Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Monkey Magic and Shell Shock

Monkey Magic and Shell Shock

Beauty of the free franchise
      Is like a monkey
      With a sword in hand
      Razor sharp in the act of

      Could be known as the
      King maker
      King pawn
      Or the king killer
      In the making

      Whether this monkey
      Is bright or not so bright
      Gets a chance
      Once in five or six years
      The act of demolition

      To the loser it’s a monkey
      To the winner the King Kong
      To me it’s a ping pong
      And I dash
      With all my might

      To the terrorist
      It’s a weapon of mass destruction
      Of its own kind
      In the guise of
      A demagogue or a demigod
      Not an act of tolerance

      Till the cows come home
      We would be playing
      This game of ping pong
      Until and unless
      The body politics become wiser
      To rid of the king and horsemen
      In their entirety

      To Ninja Turtles
      Of Sri-Lankan kind
      At the pace
      We are going through
      The shell shock of the century
      Is still in the waiting

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Your Batteries can kill YOU-Safety Hazards of Batteries

Your Batteries can kill YOU!

I am a good candidate dying of Fire.

Reason I have so many gadgets in my room plugged in. 

I have had several accidents.

I lost one of my very expensive cameras due to fire couple of years ago.

There were several near misses.

Then I had 12 computers in a mini-network.

Two of them caught fire.

One my wife used one I use to download Linux.

Then one of my friends house caught fire and they had to live in pre-fabricated house few years ago.

Luckily they were fully insured.
I put my safety gear in full operation.

Dismantled all my network (old hardware) and bought two new computers with lot of fans for cooling.

One of the cooling fans busted and I could not replace it without changing the entire casing.

I do not use this computer for downloading NOW unless I am up all night.

I never use the computer during day time due to Global Warming and fire hazard.

I won't invest on air conditioning, it perpetuates more and more global warming.

My solutions.

I installed a multi media pack on my computer.
It has 8 USB ports for recharging all my gadgets (camera, cellphones, emergency battery charger, my USB multimedia player (mini), Tiny USB speaker radio) in one go.

It has all the slots for various cards from MicroSD to Media Cards for file and photo transfer to my computer.

While they are charging I would do my Internet search.

Only my headlamp (when electricity fails- thunderstorms etc) has to be plugged in straight.It got heated up today.
But I have decided to go for a battry powered headlamp.

But the best solution was to go "Digitally Zero" and say good bye to Internet riddled with scams!

Please read the reproduction below.

