Saturday, April 30, 2016

May Day, NO more Hay Day!

May Day, NO more Hay Day!
I never liked May Day rally ever since, I was a kid.

It was used to show the thuggery (especially of the ruling party) of the political parties.

Except for Bala Thampo (he is probably in heaven now), I do not respect any trade union leader.

Ever, since the death of Ranasinghe Premadasa, I regard it as a mourning for Sri-Lankan politics and democracy.

Others killed due to political violence were Gaminie Dissanayake, Lalith Athulth Mudali, Ranjan Wijeratne and many more.

LTTE has blood in their hands, here in Sri-Lanka, India and Canada and brought misery to ordinary Tamils.

None of the parties including JVP deserve a place on the may day.

UNP was a party to murder and thuggery.
SLFP was a party to murder and thuggery.
JVP was the same in 1989.

In 1970 (SLFP-using army) and 1989 (UNP using illegal armed group-Black, Green, Yellow Cats and local mafia armed) decimated JVP cadres.

But they could not destroy its will.

As at present they are the most disciplined party and celebrate a colourful May Day rally.

The bottom line is none of them deserve a place on the May Day.

My advice is for the people (not to boycott)  to remain at home and watch the rallies on TV.

One and only one reason.

When the streets are taken over by the political mobs with violent intent, any INSANE Guy or Gal can smuggle in an incendiary device to a rally to cause harm, (including ex-LTTE cadres) and to bring mayhem.

If you love your life keep away from the streets.

That is my message.

This not an anti-politcal statement but a common sense in practice.

Our voters still have commonsense.

The police cannot cope with the demand and under previous regime some police officers did mafia work for the ruling party. 
Those corrupt guys would like to see blood on the streets for political reasons.

This does not mean our police is bad as with Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe.


There are lot of good officers still left in service.

It is better call it as Day of Mayhem!

Keep Away!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Bugger the Bankers

Lyrics of Bugger the Bankers
When I was a lass I was proud of me class
Like my father and mother before me
They taught me to fight for my civil rights
But it’s always the same old story.
The rich reign supreme while the poor only dream
And they don’t give a damn, Tory, Lib’ral or Labour.
Bugger the bankers and politicians
Bugger the bureaucrats too
Bugger the buggers who make up the rules
And if you’re one of them – bugger you!
The system is bad and the money’s all spent
We’re buggered from every direction
The workers are taxed, the wealthy relax
With nary a moment for reflection
Now all you good people with passion to vent
Don’t give up your struggle for justice
I’ve done my time in the protesters’ line
And these days I show my dissent
By loitering within my tent, my tent.

Conspiracies in Science

Conspiracies in Science
In mid nineteen sixties in USA there was a lady scientist who postulated that mitochondria probably originated from bacteria and took a symbiotic existence in evolution in eukaryotic cells. 

She would have had some good reasons which was deliberately not recorded in scientific history.
She was ridiculed by her male colleagues and she committed suicide.

Mind you mitochondrial DNA was not known then.

They reproduce by binary fission.
Mitochondrial DNA is always inherited by the mother and the few mitochondria of paternal origin (from the sperm) have no significant role.

Quite unknown to the above incident few years later I had the same premonition that mitochondria are almost similar to bacteria in size and  structure.
My sense was sharp enough never to say this in medical school to my colleagues or to my teachers.
But I dig in and found there are giant mitochondria in  glandular adenomas.
I let it rest at that level till I started teaching pathology many years later.

I was very happy now that concept is accepted but very unhappy a young life was lost by being forthcoming in science.

This is one example in conspiracies in science.

There are many of course.
By way of suppressing information or manufacturing bogus facts.

There is another conspiracy in America where Federal Governments operate.
In some federal states they do not allow the teaching of Evolutionary Concept in Biology.

That is a conspiracy by the evangelical politicians!

Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory comes in conflict with god’s creation.

So do not teach it to American Students is the Evangelical message.In evolutionary studies mitochondrial DNA is very important. They can record changes that occurred million years apart.

There is something called Mitchondrial Genetics that helps in answering evolutionary puzzles.
There is a protein in evolutionary history called heat shock protein.
The heat shock protein of bacteria has remarkable resemblance to heat shock protein in us.
Not only mitochondrial DNA but proteins of prokaryotic cells have links with eukaryotic cells.

