Linux exclusively and pity the guys who pay for a product which is out of date.

Demise of Prof.Senaka Bible is a conspiracy

 Demise of Prof. Senaka Bible is a conspiracy
This is a reproduction and I tend to believe the circumstances.
The story then was the poison was put in wine by an air hostess and there was inadvertent delay in seeking medical aid.

The same company conduct an annual oration in his name (good old American Methodology, similar to Area 51).

He was my teacher and he is probably reborn in a another alien planet and I believe aliens have advised him not to visit this planet again.

Dr Bibile died in 1977 at Guyana, under mysterious circumstances. 

The section regarding his death is being consistently removed from Wikipedia by an unknown entity, each time someone updates it.

It is a well known 'secret' that Dr Bibile was murdered by inducing cardiac arrest using a drug(s) that has been available, even before second world war. One of his colleagues were involved in the murder to ensure that he would not recover from the 'heart attack' by not taking prompt action as well as taking the wrong cause of action as well as a delayed cause of action to recover him. As a matter of fact, this doctor colleague of doctor Bibile from UN, asked Mrs Bibile for her forgiveness for letting him die that way, implying that he was simply a tool for corrupted multinational drug companies, in which she replied, "If you can bring him back, then I will forgive you". 
Known multinational pharmaceutical companies were involved in Dr Bibile's murder. 
The truth will come out one day as it happens all the time.

The US Government and Extraterrestrials(ETS)

Reproduction and a beautiful PIECE, written in the style of Art Buchwald!

Arthur "Art" Buchwald (October 20, 1925 – January 17, 2007) was an American humorist best known for his long-running column in The Washington Post, which in turn was carried as a syndicated column in many other newspapers. His column focused on political satire and commentary. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Outstanding Commentary in 1982 and in 1986 was elected to the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.

The US Government and Extraterrestrials(ETS)

Now that concrete proof of the existence of the ETs was available to the US government, the ETs started sending messages to the leadership which knew about the Roswell incident.
The central message was that nuclear weapons were very dangerous and should be eliminated, plans to build nuclear power plants should be shelved immediately and in return the ETs would help the world develop new sources of energy which were safe and essentially unlimited.
The elimination of nuclear was naturally a military decision, but the civilian leadership of that time was also involved.
This was the time of the cold war. Harry Truman was the President. Truman was no Roosevelt - he was a small town Southerner, a decent man, but no great statesman - not exactly an internationalist or overly broad-minded. He had no regrets about using the atomic bombs.
When Germany attacked Russia, Truman said "If we see that Germany is winning we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don't want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances."
He and his cold war Generals were the people who would be making the decision on what to do about the ETs overtures.
The decision was made to ignore the ETs urgent messages.
A secret department was created to investigate the ETs, their downed spaceship and their ultra high technology. How did the thought process go? How did they decide what the best course of action was? Since the whole affair is so highly classified, we can only speculate.

