Friday, April 29, 2016

Bugger the Bankers

Lyrics of Bugger the Bankers
When I was a lass I was proud of me class
Like my father and mother before me
They taught me to fight for my civil rights
But it’s always the same old story.
The rich reign supreme while the poor only dream
And they don’t give a damn, Tory, Lib’ral or Labour.
Bugger the bankers and politicians
Bugger the bureaucrats too
Bugger the buggers who make up the rules
And if you’re one of them – bugger you!
The system is bad and the money’s all spent
We’re buggered from every direction
The workers are taxed, the wealthy relax
With nary a moment for reflection
Now all you good people with passion to vent
Don’t give up your struggle for justice
I’ve done my time in the protesters’ line
And these days I show my dissent
By loitering within my tent, my tent.

Conspiracies in Science

Conspiracies in Science
In mid nineteen sixties in USA there was a lady scientist who postulated that mitochondria probably originated from bacteria and took a symbiotic existence in evolution in eukaryotic cells. 

She would have had some good reasons which was deliberately not recorded in scientific history.
She was ridiculed by her male colleagues and she committed suicide.

Mind you mitochondrial DNA was not known then.

They reproduce by binary fission.
Mitochondrial DNA is always inherited by the mother and the few mitochondria of paternal origin (from the sperm) have no significant role.

Quite unknown to the above incident few years later I had the same premonition that mitochondria are almost similar to bacteria in size and  structure.
My sense was sharp enough never to say this in medical school to my colleagues or to my teachers.
But I dig in and found there are giant mitochondria in  glandular adenomas.
I let it rest at that level till I started teaching pathology many years later.

I was very happy now that concept is accepted but very unhappy a young life was lost by being forthcoming in science.

This is one example in conspiracies in science.

There are many of course.
By way of suppressing information or manufacturing bogus facts.

There is another conspiracy in America where Federal Governments operate.
In some federal states they do not allow the teaching of Evolutionary Concept in Biology.

That is a conspiracy by the evangelical politicians!

Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory comes in conflict with god’s creation.

So do not teach it to American Students is the Evangelical message.In evolutionary studies mitochondrial DNA is very important. They can record changes that occurred million years apart.

There is something called Mitchondrial Genetics that helps in answering evolutionary puzzles.
There is a protein in evolutionary history called heat shock protein.
The heat shock protein of bacteria has remarkable resemblance to heat shock protein in us.
Not only mitochondrial DNA but proteins of prokaryotic cells have links with eukaryotic cells.

Genomic projects is currently unraveling the evolutionary secrets one by one.
So it time for us to forget about the god's creation.