Genomic projects is currently unraveling the evolutionary secrets one by one.
So it time for us to forget about the god's creation.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bugger the Constitution

Bugger the Constitution
Bugger the buggers of democracy
Who bugger the parliament,
In broad day light,

Bugger the citizenry
Who buggered
Their vote of confidence

Bugger the buggers of legislature
Who buggered the lawyers
And the lawyers
Who let them be buggered
By the lawyers
Of legislature
In broad day light

Bugger the citizenry
Who let them be
Buggered by
Law makers,
Who take the oath
In the name of protection
Of the constitution

Or is it, That we are
Buggered by
Our own constitution?

Big Bang Conspiracy

Big Bang Conspiracy

Big Bang was a big conspiracy to satisfy the church 100 years ago.

The church was very powerful and was dictatorial in its past.

Its first conspiracy was killing Socrates.

From then there were many more occurrences.

However, the most recent one was the hanging of the Vatican Banker under the London Bridge.

I was in London when that happened but police removed the body before I could have a look with a forensic intent. 

But police never investigated it in full or published the details for public consumption.

Mafia had connection with Vatican and the death of one of the Popes soon after coming to office was not a mystery.

If one wants the details please read the “God Father Series" or see the films.

I have all the books and the films with me and I recommend the book "Mafia Republic".

Before coming back to Big Bang conspiracy, let me summarize the current scientific knowledge, thanks to the Hubble Telescope (named after the greatest scientist who predicted the expansion of the universe).

Dark matter is roughly 23%.

Dark force 73%.

The matter we can see is only 5% (probably the god saw this matter 7250 odd years ago-according to the Bible the life of this planet is little over 7000 years-and the Bible was written 2300 odd years ago).

Even in this 5% of matter, the byrons are not accounted for and are probably mingled among the gas clouds in the universe.

I have my own hypothesis and there are two books at Amazon if one is interested.

My hypothesis (not proven) is that the matter tends to settle to (transformation) a low energy level of dark matter and immense amount of dark force.

If one push this theory far, all matter will disappear with time.

Byrons may be a manifestation.

But my counter theory proposes that dark matter and dark force turns back to matter right in the middle of the galaxies forming stars.

Why I am stating these hypotheses is/are for one to look at fresh at the current theory including Big Bang.

We have not fully understood the mechanics and new physics (current physics, only applies to matter real) is necessary for virtual matter (dark Matter).

Big Bang was proposed to satisfy the Church.

It is not the final theory.

There are two big holes in Big Bang theory.

I have explained them elsewhere.

The original matter comes from nothing.

Something cannot come from nothing and this supposition pleased the church 100 years ago.

Then the time zero (time is a concept) was brought to fit in with the "something from nothing" and Big Bang was born and the god had an upper hand 100 years ago.

Not any more.

Both Albert Einstein and Fred Hoyle were under tremendous pressure from the church to suppress free thinking and inquiry.

That is why I say the church had been always dictatorial and helped dictatorial regimes in the past.

True scientist had no place and few were beheaded at the behest of the church.

When a new concept came in and if it did not fit in with the god creation, the church was at loggerhead with the emerging science.

If you read the Bible, god creation was added few centuries after its original scripture.

So with new science coming into prominence the Bible has to be rewritten just like the Kuran does for many centuries.

There are two or three things Christianity has monopoly.
1. Even Mafiosi boss can be excused by Redemption.
The god takes the crimes to his hand.

 Penance is repentance of sins and Confession / Reconciliation.

I believe one has to own his or her good or bad deeds in this world.
Prison is notorious option for criminals but there is no virtual heaven for good guys like us,just to see how it feels like to be in heaven.

Only option in this world is some wine.

Religious parole is not in my book.

2. There are miracles

3. Eternal hell (where is penance?) or heaven are undemocratic institutions.
One cannot go from one to the other (mutually antagonistic)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Night Terror


It was many moons ago
I was just a kid
Barely seven years old
The war broke in

Yes, we were moved
From here to there
There were not a place
To hide
Except the trenches

I had four sisters
Two were taken for cadres
And rest were sent to
A far away place
Over and beyond the sea
I never saw them again

I was smuggled out
And grew up
In a Foreign Land

I grew up fast,
Very successful in
My academy
Met lot of
Guys and gals

One day,
I met a beautiful
Blue eyed girl
They used to say
Irish blue eyes

We fell in love
It was natural
Whenever I tried to
Kiss her
In her blue eyes,
Yes I saw
My Sisters eyes
In red, green
And dark shades

I could not
Bear it
We broke up
As friends
Promising never to
Kiss again!

Many moons passed
I met a gal
Much older
We were in bed
In no time

But the moment
We were under the blanket
I had a night terrors
"Crawling in,
The dark trenches
Bombs falling
Near by"
It was horrible

She had gone
In the morning
Leaving a note
Please take treatment
For night terrors

Very morning,
I booked
A ticket home
To see my
Aging mother

I was dreaming
I had never seen a bomb
Or a trench in my life
Why I am dreaming
Like this?