So here goes (pure speculation):
Super patriotic General (his father may have been at the Alamo):
"I smell a rat. What do these wags want?
What is their angle?
What is in it for them? Who do they think they are fooling?
We weren't born yesterday.
Once we disarm they will invade us with their fancy weapons".
Blue blooded Politician (his was the third generation of ivy league educated men in the cabinet):
"The great nation of the United States stands between these blood-thirsty savages and the entire world. We are the world's last hope. It is manifest destiny that the US makes the last stand to defend the world against these aliens."
Member of the Cabinet (a self-made man - his father was a used car salesman during the Depression): "These aliens are a bunch of saps. We will just string them along until we figure out their technologies. That can't be too difficult, we already have all those Germans working on the rocket program. If not, we can just con them into handing their secrets over and keep all our nukes as well".
Someone who looks rather like Dan Quayle jumps up and starts hysterical shouting - "USA! USA! USA!".
The general asks him to shut up and sit down.
The OSS (CIA) man in dark glasses (nobody in the room knew his real name):
"Wonder what kind of sex these aliens have?
We could get some pictures and spread them around.
Nobody in the world would touch them again with a barge pole.
We have already taken care of all the witnesses.
Its like the aliens never existed."
The President takes a deep breath and with great pride in his voice:
"Boys, today will be remembered forever in history as the day, America did right by the world. Just keep it to ourselves for now. Shut it down like it never happened.
You all have a good weekend now."
I am sure we can come up with a lot of different scenarios.
When governments keep information, which rightfully belongs to all humanity, so secret, I think we have the right to speculate all we want.
There is of course no need to be at all charitable in our speculation about their motives.
If any of the readers have their own ideas, please mail them to me at the address at the bottom.
The decision was unanimous - the aliens were to be ignored.
The Truman team basically did not take the ETs that seriously. After all any US marine could break one of those ETs, that they had found on the ship, into two pieces with both his hands tied behind his back.
Our jewels - the nukes would be preserved and strengthened.
The incident would be completely covered up. It was a wonderful day in America.
When the Truman term ended in 1953, General Eisenhower, the golfing President entered office. The General knew exactly how to fight battles and win wars.
Just command someone to do it while he went golfing.
Eisenhower's cabinet contained two of the most evil men in the world since WWII - the Dulles brothers (Kissinger, Dick Cheney, David Addington, Karl Rove and Elliot Abrams come pretty close in matching them in evil).
One brother was the Secretary of State and the other one was Director of the CIA. And then there was Nelson Rockefeller - he was no stranger to secrecy and the intelligence agencies and Eisenhower had already assigned him chairmanship of the President's Advisory Committee on Government Reorganization.
In addition Rockefeller was appointed the head of the Operations Coordinating Board responsible for integrating the implementation of national security policies - the OCB included the Under Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Director of the Foreign Operations Administration, the Director of Central Intelligence, and the President's Special Assistant for Psychological Warfare.
The ET phenomenon had been well analyzed by the military by now.
The report that Nelson Rockefeller saw was devastating - it basically predicted the end of world as he knew it.
Nelson Rockefeller was reputedly a 'liberal', eastern republican, not like the narrow minded ones from the south. However, Nelson also believed in the 'American way' and the superiority of 'Western civilization'.
He was proud of his white, Anglo-Saxon heritage, American capitalism and his Christian upbringing. He was also an internationalist who believed in spreading these American/European values across the world through evangelizing.
The other earthly races were the white man's burden and he would show them the right way to live.
But these ETs were going to spoil all that.
They appeared to be far more advanced and superior.
They even talked in terms of peace and brotherhood.
If the world at large found out about these superior beings, why would they bother with what he and America had to say?
It would be the end of American and Anglo-Saxon domination.
It may even be the end of capitalism.
With cheap, unlimited energy sources like the ETs promised, the third world would advance at a rapid pace.
All poverty and want would be eliminated.
Within a couple of decades, they would catch up with the West.
With free energy and technological progress, the countries with the highest population would be the most powerful.
China and India would be dominant with the US a distant third.
Christian beliefs and dogmas were also at risk.
This would never do.
The ETs had to be outwitted and defeated.
The world was to be united against the ETs under the leadership of America and its allies.(Of course with clean, free energy, there would be no pollution, no climate change, no global warming, no poverty, no starvation - but these were not the problems of the 50s and 60s in America nor considerations for the 'free market' republicans who wanted the market to fix all these problems).