Safety Hazards of Batteries

Battery technology is at the heart of much of our technological revolution. One of the most prevalent rechargeable batteries in use today is the Lithium-ion battery. Cell phones, laptop computers, GPS systems, IPods, and even cars are now using Lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology. In fact, you probably have a Lithium-ion battery in your pocket or purse right now!Although Lithium-ion batteries are very common,
there are some inherent dangers when using ANY battery. Lithium cells are like any other technology –if they are abused and not used for their intended purposes, catastrophic results may occur,such as: first, second, and third degree burns, respiratory problems, fires, explosions, and even death.
Please handle the Lithium-ion batteries with care and respect.
User Safety Precautions. Short-circuiting. When the battery is not in use, you MUST disconnect the battery from the battery connector. When the battery is connected to the battery connector, do NOT leave it unattended. If the two wires with the alligator clips can touch, the battery will quickly heat up. Short-circuiting will damage the battery and generate heat that can cause burns.Do not leave the battery in the charger once it is fully charged. The battery charger will flash on and off with a red indicator light every 20 seconds when the battery is fully charged.
Disassembly: Never disassemble a battery, as the materials inside may be toxic and may damage skin and clothes. Throwing batteries into a fire or water: Disposing of a battery in fire can cause the battery to rupture. Also avoid placing batteries in water, as this may cause the battery to fail. Soldering: Never solder anything directly to a battery. This can destroy the safety features of the battery by damaging the safety vent inside the cap. Permanent connections to an energy cell may be made by spot welding solder tags to the terminals.
A soldered connection can subsequently be made to the tag.
Charging: Never charge with an unspecified charger or specified charger that has been modified. This can cause breakdown of the battery, swelling, or rupturing. Never attempt to charge a battery which has been physically damaged. Overcharging at high currents and reverse charging: Never reverse charge or overcharge with high currents (i.e. higher than rated). Doing so causes rapid gas
generation and increased gas pressure, thus causing batteries to swell or rupture.
Charging: Do not leave the battery in the charger once it is fully charged. Installation in equipment with airtight battery compartments: Always avoid designing airtight battery compartments. In some cases, gases, such as oxygen or hydrogen, may be given off. This creates the danger of the batteries bursting or rupturing in the presence of a source of ignition (sparks generated by a motor switch, etc.).
Use of batteries for other purposes: Do not use a battery in an appliance or purpose for which it was not intended. Differences in specifications can damage the battery or appliance.
Using old and new batteries together: Avoid using old and new batteries together. Also avoid mixing batteries using differing cell chemistries such as ordinary dry cell batteries, Ni-Cd, NiMH batteries or with another manufacturer's batteries. Differences in various characteristic value scan cause damage to the batteries or the product.Safety Procedures If the foil packaging on the battery does break, vent the room and leave immediately. If a fire starts, call the fire department immediately. The only extinguisher that will work on a Lithium-ion Battery fire is a Class D Fire Extinguisher or Dry Sand or Dry Table Salt.Disposal of Batteries Lithium ion batteries are found in many electronics like laptops, digital cameras, power tools and cordless phones. These batteries are very popular because they can be recharged and because of their ability to supply power for long periods of time. However, even lithium ion batteries reach a point where they can no longer hold a charge and need to be disposed of. When this time comes, it is important to know how to recycle the battery, and not simply put it in a trash can. Read the information found at the following link to determine your state’s recycling policy: There are many reasons to recycle these batteries rather than throw them away where they may end up in a regular landfill. One of which is because they enter the solid waste stream and can contaminate soil and water.Please check with your school on its policy of recycling of batteries.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

From Watergate to Trumpgate to Unigate

From Watergate to Trumpgate to Unigate
Hello, Maha (Brahma)
This is Asoka on Voice Mail.

There was a bit of a pause.
Then there was some of background heavenly music and bright aura!
This was unusual.

Hello Asoka,
Long Time No See and No Dreams.

Well I am well onto a Metta Meditation Course.
I sleep well and no dreams.
That is too bad.
Why Metta?
There are two Maithrees in Power.
One is our figure without a head.
Other is the better half of the figurine head of a party.
In this country it the fair sex that leads the family but in this case she is obscure doing godforsaken research of no value and no kids.

So Maithree (except WiraWansa and Ma Ra) or Metta is ingrained in the “Constitution of Division”.
That is too much for me to  swallow Ceylon politics.

Any other news?

I have good and bad news for you.
First the bad news.
I am losing my memory like our politicians who forget even the simplest of promises they made within three months of election.

Can you be more explicit?

Well, I forget to clean the bowls (including my dogs) and my wife has taken it in good spirit and leave all the dishes for me to wash.

I forget to put water in the bowl for my dog.
Things like that.
That is not too bad, I forget all your dreams retold in no time.
But there is problem for you.
I forget things like, that it was dream or real fact in life.
Like I had a lavish meal and some good wine in a posh hotel.
Or weather I had my morning cuppa or breakfast.

Worse thing is that I forget all the dreams I dreamt over the past one year or so.
I was so confused that I decided not to contact you by voice mail.
That is too bad.
There is worse to come, I am going to wind up my digital domain with the earliest possible time.

I need to warn you.
Why heavens?
With all these “Watergate to Trumpgate to Unigate” there is lot of confusion with the email especially voice mail.
Is not safe to send a voice mail even to heaven.

Putin had put moles all over the planet and in the space and time too.
KGB, MI5, CIA and FBI are doing eavesdropping, even if you are in the loo spending a penny.

Hee Hoo and loo mentality.
Then there are no voice mail.

I am afraid YES.
These technologies are fraught with flaws.

Aren’t there anything in heaven to prevent this?

We do not snooze on others except when somebody wants to leave the heaven and come back to earth.