If my night terror
Was not bad enough,
How could it had been
The days and nights

For the guys and gals
Of the Yesteryear War?
Living without a roof,

I wonder

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why I hate the phrase “Lotus eaters”?

Why I hate the phrase “Lotus eaters”?

I hate the phrase or metaphor lotus eaters.

There is no inherent reason except, I love all types FLOWERS of water lilies.

Are we lotus eaters?

In Greek mythology the Lotus-eaters, also referred to as the lotophagi or lotophaguses (singular lotophagus ) or lotophages (singular lotophage), were a race of people living on an island dominated by lotus plants. The lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were narcotic, causing the people to sleep in peaceful apathy.

1. Lotus-eater or Lotus Eater Greek Mythology One of a people described in the Odyssey who lived in a drugged, indolent state from feeding on the lotus.

2. A lazy person devoted to pleasure and luxury.

If we take the above definitions this island fits nicely, especially after ex-president’s period.

The narcotic sales hit a zenith.

People were elated (especially with racial dogma) but lazy.

Expansion of temples all over the country needed large amount of water lilies for worshiping. 

Then of course, the people eat most of the  parts of the plant including the rhizome.

My gut feeling is these rhizomes concentrate arsenic and heavy metals which can be poisonous after about 30 to 40 years of eating.

Increase detection (I won’t use an epidemic) of chronic renal disease is relevant here.

Other relevant point is from C. P De Silva’s (1960s) time we had been importing and using poisonous pesticides and artificial fertilizer loaded with heavy metals.
The coal that we import from China will also be contributory where Coal Power Plants are located.

The name lilies is a broad term and many lilies can be poisonous to cats and dogs.

Below is a Reproduction
Quick warning:
No matter the circumstance, NEVER eat any plant unless you're absolutely sure that it's safe. This means either a) having bought it from a grocery store, or b) having it identified with all possible certainty (both as a particular species and as edible) by a reliable authority.
Don't just take my word for it!

That said... The word "lily" covers an astonishingly wide variety of plants, most of which are indeed poisonous.
I'll go over them a few at a time, by botanical categories.
True lilies (genus Lilium -- Easter lilies, stargazer lilies, etc.) are definitely toxic to cats.
My sources are more dubious regarding humans: they are at very least dubious. Numerous species are outright poisonous (if only mildly), while many others are inedible and bitter.
Do not eat.

Daylilies (genus Hemerocallis) are not at all poisonous -- in fact, they're lauded as tasty in numerous books of edible wild plants.
Apparently all parts of the plant are edible, and many are pretty good eating.

One plant sometimes referred to as "Easter lily" is also called the calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica): it is toxic.
All parts of the plant contain calcium oxalate, which causes swelling, burning, and highly unpleasant digestive symptoms.
Do not eat.

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majus) is highly toxic -- it's full of cardiac glycosides, to the point that merely handling it and then licking one's fingers could cause some symptoms.
Do NOT eat.

Water lilies (Nymphaeaceae spp.) are too large a group for me to say anything definite.
They seem mostly innocuous, but it'd be advisable to research any given species individually before trying to eat or plant it.

Sonia Barnett was delighted to receive a beautiful bouquet on Valentine’s Day.
But her joy turned to horror when the flowers poisoned and killed three of her beloved cats.
Miss Barnett did not know that ingesting any part of a lily can be fatal to felines, with even a small amount of pollen enough to kill them.

Myths and Conspiracies in Human History

Myths and Conspiracies in Human History

Myths I can excuse but conspiracies I cannot.

It looks like the entire history of mankind is either filled with myth or conspiracies.
No matter, whether it is philosophy, religion, war, power politics or democracy, there is subtle hint that for success or failure,  conspiracy had a bigger role to play.

It turned events in history for better or worse.

But when there is a conspiracy in science and medicine, it is outrageous and deplorable.
I have seen that happening in my entire adult career.

The story is the cholesterol and the saga is coconut oil or saturated oil.

They promoted polyunsaturated oil and peanut oil as a remedy.
It was a comedy.
Highly reactive bonds with reactive chemicals were introduced.
From heart attacks to degenerative disease to cancer to dementia ensued.

Who benefited.

Drug companies and doctors.

American Heart Association was instrumental in the grand conspiracy.

Why I am writing this? 

In another 100 years, when our descendants analyze the history, they will look at as jokers in history. 

