Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Libre Office and Thesaurus

Libre Office and Thesaurus

I must say I never use Microsoft Office.

My favorite is something else not even LibreOffice.

I used to promote Open Office and when it was bought up by the killer shark, Oracle,

I used to promote LibreOffice that comes from France.

This post is done on Windows 8.1 on Libre Office.

It has Libre Office and thesaurus is available and if one right clicks with a selected word, synonyms are displaced.

But I updated my computer with Peppermint and Debian 8.2 only yesterday BUT the Libre Office in both distributions won't open up thesaurus (do the same as on a Windows platform) or synonyms with my 64 bit motherboard.
Linux 64 bit software are patchy and buggy.

This was not true with my old 32 bit machine with Libre Office.

Lot has been spoken about Libre Office in Linux Magazine and nobody has spotted this flaw.

I begin to believe that those who write to Linux Magazine also use Microsoft Windows or won't test Libre Office on a Linux distributions to begin with.

Libre Office looks beautiful on Windows machine but looks ugly and dark on Peppermint and Debian.

I guess the guys working on Linux terminals prefer pitch dark ambiance.

This is where Microsoft score a point or two.

They listen to the customer feed back but Linux guys /girls (only 1% are using Linux according to surveys) don't have customer base.

Mind you my wife uses Microsoft Windows and I bought her a new MINI computer with pre-installed Microsoft.

I do not want to have complaints from her and I have no intention of converting anybody to Linux this Christmas, 2015.

This was not something I wanted to write on a Linux blog site but IF I do not I am cheating myself if not others.