We try to prevent it.
With all these technologies they might design a program to find the whereabouts of our real Maha on holiday.

Then my dog is totally blind and is showing his age.

Can you send him to heaven?

I need to appoint him as my assistant and take a long holiday.
That is cheeky.
Then what about me?
You kick the bucket and join him.
What about my family?
They will find their own ways.
NO I am thinking about a alternate way?

Things like teleportation and transmigration to other planets.
That is high five stuff know?
Not at all.
I am into this dark matter and matter conversion physics now.
I can de-materialize myself and re-materialize in heaven with my dog.

Warp the time and come back here a little bit younger.

That is very bad for us in heaven and for me the Maha’s Assistant, now acting on his behalf.
Well that is the reason I have contacted you.

Will I go ahead with my work.
Yes and No.

I have good news.
I had a lovely dream.
This, I am going to mix with bit of my imagination or creation or fiction.

I won’t tell you which is which.

You have to guess.
If you go wrong I won’t kick the bucket for sometime.
Real dream or a fact of fiction?
Young mother breast feeding her baby.
The husband comes and say I have / had a dream.
He says, I bought you a lovely dress.

Young mother pregnant.
Husband says he can say it is a boy or a girl by touching the stomach.

No scans no DNA tests.

Just by teleportation.
His mind enters the womb and have a glance of the private parts and declare the sex on emergence.

You have to wait for the rest of the story.

I just remembered I have to clean the dog’s mess and his bowls.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

SAITM, FUTA, GREED (Money) and Empathy (better still Metta)

SAITM, FUTA, GREED (Money) and Empathy (better still Metta)
Dr. Neville Fernando is a man with Obsession in Money (It does not matter how it comes).
He is probably from Colombo Medical School (note it was a school run by rich doctors of yesteryear) student (probably not a proper university graduate).
He did not pay for his studies, I believe but perhaps his parents did.
Doctors also can become dictators!
He does not understand the value of free education.

The first proper University Medical Faculty was established in Peradeniya and Professor Senaka Bible who was instrumental (he inculcated on us fair play, dignity of patients and service to the poor).

I want you to compare Neville with the Professor on empathy not money.

As regard to me I served the compulsory service and bit more and I was very much against it.

I wanted to go abroad soon after internship for proper training in UK.

I was among the only few who said that "I will come back and serve the country" and I did it.

I decided to go abroad second time, in the height of second JVP insurrection (my name was in the JVP hit list).

I was working for an international organization and I did all I could do to save their lives and safely back to home soils. That was the reason for putting me on the hit list even though, there were no Indians in our organization.

I was in the Action Committee (Ousting NM. Sirima was an off shoot) of GMOA and the first concession we got from JRJ was cancelling the compulsory service (NO PRIVATE PRACTICE WHILE, my AMP and RMP had lucrative private practice but I never interfered with them. One was a Tamil and the other was a Muslim).

When I give lectures to undergraduates, I used to say that was the stupidest thing I did and I (We) could not fathom how crafty JRJ was.
My bone of contention is these guys (like me when young BUT I was sure in my mind that I will come back and serve) after passing out invariably GO ABROAD.

Money wasted (we are very poor country) and never reimbursed.

My second return was at the height of LTTE onslaught and I told my friends (mostly Sinhala) this is the time the country needs you. 

None of them came back.

As regards to Tamil doctors, they leaving this country is justifiable, since when they are treated like Aliens in their country of birth, they had only a few options.
Few of them have come back after the recent change of ground situation and they make sure they contact me sometime after their arrival.

They find it extremely difficult to settle (sacrifice privileges earned abroad) down here.
Mind you the government does not pay a pension or W and OP (I am eligible for the service rendered) to me.
I live on my saving and NO PRIVATE PRACTICE.

I am bit like my teacher Dr. Kinsely Heendeniya.
If all the doctors can be like K.H.; simple, humble and caring, the world would be a better place.

No two doctors are alike when they are bound by GREED!

