Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cigar or Pipe

I had the pipe dream of abolishing the post of presidency but now I have stopped even smoking a cigar in desperation.

a pipe dream

To think that the new constitution would bring sanity into our corrupt political system is a pipe dream

Wise Counsel

Wise man counsel is to weigh the pros more than the cons
Why do I say so!
The pros with their circular logic may con you to believe a religion is good for you
Or hashish (any mood elevating drug) makes you to be a saint

Elephant Myths

 Elephant Myths

The myth propagated by our Hashish Growers is to say elephants vandalize their vegetable gardens (of heaven)

The truth is they grow hashish in their migration pathway

If elephants consume hashish and go haywire in a country which is a center of drug trafficking is to eliminate bad "Selfish Genes" of our ancestry

Sanity, Vanity and Dignity

Sanity has no expiry date (Voter Perception)
Vanity only has shelf value and loses its value moment it is taken out of the shelf
Or when taken out of (constitution) context
Insanity (politicians) is always current
Dignity is something (Good Governance) That cannot be sustained in real life

What would you do if your web site hits 100,000 visits?

What would you do if your web site hits 100,000 visits?The best is to close it for good.
Is it a mad advice?
Not at all, if you analyze the details about 50,000 will be your own visits and you are wasting awful lot of creative time looking at your own face.
Instead practice "My Digital Zeroing Technique" for few weeks, then the creativity will visit you in abundance!