This piece for redemption only.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Colony of Sri-Lankans in the Moon

Colony of Sri-Lankans in the Moon
Lately, I have been inundated with dreams and wake up in sweat (not due to fear but probably due to the warm weather).

1.I get a free ticket to visit moon by a Sri-Lankan Moonite.

2. America has a colony built there for scientific investigation.

2. They have run short of money and auctioned a portion for earthlings for investment.

3. They needed gold for structural stability of installations.

Since moon’s gravity is one eighth of the earth, heavy metals were necessary for construction.

4. SriLankan family  with offshore investment volunteered.

5. I was called in since they needed a cheap space scientist.

6. I wanted to avoid this deal and was formulating ten (10) or more excuses.

Thankfully I was refused entry.

My conditions of contract were;

1. No religion to be established or monks to be taken there.

2. English to be the mode of communication.

3. The gold has to be fully accounted for.

4. No stock market in the moon.

5. Currency to be pounds and not dollars.

6. Clear everybody from mafiosi connections.

7. Clear everybody from political associations.

8. No media representatives.

9. Approval from the Constitutional Council.

10. No rice as food.

Good Advice for JVP

This was a very good comment for my piece on JVP. 

Good Advice for JVP

Yes, If JVP really wants to win hearts and minds of people it should;

1.Apologies for it's past sins

2. Cast away the past traces of disguised racism.

3. Respect the justifiable political aspirations of Tamils and Muslims.

4. Understand that the proletariat dictatorship type centrali ed regimes are out of date and regional autonomy for regionally concentrated ethnic groups is more conducive for social justice.

5.Remove the foolish and defensive anti-Indian mind set of old " Indian Expansionism.

6. Not be fear of learned people and resort for dialogue with them.

7.Be able to take correct and timely political decisions and enter in to strategic political alliances.

Be pragmatic and don't be too much obsessive about so-cold political purity.

8.Be receptive and understand the futility of empty theoretical arrogance.

Buddha and his Teaching

There is a bit of quibbling going on
Local papers.
Below is a succinct or simple account of Buddha.
Buddha and his Teaching
Buddha refuses to be dragged into theology (existence of god) and metaphysics (existence of eternal soul or extent of the universe, whether the universe is finite or infinite).
He also refuses to be engaged into rational or scientific inquiry of matter.
He was a teacher who introduced a simple and pragmatic way of life.
He lived that life himself.
He was an expert on simile to explain a practical problem of this life not eternal life.
Equally he was not a scholar of a philosopher in a technical sense.
He was in a way a sage but down to earth human.
He was an insightful teacher (cause of all human suffering) who believed that question of theology and complex philosophy confuse and distract from our search for human wisdom (whatever its meaning may be in Dhamma).
The approach to that wisdom is through meditation to remove the inbuilt defilements or wrong way of thinking.
It has to be practiced here and now without any delay and quibbling over unanswerable metaphysical claims or theological doctrines is redundant.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Why I prefer the Indian Calendar to Judo-Christian Calendar

Why I prefer the Indian Calendar to Judo-Christian Calendar
Judo-Christian calendar is related to the birth or death of Christ.

Though he was called the star of wonder his arrival did not have any special stellar or celestial configuration to go by.

Whereas the ancient Indian calendar was based on semi-scientific reasoning.

Hindu calendar is a collective name for most of the luni-sidereal calendars and sidereal calendars traditionally used in Hinduism.

The Hindu calendars have undergone many changes in the process of regionalization.
Some of the more prominent regional Hindu calendars include the Nepali calendar, Punjabi calendar, Bengali calendar, Odiya calendar, Malayalam calendar, Kannada panchanga, Tulu calendar, Tamil calendar, Vikrama Samvat used in Northern India, and Shalivahana calendar in the Deccan States of Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh.
The common feature of many regional Hindu calendars is that the names of the twelve months are the same (because the names are based in Sanskrit).
The month which starts the year also varies from region to region.

The Buddhist calendar and the traditional lunisolar calendars of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand are also based on an older version of the Hindu calendar.

Most of the Hindu calendars derived from Gupta era astronomy as developed by Āryabhaṭa and Varāhamihira in the 5th to 6th century. These in turn were based in the astronomical tradition of Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa, which in the preceding centuries had been standardized in a number of (non-extant) works known as Sūrya Siddhānta.
Regional diversification took place in the medieval period.
The astronomical foundations were further developed in the medieval period, notably by Bhāskara II (12th century).

Differences and regional variations abound in these computations, but the following is a general overview of the Hindu lunisolar calendar.

