Thursday, February 9, 2017

Captain Alistair Cook and Sri-Lankan Cricket

Captain Alistair Cook and Sri-Lankan Cricket

I am officially on digital retirement, but if I do not pen few lines on Alistair Cook, I feel very uncomfortable.

Apart from Mahela and Sanga, Alistair was my favorite cricketer.
I enjoyed watching his stylish strokes, typical of English cricketers of yesteryear.
I was very unhappy he had to take the burden of the captaincy, thinking he will fail in his batting.
He did not.
I want him to continue play and beat Sachin’s record.
I firmly believe he can do that in couple of years.
He should not let his body burn out but should pick and choose where and when to play now that he is not the captain.
Five test matches in India was not the right choice.
He should do that in mainly in England and Australia.
I also think he should drop out of 50 overs which generally ruins the master strokes of a good player.

Thank You Alistair for your contribution on and off the field.
One more point, I have noticed lately, you have gone bit haggard.
Before you took up the captaincy you had a lovely boyish smile and a chubby face.
You need to get that cheerful self now that you are a dad.
Kids do not like to see a grumpy dad.
Chubby face will come once you start enjoying family life and cricket.
Good luck and I am watching YOU closely even if you score only 30 runs.

There is a caveat here!

If you beat Sachin by any chance, it won't last for long.

It will make Kohli to up his gear to catch up with You.

He is a class act (Kohli) and he did come to cricket bit late, since Sachin was hanging onto his driving seat, bit too longer than it was necessary.

In my opinion 30 runs is the base for an opener and any run in excess is a bonus.
If you get that 30 base consistently not only you will have a 50 average when you retire but certainly will go pass Sachin’s record.

Below is a collection of my blog writings that include a comment on an Andrew Strauss’s innings against India.

Captain Cook masterminded his Timing and Batting

Sunday, July 27, 2014

They say class is permanent and form may have temporary setbacks.
Two examples are Mahela and Sanga.
They go through patches of bad form but when they come back, they come back in style.
I think Cook as a batsman is a Class Act.
He knows it and poor English commentators should “Eat the humble Pie, NOW.
What the selectors should do is to find him a partner, and possibly make him come, one down.
One does not send the best batman to guillotine, first up especially when the guy is out of form.
There is a lot to learn from Mahela and Suaga.
Not only they are friends but complement each other.
Poor Captain Cook does not have good pal to comfort him in the thick of things and in the field.
I am writing this before he gets his ton.
Whether he gets his ton or not, I will always watch him play.
I say you won't see a guy like Mahela for another 20 years but I watch him play all the “wrist-ky” shots for a few moments, even he makes only 30 runs.
This phrase is applied to Sanga too, but with a little revision, watch when you are in 70 to 80 and do not get out to a part time baller.
Getting run out, I do not blame.
Your legs are “achy backy” at thirties.
The last phrase applies to Captain Cook, too.
Do not let him run a lot.
He is a big guy unlike Mahela and Sanga, and has to carry a Big Frame on his legs.

Where are the Gentlemen in Cricket?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Where are the Gentlemen in Cricket?
I sometimes feel ashamed to be a Sri-Lankan.
There are hundred of reasons but I will list only a few.
1. Our politicians lie blatantly and what is worse is that they are proud of it.
2. Sri-Lankan including politician do not work on a schedule or on at least a flexible Time Table.
Our politicians only have private agenda.

Good example is our ethnic issue we are prolonging and procrastinating (both sides).
3. We have the most ugly constitution in the world, and generation of politicians who promise to change it abrogate their responsibility.
4. Then, the Buddhist Insurgency (that is how I wish to call it unfortunately), the latest fashion, Buddhist monks have taken over police duty while our policemen will kill suspects not convicted arbitrarily.
The explanation generally is that they were taken to a hide out / dug out and were exploring hidden weapons and the suspect got hold of a weapon and attempted to kill a policeman.
This is kids stuff and explanation.
I never thought, cricket will be on this list.
Let me explain why I do not watch cricket now.
One of our ex-minister of sports was known to have used his goons to kill university students.
That was his sports, primitive hunter gatherer mentality.
Another was good at rigging polls at massive scale.

Rigging vote was his sports.
He also had a penchant for female athletes.
Another one was a thug who suppressed the voting rights of minority.

Thuggery was his sports.
I have dealt with many other issues especially mass scale corruption in building
a new cricketing venues and plundering money even in laying Grass not on the cricketing turf but he was a TURF man by default.
Only reason we became proud was cricket.

That was because of winning the World Cup.

I have a prediction, they we will not go beyond the quarter final in 2015.
I need not analyze the reasons.

When cricketers become politicians (except Arjuna Ranatunga), they think they can use their influence to win games by hook or by crook.
That was what happened in England.

This is related to Mankarding Joe Butler.
It is my opinion (within the spirit of the game)!

By making these changes, the ICC have changed the balance of regulations in the professional game in favour of the fielding side. Attempts at, and appeals for, a run out under these circumstances are upheld, despite protestations by some that they are "not within the spirit of the game."
In July 2014 The World Cricket Council, an independent consultative body of former international captains and umpires, commenting in the light of the Buttler runout by Senanayake, unanimously expressed support of Sri Lanka's actions and a lack of sympathy with the batsman.
Win the game by hook or by crook.
He was supposed to be coming from a premier Buddhist School (when we look at some monks this is not an aberration) in Colombo.
He was under scrutiny for his balling action.
He should have been prudent in his selection and choice of activities on the field.