Mind you my children tell me the stupidest thing I did was coming back from New Zealand (last post).
I use to tell them I am scarred of earth quakes and they believe me.
A foot note to the quality of doctors after passing out is relevant here. One of my medical teachers and a friend lately (304 card partner, not bridge) send his two sons to the private medical school. He spent all his money for their education including selling his property (ancestral). He build a house in an aweful place with very difficult access by vehicle (I used to walk this distance - including the day of his funeral).
He was physically handicapped and emotionally unstable toward latter stages.
Simply because the two doctors he produced neither did any care for him nor did come to the funeral.

There were two students at his funeral one was me the other was a younger colleague mate of mine. 
I know no student of mine be at my funeral, just the same.  I am wondering what I would write in my last will.
Burn all my medical books (not Dhamma) since no future doctor would pratice what was intended in them.
Dhamma books probably will end up at BPS reference library.

I wonder what Carlo Fonseka has to say about the doctors registered under his organization?

I agree with most of his ideas.

Sivamohan Sumathy is attached to the Department of English, University of Peradeniya
Free Education and Free Health
We may need more doctors, but it is probably the case that we are not retaining enough doctors and, more significantly, that we are not able to retain a sufficient enough doctors in the peripheries, where the need is greater. Murali Vallipuram in his article in Colombo Telegraph "Is There A Case For A Private Medical School In The Health Planning Of Sri Lanka?’ () comments on this lack ably. Before one can go on, one has to recognize that no private university will be able to fulfill the need for doctors in this country and state universities will continue to produce them. In this regard, I want to get back to history once more. In the ‘70s, there were restrictions placed on the mobility of doctors for the first five years of their careers post-internship. The measure was rife with problems, and perhaps the five year period was too harsh (just perhaps), but one has to ask the question, isn’t the doctor on whom the state expends millions of rupees obliged to make some return?
From 2011- 2012, the Federation of University Teachers’ Associations (FUTA) engaged in an island wide public awareness campaign, staging a dramatic appeal for increased spending on primary, secondary and higher education. While the government in its budget for 2016 had indeed raised its allocation for education, particularly for school education, much of the expenditure did not materialize in the end. The budget for 2017 saw a decline in its support for education.
In 2015, the democracy movement brought an end to the violent and dictatorial regime headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa. We have to stand firm on that platform of democracy today. Though members of FUTA maybe divided on the question of SAITM itself, FUTA as a body will remain committed to protecting free education. There may not be ideological cohesiveness in the opposition and resistance to the establishment of privatized universities, but that need not deter us from formulating a coherent response to the government, demanding that it made a firm commitment to free education and, more importantly, to protecting state education.
NCMC was taken over by the state; we may have to see this happen yet again with SAITM.
Sivamohan Sumathy is attached to the Department of English, University of Peradeniya

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mobile Marfia

Mobile Mafia
A lot has to be done to get rid of CIA, FBI and KGB from snoozing.
American election was the case in point.
I warned about this Security Flow when Google came into existence (long before Google Phone).
Reason being it was based on Linux core without security features!

It is not the fault of Linux but the OEM infrastructure which was not time tested.

I am afraid even Linux Magazine ignored this flaw.

That is the very reason I never use (even Apple iPhone) a smartphone for mission critical work.

Only a Linux desktop like Debian has 95% (mark not 100%) security features and only 1% use Linux and from that also minority uses Debian and the majority use other derivatives of Linux not dedicated for mission critical work BUT for Fun.

Even Peppermit Linux (one I use for daily routines) has Flaws.

The latest vicim was my son's Android Game Player cum cellphone and camera (Chinese make).
I was trying to upload some Google Application's.
The end result it damaged the battery and the operating system.
It get stuck half way without booting.