The Indian national calendar or "Saka calendar" was introduced in 1957 based on the traditional Hindu calendars.
    The Indian calendar is known by the Hindu word "panchanga".
    The calendar is based on the lunar cycle. A day is measured as the period between one sunrise and the next. A month is the period from one moon cycle to the next. A year is measured from the beginning of a season until its return.
    A lunar month lasts 28 days.
    A lunar year lasts 12 lunar months or 354 solar days.

Since a period of twelve lunar months fall short of a solar year by 11 days, an additional month is added to the calendar at five-yearly intervals. This month is known as the "adhika".

Each month is divided into the two cycles (waxing and waning) of the moon (new moon to full moon and back). The period of the new moon is called "amavesya" and the period of the full moon is called "purnimavesya".
A season is called a "rtu" (pronounced 'ritu') and there are four seasons in a year. In the course of history two calendar eras have been adopted, they are the vikrama era and the shaka era.

The Shakas were a nomadic tribe of Central Asia who were displaced by the Yue Chi tribe (one of several nomadic tribes who conducted raiding parties into China, resulting in the construction of the Great Wall of China to exclude such intrusions).
The displaced Shakas migrated to northern India in the first century BC.
The Shakas established rule over large parts of the area. In 58 BC, they were defeated by a local regional king, Vikramaditya, who ruled over central India.
To commemorate his victory over the Shakas, the king introduced a new calendar era, the vikram era.
Many years later another Shaka king defeated the Vikramaditya dynasty and established a new era, known as the shaka era, the one which is still the official calendar system in India today.

Pink Moon
Considering that we live on planet Earth, today marks a momentous occasion – an occasion so significant that even the moon is celebrating. 

It’s Earth Day and tonight’s full moon will be specially shining in the nighttime sky to prove it.

Every April, the moon reveals its stellar beauty in the form of a Pink Moon. 

Sadly, this doesn’t mean that the moon turns rosy. 
It instead signifies that a micro- or mini-moon will be dancing across the inky black sky. This type of moon appears as it sounds, emerging smaller than normal because, according to EarthSky, tonight’s moon will reach apogee: 
The furthest point from the Earth.

The Farmers’ Almanac reports that this moon was named after the herb moss pink (also known as wild ground phlox), since this plant is one of the first to blossom during springtime. 

The Pink Moon is also referred to as the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon, and the Full Fish Moon. The latter two monikers were established because coastal tribes witnessed shad swim upstream to lay their eggs when this moon revealed itself. 
With this in mind, the Pink Moon also represents fertility in many circles.

Mystically speaking, SpringWolf’s Pagan’s Path suggests that we take this time to work on our relationships and to solve any problems that may be affecting this area of our lives. 

In general, Witchipedia reveals that if you begin a new business venture on the day of a full moon, it will bring you good luck. 
However, you may also want to consume extra Vitamin C today because being sick whilst the full moon glows can mean that you’ll be sick for quite some time.

Though the mini-moon began its nighttime reign last night, it can be spotted for around three days. You can also watch this phenomenon on Slooh’s website tonight, starting at 8pm EST. Either way, Happy Earth Day! 

We hope all you moon mavens out there have your telescopes ready!

Future of JVP

Future of JVP

Future of JVP is bright.

That is if they take meaningful steps to fill the void left by the demise of Reverend Sobitha Thera.

First they must get rid of the draconian laws within the party and having only “Yes Men” like Ma Ra retinue.

If they remain rigid, they will remain a spent force.

Their anti-corruption stand of all regimes specially of the Ma Ra Regime is a solid foundation to work with and build on.

I feel Prime Minister is mortally fearful to stand against the Ma Ra, either due to deals behind the back or impotence.

Either way, slow progress to act on stashing money ill gotten (mafiosi activity) will reduce the popularity of UNP very soon.

If we have a general election now UNP will lose minimum of 10 seats.

Equally, SLFP will lose 15 to 25 seats.

JVP should identify these seats (easy, just pick up the corrupt guys presently in parliament either as a list MP or elected by a thin margin) and cash in Now.

That means there are 30 to 45 seats left for grab.

They should drop the racist propaganda and should work with the Tamils in the entire country (mind you 50% are in the Sinhala dominant South) and especially the anti-LTTE groups.

With this scenario Prime Minister is the first to come asking for help.

Then twist his arm and get worthwhile reforms.

Otherwise currently simmering internal squabbles in the UNP ranks and file will intensify.

Ma Ra and corrupt monks he associates with will ruin the SLFP and they cannot think of coming to power for (Do not believe P. Vasu conspiracies) a decade.