Truman and his team had done a good job keeping the ET information from the public, but now it was time to take it further underground, not only would the public not know about, it would be hidden from all elected officials as well.
Nobody but those within military/intelligence complex who were already involved with ETs would have that information and any others would get to know only by invitation from those already in it.
This group would be financed completely off the books, by black budgets from the CIA and other agencies or from friends in the know in private industry (banking, defense and energy/oil companies) or even self-financed by illegal activities when necessary.
The ultimate cover up had begun.
The private industry partners in this black project were  very likely led by Nelson's brother - David Rockefeller. Together with other European banking families, US defense contractors and energy interests, the two Rockefeller brothers (or at least Nelson alone) would help the US intelligence communities (CIA/NSA/NRO etc) manage the operation.
The golfing president signed off on it and essentially signed himself out of the loop without quite understanding what he had done.
The US Military/Intelligence Cabal and ETs
The plan to handle the ET phenomenon consisted of several projects (all run by the blackest of the black ops):
Try to catch up with the ETs technologically - develop similar space vehicles as well as weapons to disable/destroy such spaceships. This project of building spacecraft like the ETs was handed to the defense contractors who were partners in the operation.
Discredit all witnesses to UFO sightings or close encounters with actual ETs. This involved planting CIA assets in every organization which believed in UFOs and buying off any journalists or writers who wished to investigate the ET phenomenon.
The worst part of it was catching those who did have encounters with the ETs and intimidating them, if necessary kidnapping them, torturing them, drugging them or eliminating them if that was what it took.
Get people in the US (as well as the rest of world) to fear and loath the ETs (without ever admitting that they existed).
Here the plan got more complex - it involved psychological warfare.
The plan was to have the military/intelligence members pretend to be aliens and then abduct ET sympathizers or those who may want to expose the cover up.
The abductees were drugged, hypnotized, tortured or sexually abused (the intelligence operatives have long discovered that sexual abuse was a easy way to traumatize people) using techniques perfected in the CIA's mind control project MKULTRA.
Besides drugs and hypnosis, bombarding the victims with concentrated electromagnetic rays was also used. The latter technique caused paralysis and often made the victims unknowingly have out-of-body experiences. While under drugs and hypnosis, false memories of alien atrocities were planted in the victims minds. The whole thing sounds like science fiction, but it turned out to be a very successful program.
Since the ETs often visited rural areas, a special group that secretly mutilated cattle was created.
This was sure to turn farmers against the 'demonic aliens'.
If nothing worked outright murder was always an option. They had discovered ways of driving people completely crazy or even inducing cancer in people from a distance using the Electromagnetic weapons.
The groups involved in the disinformation, abductions, torture, mutilations were very much like the Nazis - Mengele, Bormann, Himmler, Goebels all rolled into one (apparently only a Hitler was missing).
I am convinced the planetary Dark Forces influenced the groups, some of them may have even been obsessed by one of the Lords of Materiality.
As years past, the group went out of control. Even the civilian leadership (what little there was of it), like the Rockefellers, could no longer control them.
They became a rogue operation within a rogue operation.
If a CIA director or even a President dared interfere in the cabal's affairs, they and their families were at risk.
No Democratic President was let in on the covernup.
Kennedy who tried to find out more may have been assassinated for that very reason. Carter and Clinton did not have a clue and were threatened when they asked any questions. GHW Bush Sr. was in on it, but when he suggested revealing the secret, he too was threatened.
The Church and the ETs
When the Vatican was informed by the US government of the alien menace, they were equally appalled.
They searched the Bible desperately for any indication of such beings. If the ETs were not angels or demons, what were they?
Could the divine trinity be applied to the ETs too?
The Father and the Holy Spirit seemed universal enough, but Jesus posed a real problem. Was Jesus just the Son of Man or also the Son of ET?
There was no indications that The ETs accepted such a human/divine Son of God (or even a God).
And they were an advance superior race!
The whole Christian belief system built around the 'only begotten Son of God' was at risk.
It was best to suppress all information regarding the ETs.
Recent statements from the Vatican indicate that they are preparing for the time when eventually the truth about ETs will be revealed. A priest (Monsignor Corrado Balducci) not directly associated with the top brass at the Vatican, has been authorized to state that "extraterrestrial encounters are not demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully".
