Saturday, September 24, 2016

Making Sense with CO2

Making Sense with CO2

I wanted to make the title of this  “Zeroing with CO2”  as my own simple attempt to contribute to Zeroing with CO2 but it makes very little sense scientifically.

The alternative title was to make 20 or more statements on beauty of nature. 

That itself is a daunting task.

Could I make 10 for CO2 to begin with.

Let us see.

Let me try the Zero CO2 emission.

1. I have to kick the bucket immediately, so I want breath out CO2.

But my dead body will rot at burial site or if cremated by my immediate family producing enough CO2 in the process and many other ozone depleting products.

Even at my death there is no zeroing.

2. If I do not travel by motor vehicle (I boycott Colombo as a way of zeroing on CO2 and only visit there if there is a desperate need. Last time when I visited Colombo, the long one and half hour delay at Kaleniya bridge contributed more to CO2 emission.

I told the driver to switch off the engine have a nap on the wheel.

I abandon my car and  walk only, still I am not zeroing.

3. If I do not procreate (I have to try it, in the next birth, better still not have another life) but I have not kept that promise.

4. I cannot resist burning all the paper and plastic since there is no recycling machinery in this Buddhist city called Kandy.

That produce more unwanted products both solid and vapour.

5. Worst even in my sleep and dream state I produce CO2.

This zeroing of CO2 is an insult to science in particular and even worse than a political statements of Mahinda Chinthanya converts.

They play a lip service but trade more and more CO2 with more coal power installed.

In any case Mahinda Chinthanaya was never a scientific endeavor.

I give up and announce lost in the battle of CO2 after 5 statements, unlike a politician, my tongue does not bend to adversary.

This CO2 scenario is bunkum and purely hypothetical.

But on a second thought, my water garden does a better job mopping off CO2, the algae problem, I am trying to stop is winning by a big margin but taking CO2 in.

I give up.

Let me try the nature statements.