I think we must send Vasu to permanent retirement, since like Philip he might end up even in the UNP.

Nothing I have said above would not come to fruition, unless JVP is flexible to have alliance with even UNP (JVP did it with SLFP and why not) when the time is right and have a long term strategy.

Never ever think of coming to power alone or try to steal MPs from UNP or SLFP.

That is a conspiracy in my opinion.

I am not a politician and do not curry favor any political party.

As a citizen I wish to fall in line with Mayadunne and Mahinda Deshapriya.

The reason for my writing this is that, I believe JVP has few able and talented guys and gals in their cadre.

If they remain out of power we are going to lose them or send them to oblivion.

The Elite

His most remarkable achievement was helping the Commissioner of election to hold free and fair election and refusing to help the former politico to stage a coup.

I was listening to an interview with D.B.Nihalsinghe and how he sidestepped (most likely he was fearful of the politicos) a question on politics and politicians.

We had a mass psychosis and fear (almost equivalent to Prabhakaran under previous regime) and if we did not have a public servant of high standard like the former DIG, the results of the election would have been rigged.

But remember there are conspirators among us including Buddhist Monks (Remember Somarama and Buddha Rakkita) who wants to go back to the underworld and dicctatorship.

ElericAbeygoonewardene, Cyril Herath and NK Illangakoon of the pantheon of police leaders in my time and after, excelled in keeping their flocks in their fold. 

They were the elite.

To the above I should add C.C. Dissanayake, whose daughter won the first gold medal in Asian Games, long time before, Susanthika.

Reproduction and the ideas are not mine.

Illangakoon’s Recipe for Success

by Merril Gunaratna

NK Illangakoon left office amidst a host of accolades and plaudits. Civil society, the media and even the political establishment sang praises of him. From a public standpoint, there was a touch of pathos about his departure. He left impressions of impeccable standards, moral courage and a reputation of being a "no nonsense IGP" to those within and without. Where many in the public service in recent times had been incapable of withstanding interference, Illangakoon, along with Sarath Mayadunne, and Mahinda Deshapriya stand out like rare beacons in the twilight.

Illangakoon has to be judged in the context of the times in which he worked. On assumption of office, he sought to come to grips with a syndrome which he saw as the bane of the service. From the 1970s, considerable authority an IGP enjoyed to control his subordinates, determine their appointments, transfers, promotions, and to consider disciplinary action, had steadily shifted to the political establishment. The IGP’s choice or decisions in such sphere found favour, subject to exception, only if the establishment was in agreement. With the advent of such a permutation, one which grew from a trickle to a raging torrent with the passing of time, the IGP’s authority waned sharply.

Illangakoon assumed office against such a backdrop. Perhaps he realized that if the deserving were given recognition, promotions and important posts, many things in the police would fall into place. He believed that new concepts, projects and reforms would be meaningless unless the efficient and deserving manned the diverse slots in the service. By the same token he was convinced that favourites with only patronage to boast of, would not adorn such slots. Those of such ilk are usually restricted in their ability to combat crime, vice, violence and lawlessness vigorously because of inherent limitations. Therefore the authority an IGP would exercise over his officers without hindrance becomes the cornerstone on which the success or failure of the police would hinge. The dictum "there are no bad men, only bad leaders" emphasizes that good results flow from good leaders, bad results, from ineffective ones.

Illangakoon’s task of regaining control of an authority or power which had shifted hands and exacerbated with time was not easy, for the process at the time he assumed office was virtually perpetual. But he succeeded to a considerable extent in regaining such power. Though not in full control, he substantially reduced its impact. The political establishment began to trust him and appreciate his views and recommendations of officers. His subordinates also began to show restraint in going over his head to cause reversals of his decisions. He developed in police parlance, the reputation of being a "no nonsense" IGP. He also refused to be a "yes" man in the eyes of the establishment.

It may be appropriate to state a few instances which stand testimony to the success of his policy. In mid 2015 he received information that an officer in charge of a police station in Kurunegala was engaged in business activities, running two "tippers" for hire. The senior officers in the region held the view that he was an efficient officer with a good reputation. Illangakoon made his own inquiries, ascertained the truth and transferred the officer far out. Strong influence was brought to bear to restore the officer, but the IGP held his ground and refused to yield. He may have lost ground in the process. Around the same time, he received a directive to transfer over 150 inspectors from where they worked, the reason adduced being that they had not discharged their responsibilities dispassionately. Though conscious that he may incur the ire of the establishment, llangakoon refused to implement the order, and the inspectors remained where they were. The policy he often practised when receiving requests for changes from the establishment was to clarify with regional chiefs and check the records of the officers concerned in the first instance. He would then convey his decisions, backed by cogent reasons.

