Thursday, May 5, 2016

Comrade Bala Tampoe from Heaven

Comrade Bala Tampoe from Heaven

In Sri Lanka the United National Party is not United. People’s Liberation Party (JVP) is not liberated. 
Old LSSP and CP are lost. 
Plantation workers are suffering and the leaders of Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) are having a jolly good time. 
Vasu and Bahu have become old street fighters. There is no Freedom in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. One day they all will go to hell. 
But, it will be too late for our workers. If only they spent the money to improve the lives of our workers, Sri Lanka today will be a better place. 
Have I fought in vain in the years I spent in Sri Lanka?
 Have I, Jinadasa? 
Have I? 
Tell me, asked Comrade Bala Tampoe?


Below there is a list of journalists who were killed.

Premakeerthi, Richard Zoyza and Lasantha stand tall among them.

ප්‍රේමකීර්ති ද අල්විස්

ශ්‍රී ලංකා පෙලපාලියෙ මුලින්ම ගිය පීටර්
සටන් පාඨ කොඩි සේසත් අරගෙන ගිය පීටර්
මැතිණිගෙ පින්තූරෙ පපුවෙ පැළඳ ගත්තු පීටර්
මැතිනි අපිට අපි මැතිණිට කියා නටපු පීටර්

බණ්ඩරනායක මැතිඳුගෙ ගුණ ගී කියු පීටර්
ශ්‍රී ලංකා ආණ්ඩුවෙන් තෑගි දිනපු පීටර්
ශ්‍රී ලංකා මීටින්වල කතා අහපු පීටර්
අපි අතටයි අත අපිටයි කියා කියපු පීටර්

ඡන්දෙ දවසෙ නිල් ඇඳගෙන ඡන්දෙට ගිය පීටර්
මෙදා පොටෙත් අපි එනවයි ඔට්ටු තිබ්බ පීටර්
අපි කැපුවත් නිල් පාටයි කියා කිව්ව පීටර්
UNP දින්න දවසෙ කොළ ඇඳලා පීටර්













De Alwis father wanted him join the railway department but de Alwis was attracted to radio broadcasting. De Alwis joined the Visithura magazine, part of the Davasa group, in 1966 as a feature writer. He started working for Radio Ceylon as a freelance announcer on 17 December 1967.
He became a permanent announcer in June 1971 and was promoted to programme producer.
He became a Grade Two announcer in 1974 and afterwards presented programmes such as Sonduru Sevana, Serisara Puvath Sangarawa and Shanida Sadaya on Radio Ceylon's successor Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).
He later joined the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, presenting programmes such as Anduna, Ayubowan and Sampath Rekha (National Lotteries Board).
De Alwis was a prolific lyricist, writing hundreds of songs. He wrote his first song, Hada Puda Asune Senehasa Bendune, in 1969 for Rupa Indumathi and Malkanthi Nandasiri.
In the same year he wrote his first film song, for Lokuma Hinawa directed by K. A. W. Perera.
He wrote songs for more than 150 films.
He wrote songs for numerous singers including Mohideen Baig, Malini Bulathsinhala, Milton Mallawarachchi, J. A. Milton Perera, Mervyn Perera, Victor Ratnayake, Freddie Silva and Priya Suriyasena.
Popular songs written by de Alwis include "Aatha ran viman thulin", Aaron Mama, Adaraneeya Neranjana, Adare Ran Bingun Nesu, Beri Bara Hindai Daruwan Dunne, Eda Re Guwan Thotupoledi, Eka Gini Koorai Mulu Gedarama Thibune, Kurullanta Gee Gayanna, Ma Ekkala Amanapawa Wee Dabara, Mannaram Piti Welle, Me Nagaraya, Mudu Parama Supiwithuru, Oba Dedunna Akasaye, Raththaran Menik Muthu Mokatada Ewa and Sanda Midulata Enawa.


Assassinations of Journalists

during the Sri Lankan Civil War

  • Nadarajah Atputharajah
  • Premakeerthi de Alwis
  • Richard De Soyza
  • Thevis Guruge
  • Balanadarajah Iyer
  • Aiyathurai Nadesan
  • Mylvaganam Nimalrajan
  • K.S.Raja
  • Taraki Sivaram
  • Relangi Selvarajah
  • I. Shanmugalingam
  • S. Sivamaharajah
  • Subramaniyam Sugirdharajan
  • Rajani Thiranagama
  • Lasantha Wickramatunge

During the 1987–89 JVP Insurrection de Alwis received death threats allegedly from the Deshapremi Janatha Viyaparaya, the armed wing of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), but as a socialist he did not take them seriously.
At around 8.30pm on 31 July 1989, armed men, allegedly belonging to the DJV/JVP, stormed into de Alwis' home in Homagama.
De Alwis tried to escape through the back door but more armed men were waiting in his back garden.
His wife pleaded with the armed men and they assured her that they only wanted to question de Alwis.
They dragged him outside and shot him dead.
His bullet ridden body was later found 200 yards from his home.
His remains were cremated at the General Cemetery, Kanatte on 7 August 1989.
A member of JVP was found guilty of the murder on 17 December 1992 by the High Court of Colombo.
In July 2014 a part of Independence Square Mawatha, the road leading to the SLBC headquarters in Colombo, was renamed Premakeerthi de Alwis Mawatha.