He spoke about the extraterrestrial people as part of God's creation and that they are not angels nor are they devils.
Recently Fr. José Gabriel Funes S.J., the current director of the Vatican Observatory, organized a conference about the possibility and consequences of life existing in outer space.
He even suggested that there could be aliens who were superior to humans and not guilty of original sin (Whatever that means! I guess, he is saying that the aliens are not demonic like the fundamentalists believe).
Incidentally the SJ - the Society of Jesuits is supposed to control the Vatican's intelligence service.
Islam and the ETs
Luckily for us all, no Islamic country with the exception of Pakistan has nuclear weapons.
Pakistan has never had a stable government.
There was no point in the ETs approaching them.
However, I am sure that if Pakistan's nukes ever got into the wrong hands, the ETs will disable them before any harm is done.
Islam is very specific about the type of beings that exist in the universe.
According to Islam there only three kinds of beings - humans, angels and demons.
The ETs were not humans and they were definitely not angels - that leaves only one choice.
I am pretty sure the full disclosure of the existence of the ETs will result in the complete collapse of the Islamic religion.
Unfortunately, the fanatics among the Muslims will not give up without a fight.
This will mean violent clashes between the firm believers (in this three kind of beings theory) and those Muslims who will accept that the ETs are not demons, but superior and advanced beings.
Foreign Governments and ETs
The motives of The US government are fairly clear.
The presence of ETs, their technological superiority, the availability of limitless sources of energy were threats to US domination of the world as well its political, social, economic and religious structures.
But what about the other nuclear powers that were also approached by the ETs?
What were their motives for participating in the cover up?
These are not so clear, so we must speculate. The analyses below is speculation, some day soon we will find how much truth there is in it.
The British were convinced by the US government that the ETs were dangerous and not to be trusted. If the west ever lost their nuclear weapons, the ETs were sure to invade and take over the world. Britain being a developed economy had nothing to gain by revealing the existence of the ETs and their UFOs and much to lose.
Recent official statements from the British government indicate that while not admitting the ETs/UFOs exist, the British government considers them harmless and benign.
However, the British government as usual would like to defer to the US on whether or when to reveal their existence.
The French government does not like to defer to the US, but they also see the danger of the West losing dominance and the more populous countries of the East becoming world powers. France is heavily invested in nuclear energy and quite sure the fission plants are safe.
Also France is technically a Catholic country.
Perhaps the France would like to defer to the Vatican for the timing of revealing the ET phenomenon.
The Russia were the second country to be approached by the ETs.
However they were soon convinced by the US that the ETs would not only leave them defenseless (without nukes) but that the ETs posed a danger to the monopoly of power of the Communist party in Russia.
Once the people had free localized energy, they would be independent of any central control. More recently, after the fall of communism, the reason for the Russians silence is not that clear. Naturally like the US, they also did not like the idea of the Eastern countries becoming the dominant world powers in the near future.
The Chinese were also fearful of losing their nukes - their only protection against the USSR and US. They were also worried about losing the power monopoly that the centralized communist party enjoyed.
More recently, they have been having delusions of grandeur.
In a few decades they expect to overtake the US economy and become the dominant power with or without the ETs help. They do not relish the idea of sharing the world stage with the Indians who they consider an inferior race. It is best if the ETs and their technology were delayed or hidden for ever.
India has been late coming to the nuclear club.
So the contact with ETs has been very recent. India would benefit most amongst all countries by elimination of nukes, the revelation of the existence of the ETs and the development of new energy sources.
With cheap energy, India's millions of starving people would be dragged out of poverty in a single generation.
Also among all the religions, Hinduism would be least affected by the ET news, if anything many of its beliefs maybe vindicated.
However, though India is regional power, on the international stage, it is a timid country. If would defer to the US rather than upset the status quo.
Besides Indians are panicky people.
If you walk through the streets of Bombay and shout 'the sky is falling', people will run for their lives. That maybe another consideration.
Besides having their own reasons for participating in the cover up, there is reason to believe that leaders of foreign countries have also been threatened by the US Cabal, these include threats to the lives of the leaders as well as their families.
There are rumors that members of the families of foreign leaders have been abducted by the US staged fake aliens and frightened into silence.