He wanted become a hero and actually became a minion in front of ardent Sri-Lankan expatriates.

I am not defending the English cricketer.

I am ashamed of the umpires too.

They could have been proactive after the first warning.
They did not.
Many of their umpiring decisions were pretty bad.

Sri-Lankan captain should have been conscious of the fact that his team mate was under scrutiny and he could have pulled him out of the deep end of the pool.
He did not.
He allowed him to sink in disgrace.

One of the reasons, I think is that the Sri-Lankans do not have self belief of winning, even in such a low key match.

The glory of the winning was under the dark sky, just like the typical weather in spring in England.

If they do not have that self belief how can they win the World Cup?

Cricket sometimes is a mind game, the present day cricketing is noted for its lack.

Not dirty tricks under the carpet.

For some unknown reason, I felt he was not ready for the top job and now I feel he is not good at shepherding the minnows (size of the country not the population).

He was predicted as the most valued player in the last world cup.
He could not complete and compete at the last world cup.

He will be in the next world cup.

He will surly burn out well before the final stages of the game.
He comes as a baller and only balls when the conditions suit him and not the team.
He does not believe in his balling.

How can he give confidence to younger players when he himself does not have confidence?

That is the bottom line.

When he balls he might get blasted but then as the captain he can withdraw himself easily which option Malinga does not have.

I am not suggesting Malinga is a better choice.

Good player does not become a good captain.
Good example is Cook.

England is ruining his talent but they have many talented players and during the next few months they will find a good captain.

Unfortunately, we do not have a pool (for captaincy).

Like politicians our cricketers will slit the next one in line and I do not think we play as a team.

Every player is trying to secure his place and secure his pocket with money not glory.

I am sorry, Sri-Lankan cricket lovers, for my scathing remarks.

I will not write anymore on Sri-Lankan cricket.
That was my resolve for many years now.

But keeping silent is very bad.

That is why our politics is in ruins (
on the field and outside).

I am writing on behalf of the spectators not on behalf of the cricketers.

I do not care for them now.

I would pen down few lines on Chandhimal before writing my obituary (like the
obituary on Democracy) on cricket.

Like the comments of South African sport writer Chesterfield (I hope I got the name), I have a query on him.

He queried who is this Chandhimal, before the last world cup?

I was not much interested last time, I wrote a response under his comment thinking it was Chamara De Silva (I thought Chesterfield was not picking up Sri-Lankan player names which are not like Christian names but he had made a mistake but in fact I made a mistake).

That was the first time I knew about Chandhimal.

My current comment is who ruined Chandhimal?

I think it is Sri-Lankan sports writers and Dhilshan.

Dilshan was sent as an opener by one of the cricket selectors to ruin his career.
Dhilshan knew that the AXE was on him and he thrived on the challenge.

What happened was the CHEAP and CHIEF selector had to go.

I think Sanath (chief selector) has to go before the voters oust him in the next election after failing at the next world cup, if he wants to keep his parliament seat with a big pension.

That is what I call a wise counsel (from me to him).

There was a very bad taste in my mouth, when Angelo (them vying for the top post) let Chandhimal get his century, risking a loss in a one day international in England.

When did Chandhimal win a game for us after that.
That was self before the game (both Angelo and Chandhimal).
One was eying for the top post and the other to secure a as a regular player.

Both ploys were bad when there is collaboration.

One succeeded and the other is out of the team.

This is total mismanagement.

What we need is Total Quality Management (TQM).
We do not have it now like the Singer's Punchhewa, who was behind our victory as a non player.

We also need good sports writers like Chesterfield.

We do not have any.

I think Chesterfield is in heaven and I am told by Maha Brahma, they are not allowed to play or watch cricket in heaven.

They only allow Mega Cassino Play, just like in Sri-Lanka.

Our Cassino owners have direct access to
Heaven, Hell (for players), Cricket and Sri-Lanka.

Mind you there were three ex-captains on the field when this happened.
The incident ruined their (bad taste in their mouth) image too, especially taking into consideration Mahela who walks out when he knows, he is out.

I think both Mahela and Sangakkara should retire, if they feel their body is out (I call it the burn out syndrome), in style now but not after failing under a bad captain.

I respect whatever their personal goals and decisions and wish them happy life after retirement.

Both of them have done wonders.
I think Dhilshan is already showing signs of burn out and reconsider his options,too.

Who says one day cricket is dull?

Monday, February 28, 2011

We had a fascinating game of cricket today.
The match was between cricketing fanatic India and the game's originator England.
It was nice to see England captain Strauss take man of the match award beating, the legend of India, Sachin Tandukar.
There is is no match for the young blood of England and it was no fun for Sachin and his weary legs.
I suppose when time comes one has to retire and there were guys in this side of the Palk Straight who wanted to join the team and we were wise enough to spare him the agony. Trying to entertain your fan base is not good for your physique and health our Sachin also will retire and become a sporting ambassador to the Asian continent who are keen on betting and bringing bad name to the game.
I hope Indian spectator would be nice to him the day he fails and retire.
Anyway cricket was the winner taking the game to the wire and making a tie was a big achievement and neither side deserved to lose this match.
It was a good stater for the tournament.

A star was born and that is Andrew Strauss and English fans should be proud of him.

Not only he brought ashes home (team game) but brought the 50 over game to its heights.
But you boys must make sure you beat Australia in this tournament.
We will be cheering for England all the way.
We are fed of Australian arrogance and I saw somewhere England was written off.
I predict a final with England and South Africa and it does not matter who wins if you make it into that point even though I favour South Africa.