Thursday, September 22, 2016

Are you willing or unwilling partners in Conspiracy?

Are you willing or  unwilling partners in Conspiracy?

I think we all are due to many reasons.

My book on “Conspiracies in Religion, Politics and Science” was written with that in mind.

When I write a book, I prefer the digital version (it saves trees) since it is going to outlast my life.

This book was an exception, I deliberately avoided the digital version.
I want it to be somewhere (unlike my other books) in a library, school or "parts of it reproduced", even on newsstand or pass the book from hand to hand.

I have only scratched the surface.

Idea is for it to used to base more elaborate studies.

If not the rot we had been in will continue for another century.
Initial idea was to expose the medical profession and how drug companies conspire to hoodwink initially doctors and later through doctors the worldwide masses.
Late Professor Senaka Bibile’s death was the beginning.
Upali Wijewardane’s death may be another (I am not sure), the chocolate industry.

For the  40 years we have not produced any outstanding personalities in this country.
There is illegal organ transplantation (I have not discussed this in my book) and illegal drug trafficking are the issues I have deliberately ignored in this book.
Those are two areas nobody will venture to write a book.

But when I realized that conspiracy is universal, even in rocket science (in science, religion and politics) and in human genes, I feel my effort was worthwhile. 

That was not the original intention.

I want the malpractices in medical field exposed.
I can now say “we are not alone" (medical guys), the phrase that is used to indicate the existence of alien life.

The next question that comes to my mind, are the aliens conspire or the aliens learned it from us, especially USA.

Keeping Pet Fish-01

Keeping Pet Fish

I will list few of my priorities.
1. No kids under 12 at home.

2. It is one man job and no delegation unless absolutely necessary (on holiday or on a meditation course).

3. Minimum intervention, that you never but your finger to see whether water is too warm.

4. No smoking!

5. No cats or dogs (one item is enough, why you make your house a zoo).

6. One should have several simple thermometers in your household.
Find the coolest room not freezing dungeon!
Fish can tolerate cool weather better than very warm summers.

7. Adequate light either natural or artificial.
No point keeping them in a dark corner.
How can you see their beautiful colours?

8. No artificial chemical sprayers at all, including personal perfumes.

9. Adequate ventilation to the room and a minimum of one air pump (compressor) and a spare in case the working one goes bust in the night.

10. If you do not have 5 minutes in the morning and 
10 minutes in the evening to spare, please do not think of starting this exotic hobby.

When I was in the United Kingdom (we did not have all the fancy stuff coming from China now in Ceylon then), I bought all the stuff except a glass tank and never started this hobby while there.

No sooner I was back in Ceylon, I was in full swing.

One thing good about British stuff was they would last 10 years (unlike the Chinese stuff) solid no leaking, no electric shocks and basically no complaints (this 1980s).

Good solid equipments and a firm stand to place the heavy tank is of utmost importance.

Now I will tell you why the above priorities.

No fish should die under my care except for old age and born invalid.
I have kept a gold (I called it the Clown Fish) without air bladder and several blind ones (one left currently).
My best advice is do not start, if you love your freedom.
Children lose interest within six weeks.
Just do not blame them that is there simple nature.
Do not make your kid to do the dirty work.
Let them be free too.