Sir John Kotalawala

Sir John Kotalawala

I must confess this is the only Sri-Lankan politician, I am going to mention since he gave up politics in its infancy and left an indelible mark in my formative brain.

He was famous for his uttering   “ It is better fox  hunting in England than doing politics in Ceylon". 

Shooting foxes was a sport in UK then, I joined the cavalcade, vigorously opposing it, as a sport, in early eighties, on the lines of animals rights while working there.

Sir John Kotalawala who was ranked as General in later years was our 3rd Prime Minister of Ceylon from 1953 to 1956. He entered mainstream politics by being elected to the Legislative Council as the member for Kurunegala, thereafter to the State Council in nineteen thirties. In 1948, when Ceylon became a dominion, Kotelawala, was appointed to the Senate. He was elected to the parliament in 1952 and was the Leader of the House and was chosen as the Prime Minister when Dudley Senanayake resigned in 1953.

Sir John was an outspoken man who loved sports and did not mix his words in political circles and thereby made a few political enemies in the opposition.

He was picked up as a target for slandering and his mavericks made it easy.

Prime Minister Sir John Kotelawala laid the foundation for a Non Aligned foreign policy. He took the initiative to hold the South and South East Asian Colombo Powers Conference which became the precursor for the Bandung Conference where the principles of Non Alignment was formulated. An important happening at the Bandung Conference should be recalled.

When the agenda item Colonialism and Independence came to be discussed Sir John raised an issue which caused a stir at the conference.

He actually dropped a bombshell equated Soviet domination over Eastern Europe with Western colonialism in Asia and Africa.

Sir John was always against international communism, Chou-En Lai and Jawaharlal Nehru had got upset and sought to take Sir John to task for his statement but Sir John was said to have, in his inimitable way, been blunt and forthright as he always  was.

The Indonesia was worried that the conference would collapse but that did not happen and the conference was an absolute success.

Back here in this country the local Marxists had roared and called Sir John "Bandung Boouruwa" but it was the Marxists who turned out to be the absolute Booruwas for when the Iron Curtain fell and the Soviet Union collapsed the countries of Eastern Europe rose as one to claim how they had been cruelly ruled by Moscow.

In 1996, when Indonesia celebrated an important anniversary of Bandung and  our late Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar was in attendance, he had the onerous task of listening to the heads of Eastern European governments, who were recalling that it was Sir John who had spoken up for them when they were under the Soviet jackboot.

I knew him as a kid and used to visit his Walawwa (Bungalow) with my father. Everybody feared him but he was very easy with children and especially me. 

When Queen Elizabeth visited Ceylon  in 1953 he invited us and there was a grand party running parallel with the official ceremony.

We were treated like royals.

Sri-Lankan Elephants

The elephant the biggest mammal is threatened. 

The big mammoth went into extinction due to two reasons. 
One is it was considered to be food for the prehistoric man. They were hunted down to extinction.
 The second more probable reason is they acquired a variant of human disease, the killer tuberculosis. 
It was not due to deforestation.
The story about the Sri-Lankan elephant is no different.
They were hunted for ivory.
They were domesticated by kings for the war machines.
Then it was the symbol of a party.
It was the prized possession of the wealthy and was their hired heavy labour.

Latest was the merchandise of ill repute.
Politicians with power started dealing with illegal capture and transfer of baby elephants.
By selective genetic extermination by the Sri-Lankan hunters, the percentage of tusked animals went below five percent.
So they went in for the real kill.
Kill the mother (she) elephant and hunt the baby elephant as a merchandise. 

Buddhist (corrupt) monks  were the beneficiary
This went on in broad day light after the war.
Even, LTTE never mixed up their politics with elephant trade.
The end of the war came and the political masters without the terrorist threat went for the bounty.
Sri-Lankan media it was ‘mums the word’ since rulers and the political henchmen were in this big business.
Then added to this deforestation and location of sugar cane and banana plantation in their migration path way.
From 1960s (CP. De Silvas time) for politicians elephant was a merchandise and they used the bogus claim of damage to poor farmers plots. 

They were not poor farmer but hashish (ganja) growers and some politicians were involved in this hashish trade.  
They in fact come to the parliament to protect their illegal trading interests.
Parallel with these development their is a ‘Flora and Fauna Act’ with a director to oversee the enactment of these laws.
But he becomes part of the problem and the elephant register disappears and duplicate registers are introduced.
He is paid a salary and a pension for all of his inaction.
None of these were elephant friendly actions.

Their population has gone down to 2000 and the official figured are ‘cooked up’ figures.

Who believes their statistics when our children’s malnutrition is reported as 20% percent when actual ground level malnutrition is double of it nearing 40%, especially in the war torn areas.
Would you expect our forest officers to go to the forest and count them every day.
Most of them are in their homes and go to the base to collect the monthly salary.
Pure nonsense.
They are only targeting which one is their next prized kill.

This is how we achieved our miracle progress.