Over 30 different Android smartphones and tablets have been found to have had malware preinstalled on them before users even switched them on, according to a cyber security firm.
Check Point detected a “severe infection” on 38 handsets being used by two of its corporate clients, a telecommunications firm and a multinational technology company that have not been named.
The issue affects smartphones from a number of big-name brands, including Samsung, LG and Google. Those named by Check Point are:
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • LG G4
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Xiaomi Mi 4i
  • Galaxy A5
  • ZTE x500
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  • Oppo N3
  • Vivo X6 plus
  • Nexus 5
  • Nexus 5X
  • Asus Zenfone 2
  • Lenovo S90
  • Oppo R7 plus
  • Xiaomi Redmi
  • Lenovo A850
It must be made clear, however, that not all models of the devices named above are affected.
“According to the findings, the malware were already present on the devices even before the users received them,” reads the Check Point blog post announcing the discovery.
“The malicious apps were not part of the official ROM supplied by the vendor, and were added somewhere along the supply chain.”
Most of the malware discovered by Check Point were info-stealers, but one of the phones had been pre-loaded with ransomware called Slocker.
Ransomware allows a hackers to lock a user out of their device, only restoring proper functionality in exchange for money.
“Pre-installed malware compromise the security even of the most careful users,” continues the report. “In addition, a user who receives a device already containing malware will not be able to notice any change in the device’s activity which often occur once a malware is installed.”
However, users can protect themselves by downloading and running a malware scanner as soon as they first fire up their new device.
WikiLeaks’ recent Vault 7 data dump raised serious alarm bells in the technology community, with allegations that the CIA and MI5 developed techniques for hacking into phones, TVs and computers.
The agency hasn't commented on the documents, but a number of major technology firms have detailed ways for users to stay safe online.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Moles within and without, Perils of Dhamma?

 Moles within and without?

Perils of Dhamma.

This is an email to one of my old friends.

The BPS engineered "The Great Revival' in 2003" and had an audience with Chandrika.

She was supporting and non-interfering.

Then, MR hijacked (after the demise of Soma thera and Madihe Pannnhasha) the revival for political ends.

There was a BPS News Letter (? six monthly).
We had a Dhamma discussion spearheaded by Bikkhu Bodhi.

All these seem to be defunct now.


Time to revisit these issues.

Dhammapada was on the bottom shelf not accessible (not visible, too) at Sarasavi Bookshop.

It had book denouncing Rebirth and Kamma (one guy by the name of Athukorala).

Sumudura bookshop was promoting one Type of Dhammapada and No Narada Edition.

Vijitha Yapa I did not check. Just as well, NOW I can confirm it does not have any.

As I told you, I won't get involved in any mundane activities from now onwards.

Just today, in local English Daily there were two or three blatant distortion of Pali terms and rendering of Meditation for private or multinational gain.

Rev. Bikkhu Bodhi saw all these changes and Titled a leaflet "We are at crossroads" and disappeared to USA.

There are moles placed inside our institutions to destroy from within (coveted intention and tasks).

Killing Pali by Keelas

Killing Pali by Keelas

Below is a Paper cutting from an English Daily in Ceylon

Keela, Jeela and Eela by Scholars

"nithya, Dukkha, Anathma" He developed the method called "rya Astangika Marga"consisting of "eela, Samadi, Pragna" not just meditation only. Moral behavior or "eela"was an essential prerequisite for the next stage, "amadi"in which intense concentration and training of the mind, which had been prepared by the process of "eela" would be undertaken. There are no shortcuts in this method. The final goal is "ragna"which

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dhamma and Science

Dhamma and Science

Writings of Nanavira Thera
Reproduced by Kingsley Heendeniya

I have not read this piece before but I feel it is appropriate to reproduce it.

My observation is very similar but I would tend to disagree with his analysis of Relativity and Quantum Physics (there is no relevance in Dhamma).

The reason being, (of lately) certain individuals (mostly after retirement) posing as erudite, making his/her own interpretation of Dhamma and rendering meanings out of context.

One of them has published a book locally in English on Suttas and has said there is no Rebirth concept or Kamma in Buddhism.

I just had a peep of this book in a local bookshop. 

I must state that there was a conspiracy in a certain sect of a religion that envisaged that best way to “Kill Dhamma” is to infiltrate (kill within and not from without).

In Secret Service (CIA, KGB terminology) this is called planting a mole. There are many moles planted already.

In another book in English from India one author from India (this was pointed out to me by a Christian friend) has said that Buddha as a young man raped a woman.

This is the level and intent of misinformation, with Internet in its Bubble State, this campaign would expand and intensify.

