Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Happy People

Happy People

I just got into a happy mood and decided to do a survey of happy jobs.

I have listed two of them and two unspecified jobs.

In my life, I have gone through many jobs mentioned here but none of them made me really happy.

I became happy by leaving an unhappy job and finally became totally happy when I retired.

So one way to be happy is to leave an unhappy job.

You cannot do that if you have kids.

To be single as long as one can manage is another way to be happy.

So when you get married do not expect to get happiness as a bonus.

One thing good about marriage is one can share unhappiness with similarly unhappy partner.

It is actually a good therapeutic to know there are other unhappy people.

Let me give an example when India loses in cricket we become happy knowing there are 2 billion unhappy Indians.

It does not work other way round, since there are only 20 millions unhappy people on this side of the Palk Straight, when we lose.

Small is beautiful in one way or the other.

Come back to my analysis there are no lawyers, judges or bankers in the happy list.

I will leave you to work out why they are unhappy.

One clue is they make happy people unhappy.

1. Judge gives a judgment against you.

2. Lawyer takers the money and make you lose the case.

3. Bankers give you an unwieldy loan, the first time you meet them which cannot be paid in your life time.

If you are in a happy job make sure that you never meet the above three in your life.

Come to think about it, I feel animals are much happier than humans.

1. In my opinion happiness is a relative concept.

2. I prefer the neutral perspective (neither happy nor unhappy).

3. It is a spontaneous reaction of well being related to some volition (action) that makes the mind recharges itself but unfortunately, one wants more and more of it (food, alcohol, nicotine, cigarettes).

4. This urge for more brings in a cycle of unhappiness.

That is why I say happiness is relative concept.

5. There are rearrangements of happy and unhappy networks and chemicals in one's brain.

6. Feeling down is part of the cycle (one should not change with drugs-unless insight is lost) some have long happy periods and short unhappy cyccles.

It is like day and night.

7. Sleep (not induced by alcohol or drugs) is the one that interrupts this cycle and rejuvenate the brain neurotransmitter activity.

8. First five minutes after waking up in the morning, is the most important period, we generally mess it up by going for coffee or tea (some alcohol) or opening up an argument.

9. One should use this five minutes, even while brewing the tea, for moment meditation (react with the water that is cold, boils and makes a fine cuppa) or Metta meditation.

10. If one cultivates the above, on a regular basis, creativity returns to your life.
Every day becomes a happy day at least for five minutes. 
That is the beginning.

BUT if you can be neither happy nor unhappy, that is the GOLD Standard.

I think I should list the people who are not in the lists below first.

1. Sportsmen and Women
2. Comedians
3. Cartoonists
4. Satirists
5. Bankers
6. Lawyers
7. Judges
9. Politicians
10. Priests

Happy Jobs

1. Engineer
2. Hairdresser/Barber
3. Teacher
4. Nurse
5. Marketers and PR People
6. Medical Practitioner
7. Gardener
8. Scientist
9. Plumber
10. Personal Assistant

No. 1 Principal
No. 2 Executive Chef
No. 3 Loan Officer
No. 4 Automation Engineer
No. 5 Research Assistant
No. 6 Oracle Database Administrator
No. 7 Website Developer
No. 8 Business Development Executive
No. 9 Senior Software Engineer
No. 10 Systems Developer

Construction worker
Personal assistant

Unhappy Jobs

No. 1  Security Guard
No. 2 Merchandiser
No. 3 Salesperson
No. 4 Dispatcher
No. 5 Clerk
No. 6 Research Analyst
No. 7 Legal Assistant
No. 8 Technical Support Agent
No. 9 Truck Driver
No. 10. Customer Service Specialist