Friday, March 10, 2017

Moles within and without, Perils of Dhamma?

 Moles within and without?

Perils of Dhamma.

This is an email to one of my old friends.

The BPS engineered "The Great Revival' in 2003" and had an audience with Chandrika.

She was supporting and non-interfering.

Then, MR hijacked (after the demise of Soma thera and Madihe Pannnhasha) the revival for political ends.

There was a BPS News Letter (? six monthly).
We had a Dhamma discussion spearheaded by Bikkhu Bodhi.

All these seem to be defunct now.


Time to revisit these issues.

Dhammapada was on the bottom shelf not accessible (not visible, too) at Sarasavi Bookshop.

It had book denouncing Rebirth and Kamma (one guy by the name of Athukorala).

Sumudura bookshop was promoting one Type of Dhammapada and No Narada Edition.

Vijitha Yapa I did not check. Just as well, NOW I can confirm it does not have any.

As I told you, I won't get involved in any mundane activities from now onwards.

Just today, in local English Daily there were two or three blatant distortion of Pali terms and rendering of Meditation for private or multinational gain.

Rev. Bikkhu Bodhi saw all these changes and Titled a leaflet "We are at crossroads" and disappeared to USA.

There are moles placed inside our institutions to destroy from within (coveted intention and tasks).

Killing Pali by Keelas

Killing Pali by Keelas

Below is a Paper cutting from an English Daily in Ceylon

Keela, Jeela and Eela by Scholars

"nithya, Dukkha, Anathma" He developed the method called "rya Astangika Marga"consisting of "eela, Samadi, Pragna" not just meditation only. Moral behavior or "eela"was an essential prerequisite for the next stage, "amadi"in which intense concentration and training of the mind, which had been prepared by the process of "eela" would be undertaken. There are no shortcuts in this method. The final goal is "ragna"which