I need to pen few pieces before my digital hibernation.

I do not want to be a part of this sinister game plan.

I am afraid even Dalai Lama has succumbed to this plot.
Beginning of the Reproduction
It is very common these days to find educated professional indulge themselves in claiming able to forge links with scientific developments in quantum physics, astrophysics, biochemistry neuroscience etc and the Dhamma.

There is for example a pre-occupation with ‘research’ into rebirth through records of anecdotes under hypnosis suggesting that neuroscience should one day reveal the secrets of memory and prove rebirth.

I cannot understand why anyone wants to prove rebirth?

After that What?

Many of these persons having misled themselves in the Dhamma are thus misleading others and additionally by that egregious habit of offering certificates to the Buddha by quoting from scientists and eminent persons and brow beating.

The Dhamma is about 2500 years (Buddha c 563-488 BC). If we agree to begin with Aristotle (c384-322 BC), science may be regarded as about the same age. But whereas one person, the Buddha taught Dhamma for 45 years,thousands of persons have been involved in the discovery and teaching of science, many contradicting each other. Their disputes, assumptions, running into blind alleys and mistakes have not ceased or are likely to ever cease,

Conversely there is nothing to add or take away from the teaching of Buddha. According to him, it will last for 5000 years after his death and disappear.

The bogus scientific discussion is evidence that this process of decay has begun.

Buddha said, ‘I divine (better term is Noble One) makes known the noble world Transcending Teaching as the business of man’.

The business of science is strictly worldly. 
And all worldly endeavours have no value in the Dhamma. 
They are obstructions to the realization of the purpose of the Dhamma. 
When speaking of akusala and kusala action (skillful and unskillful) the Buddha declared; ‘That action leads to arising of action and the action does not lead to cessation of action.
Skillful action not rooted in lust, hate and delusion leads to cessation of of action, not to arsing of action.’
In an advance warning of ‘five fearful things,not arisen at present but which will arise in future leading to the death of Dhamma
Buddha said, “Again monks there will be monk in time to to come who will be undeveloped in body,virtue, mind and understanding. The being undeveloped in body, virtue, mind and understanding when these discourses uttered by the Thathagatha are preached,profound in meaning,beyond the world, concerned with voidness-they will not listen to them.

It is unthinkable that any scientist would make such declaration.

Science is thought to be progressive.

The Buddha taught the Dhamma is to one purpose Orly- for its practice through reflection,to stop birth
he ends many discourses with the words: 
Bhikkus, ‘there are these roots of trees, the empty huts, meditate, do not delay lest you regret later’.

Dhamma is not taught in thousands and more modules for generating doubts,assumptions,debate, theorizing,analyzing, academic discussions, scholarship or speculation.

Also it matters little to to the scientist whether others find any use for his science.

The pompous self satisfaction of the scientist and scholar coincides.

Venerable Nanavira has written thus: “only a vertical view strait down to the abyss of his own personal existence.,is a man capable of apprehending the perilous insecurity of his situation; and only a man who does this is prepared to listen to the Buddha’s teaching.

Why are we cast in this world to die?

Dhamma is the general nature of Things.

All determinations are impermanent (Anitta).

All determinations are suffering (Dukka).

All determinations are not self (Anatma).

Understanding this the Buddha says, is the Seeing.

It is private knowledge unlike science.

The material world is public and common to the sense experience of everyone.

Natural Science writes Nanavira,’in taking this as its starting point and polishing it a little to remove irregularities,has no place for the individual and to sense experience (let alone mind experience or imagination) for the material world of science is by definition utterly a point of of view or reference.

In relativity theory,every point is a point of view,which comes to mean the same thing.

It is uniformly communal.

Science is essentially public.

Consciousness,intention,perception and feelings not being public are not part of the universe of science.

Science is inherently incapable of understanding the nature of material change due to conscious action(Kamma)- which is concisely reflexive exercise of preference for one available mode of behaviour (or set of them) at the expense of others (beings).
Quantum physics he says in hoping to reinstate the-observer- if only as a point of view-is merely locking the stable door after the horse has been stolen.