Gamini Silva, retired senior DIG, held the view that he would oblige the establishment only if his decisions were in harmony with his conscience. He also evolved a system of interviews to determine the eligibility of officers for postings as officers in charge of districts and stations. He thereby had good reasons to back his recommendations to the ministry. Shortly before the election of January 2015, the secretary of the ministry of law and order, a former IGP, commenced the ugly habit of summoning senior officers direct, bypassing the IGP. Illangakoon put his foot down firmly, for the very thought of others seeking to weaken his control of officers was repugnant to him. There have been numerous other instances with a similar flavour.

It would be of interest to examine how he succeeded in causing changes in a situation where his predecessors, barring Cyril Herath, had failed to do. It is possible that his values, convictions, lifestyle, attributes and traits helped him to win the trust and confidence of governments. He led a simple life, abhorring material comforts. His reputation for honesty was impeccable. His integrity was exemplary. He refused to place himself under obligation to politicians as well as subordinates. He refused gifts from officers even when they returned from foreign travel. It is to his credit that he was successful in serving two governments in tempestuous times, and in emerging with his reputation untarnished. He kept a reasonable distance from the establishment, enabling him to say "no" when necessary. Amidst a flawless reputation, insidious elements in the police were unable to prejudice the establishment and weaken his control of the service.

He upheld the highest standards. In his entire career, he was known as a fierce upholder of the rule of law, a person with respect for rules, procedures and precedents as well. His decisions were dictated by his conscience and convictions, not by expedience, as had been the case of some others. A man of few words, his inscrutability often kept those in the establishment as well as his subordinates guessing. Backed by such attributes, he radiated candour and sincerity in thought and actions. His faultless character backed by his candid demeanour therefore had much to do with the success he achieved in winning the confidence of the establishment to take control of the most important responsibility an IGP should enjoy.

Illangakoon has left both a lesson and a legacy for his successors. If they succeed in practicing his art of marginalizing politics in the matter of handling subordinates, the police may regain some of their lost prestige. But such endeavours may be fraught with difficulties since the somewhat obnoxious syndrome had been entrenched for decades until Illangakoon caused a dent in it. After all, "one swallow does not make a summer".

ElericAbeygoonewardene, Cyril Herath and NK Illangakoon of the pantheon of police leaders in my time and after, excelled in keeping their flocks in their fold. They were the elite. There was a consistency in their policy of denying the shift of authority over manpower. Leading men in the public gaze, they jealously protected their domain from encroachment. Refusing to be pliant, they were successful in marginalizing the debilitating impact of the syndrome. The difference between them and the rest was that they pursued a coherent policy, acquiescence being more the exception than the rule. The elite consistently conveyed the message that they "knew their men best." They resisted the risk of the service becoming rudderless. Perhaps Illangakoon is unique even in this elite band, for he occupied a seat of "thorns" as it were for five long years, his métier evoking the respect and admiration of those within, and without. That he departed amidst fanfare, touching farewells and felicitations proves the point.

(The writer retired some years ago as a Senior DIG)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Nihalsingha is No More

Nihalsingha is No More

But he has left landmarks and milestones in our cinematic history.


One of Sri Lanka’s foremost filmmakers, D. B. Nihalsingha passed away yesterday afternoon after a brief illness. He was 77. Nihalsingha was the only Sri Lankan to be honoured with the title, ‘Professor in Cinema and Television’

Having made several award winning movies including Welikathara, Maldeniye Simion, Ridee Nimnaya and Kelimadala Nihalsingha made the country’s first tele serial ‘Dimuthu Muthu’ and followed it up with ‘Rekha.’ The cinema veteran was the founding CEO and General Manager of the National Film Corporation from 1972 to 1978.

Nihalsingha’s parents were veteran journalist D.B. Dhanapala and the late Rathi Dhanapala. 
His brother was veteran photo-journalist D.B. Suranimala.


Chinese (Operations) Gangs

Even though (we used to get Chinese Restaurant Syndrome) I loved Chinese Food, I went to China Town in London only once.
One feels like a stranger, not as in Singapore.
I suppose they have made connection in Sri-Lanka, too.

Chinese Gangs have exploited a gap in Italy's crime world, expanding into northern and central cities while the traditional mafia concentrates on the country's south.
Chinese Gangs step into gap left by mafia
The Chinese crime ring was partnered with an Italian family owning a money wire transfer company to recycle dirty money.

