Monday, August 8, 2016

Open Hardware and Linux

Open Hardware and Linux

Is it going to be true?
Planning is underway for Open Hardware.

In the same thinking as with Open (Free) Software it is time for the hardware vendors to change heart and start producing Open Hardware for Linux.

I had a problem booting my PC, the boot manager won't let mount the Linux DVD.

Strangely it did not mount (I just wanted to see) Windows too.

Hardware vendors are screwing up with Microsoft with UEFI interface as a must.

I can understand what Snowden did.

Not only government but Microsoft is also 
eavesdropping on your activities.

There is one solution.

Do not dual boot with Microsoft.

Just use only Linux.

Underhand Work of Microsoft

Underhand Work of Microsoft

Microsoft is playing dirty tricks again.

Its boot manager does not let you boot Linux CD/DVDs.

My new computer had a paid copy of Windows 8.1.

I paid for the copy but never registered it with Microsoft.

In fact, I never used Microsoft except when I wanted to run the TV Card.

I got my vendor to install it in the first hard disk and leave the second hard disk formatted and blank.

With some difficulty I fiddled with the GRUB and got all my Linux distributions installed in the second hard disk.

I had data on the first hard disk but no Linux distributions.

I had anticipated Microsoft would eavesdrop and criminally interfere with Linux booting.

I got my Linux magazine today, and I wanted to test Fedora 24 Live.

Boot manager won't let me boot from the DVD.

I tried several time and it won't go to my secondary GRUB.

I had a solution ready.

I opened the computer back cover and disconnected the fist SATA hard disk containing Microsoft 8.


The secondary boot manager got me running.

So if you are dual booting with Microsoft my advice for you is;

1. Have two hard disks.

First one for Microsoft.

2. Linux on the Second hard disk with UEFI supporting Linux (Debian First) distribution.

Any other Linux should follow after Debian installation.

If in trouble disconnect the power cord and SATA data cord.

Know what I am going to do now?

After few rounds of Linux with Peppermint, Debian and Mint, I will install Fedora over Microsoft partition.

Good Bye to Microsoft for Good.