This is where one can visit and see little comments on over 100 Linux distributions current and past.
Over the past three years I have diverted my attention to useful Linux utilities including Cloud Computing and published a couple of books at Amazon both in digital and print form. 
You may get to them just by typing Dr.Asoka at Amazon Books.
I am going to be less active from April, 2013 since downloading has become a big increase on my carbon dioxide footprint and strain on my electricity bill.

Now that the Tablets and Cloud computing are coming to the scene, the use of Desktops will decline rapidly.

If you have a 32 bit computer make sure one downloads one's favorite distribution before it is taken out of the servers.

PCLinux is still 32 bit but works equally well on 64 bit computers. 

Now most of the Linux distributions are coming in 64 bit form.
I have collected over 300 distributions for archiving (not in a server) and any one of you cannot find a distribution and if you let me know which one one needs I may drop an Image in a public folder (Google Drive, Ubuntu One or even dropbox which I do not fancy) for a while for you to access.

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