Italian police targeted the Chinese gangs in raids across the country this week, arresting 24 people with suspected links to a multi-billion Euro money-laundering operation.

Officers seized illegal factories and other assets as part of the operation.

Since 2006, the organization had laundered and funneled to China more than 2.7 billion Euros (£2.1bn pounds) from prostitution, sale of counterfeit goods, exploitation of illegal immigrants, tax evasion and other crimes committed in and around the Tuscan cities of Florence and Prato, an industrial town home to a large community of Chinese migrants.

Police arrested 17 Chinese and seven Italian nationals under suspicion of mafia association and took control of 73 companies and 181 pieces of real estate and seized 166 luxury cars, said a police statement.

With Italy's own Mafia entrenched in Sicily and the south, investigators said it was is natural that Chinese criminal gangs chose to move in to exploit niche markets in the central and northern cities hosting rapidly growing Chinese populations.

A triad is one of many branches of Chinese transnational organized crime organizations based in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and also in countries with significant Chinese populations, such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Criminal activities

Triads currently engage in a variety of crimes from extortion and money laundering to trafficking and prostitution

They also are involved in smuggling and counterfeiting goods such as music, video, and software as well as more tangible goods such as clothes, watches, and money.The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, (Burmese, Thai: Lao: Vietnamese) is one of Asia's two main opium-producing areas. It is an area of around 950,000 square kilometres (367,000 sq mi) that overlaps the mountains of three countries of Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of Asia and of the world since the 1950s.
Most of the world's heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world's largest producer.

The Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle designates the confluence of the Ruak River and the Mekong River, since the term has been appropriated by the Thai tourist industry to describe the nearby border tripoint of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Worship with Flower?

Why Worship with Flower?

In evolution, plants with flowers were recent.
They had a reason for existence.

Propagation of the species with added tolerance to extinction under adverse conditions was the purpose.

Flowers tend to bloom seasonally when there is scarcity of water.

Fruits are formed to take the next generation of seeds.

Nuts are often bitter, so that animals do not eat them.
If they eat them they are not digested in the digestive system.
They make the flesh of the fruits attractive so that they eat and spread the seeds far away from their origin.

Fact that they are edible should not be taken as a license to store them in cold storage.

If one destroys a flower he/she in fact upset the balance of nature.

Buddhist offer the flowers at the shrines of Buddha, to remind themselves of the unsatisfactory and transient nature of life.

They recite a Gatha as they do that.

Actually plucking of water lillie flowers, make the plant to go into hibernation and often end up with death of the mother plant.

That is my discovery.

My bone of contention is even if they are not producing fruits, say jasmine they attract a plethora of insects who live on the pollens and nectar.

Not only we destroy the flowers we destroy the insect life, too.

Buddhist who say “Let all living beings be happy and content” are violating one principle while acquiring merits on Anitta Meditation while offering flowers at the temple.

One can argue that merits acquired with offering flowers are devalued by demerits of interfering with insect life.

Why not remind oneself of Annita every time one sees a flower.

Why one has to pluck them?

Attachment to the flower is as bad, in Buddhist way of thinking.

Why pick fresh flowers?

One can easily choose the fallen flowers, instead.

Which show their demise glaringly and epitomize the principle of Anitta, much better.

There is a paradox here.

If one sees a beautiful flower and set in motion Anitta principle, instead of enjoying the very nature of natural beauty, to me it is sadistic.

Let them blossom in the place they have chosen for themselves.

Enjoy the beauty.

Don't be a sadist or a lovebird, unless you have cared them yourself.

If you cared for them, it is hard to pick them or destroy them, even if they are in the plenty.

Adore them but do not treat them like plastic toys.

They are living creatures and there is a purpose of their existence.

I do not mind a little girl wearing them on their hair to enhance their natural beauty.

But teach them the nature's secrets while fixing one or two flowers on the head or hair band in the hairdo.

Tell them a plastic flower lasts long.

Do not tell them the Anitta Concept too early and make them sadistic in formative years.

This is where I come in conflict with Buddhist notions.

Why only animals are sacred.

Evolutionary-wise plants are more sacred, since they support all life including animals.

This is why I say Buddhism does not teach science, especially biological science in its core themes.

This might upset some mafiosi Buddhists but it is not as bad as Victor Ivan stating kill all the cows when they are at the end of the milking cycle, old and feeble, for beef.

Take him to task if a Buddhist gets agitated by my above comments.

It is far better extend some Metta to Me and My Flowers.

That will make you feel better.

It feels much better if you have few flowers in your garden.

This April I had five exotic flowers.
It put my April joy at a high level, all together.