Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bugger the Constitution

Bugger the Constitution
Bugger the buggers of democracy
Who bugger the parliament,
In broad day light,

Bugger the citizenry
Who buggered
Their vote of confidence

Bugger the buggers of legislature
Who buggered the lawyers
And the lawyers
Who let them be buggered
By the lawyers
Of legislature
In broad day light

Bugger the citizenry
Who let them be
Buggered by
Law makers,
Who take the oath
In the name of protection
Of the constitution

Or is it, That we are
Buggered by
Our own constitution?

Big Bang Conspiracy

Big Bang Conspiracy

Big Bang was a big conspiracy to satisfy the church 100 years ago.

The church was very powerful and was dictatorial in its past.

Its first conspiracy was killing Socrates.

From then there were many more occurrences.

However, the most recent one was the hanging of the Vatican Banker under the London Bridge.

I was in London when that happened but police removed the body before I could have a look with a forensic intent. 

But police never investigated it in full or published the details for public consumption.

Mafia had connection with Vatican and the death of one of the Popes soon after coming to office was not a mystery.

If one wants the details please read the “God Father Series" or see the films.

I have all the books and the films with me and I recommend the book "Mafia Republic".

Before coming back to Big Bang conspiracy, let me summarize the current scientific knowledge, thanks to the Hubble Telescope (named after the greatest scientist who predicted the expansion of the universe).

Dark matter is roughly 23%.

Dark force 73%.

The matter we can see is only 5% (probably the god saw this matter 7250 odd years ago-according to the Bible the life of this planet is little over 7000 years-and the Bible was written 2300 odd years ago).

Even in this 5% of matter, the byrons are not accounted for and are probably mingled among the gas clouds in the universe.

I have my own hypothesis and there are two books at Amazon if one is interested.

My hypothesis (not proven) is that the matter tends to settle to (transformation) a low energy level of dark matter and immense amount of dark force.

If one push this theory far, all matter will disappear with time.

Byrons may be a manifestation.

But my counter theory proposes that dark matter and dark force turns back to matter right in the middle of the galaxies forming stars.

Why I am stating these hypotheses is/are for one to look at fresh at the current theory including Big Bang.

We have not fully understood the mechanics and new physics (current physics, only applies to matter real) is necessary for virtual matter (dark Matter).

Big Bang was proposed to satisfy the Church.

It is not the final theory.

There are two big holes in Big Bang theory.

I have explained them elsewhere.

The original matter comes from nothing.

Something cannot come from nothing and this supposition pleased the church 100 years ago.

Then the time zero (time is a concept) was brought to fit in with the "something from nothing" and Big Bang was born and the god had an upper hand 100 years ago.

Not any more.

Both Albert Einstein and Fred Hoyle were under tremendous pressure from the church to suppress free thinking and inquiry.

That is why I say the church had been always dictatorial and helped dictatorial regimes in the past.

True scientist had no place and few were beheaded at the behest of the church.

When a new concept came in and if it did not fit in with the god creation, the church was at loggerhead with the emerging science.

If you read the Bible, god creation was added few centuries after its original scripture.

So with new science coming into prominence the Bible has to be rewritten just like the Kuran does for many centuries.

There are two or three things Christianity has monopoly.
1. Even Mafiosi boss can be excused by Redemption.
The god takes the crimes to his hand.

 Penance is repentance of sins and Confession / Reconciliation.

I believe one has to own his or her good or bad deeds in this world.
Prison is notorious option for criminals but there is no virtual heaven for good guys like us,just to see how it feels like to be in heaven.

Only option in this world is some wine.

Religious parole is not in my book.

2. There are miracles

3. Eternal hell (where is penance?) or heaven are undemocratic institutions.
One cannot go from one to the other (mutually antagonistic)