Sunday, December 27, 2015

Only Fools can agree!

Only Fools can agree!
Democracy and Fool's Constitution.

Democracy fails in a country where fools live in.
It becomes a fool's paradise.

The premise or the simple equation is one fool (Me for example) does not like the other fool's (against YOU) opinion.

It is like the equal and opposite reaction of objects in motion (unfortunately, opinions move faster than objects {often bloated by MEDIA} and they often do not obey the laws of physics).

It is the fools constitution, made by the fools for the consumption of the fools.

So it becomes the fool's constitution subjected to revision by another set of fools.

This fool's equation becomes very complex and intricate IF you substitute ME and YOU of this Fool's Equation by any substance of YOUR opinion when deliberating the Fool's Constitution.

Try substituting

1. Religion

2. Sector of Religion (Shiite and Sunni)

3. High Priest

4. Low ranking Priest (new recruit)

5. Race

6. Colour

7. Language

8. Sexual Orientation

9. Sex

10. Lawyer (Solicitor General)

11. Doctor (GMOA)

12. Banker (Current and ex-central bankers)

13. Wheeler Dealer of Stocks

14. Country of Origin (Sri-Lanka for example)

15. Politician in power

16. Politician out of Power 
This become more intricate when Religion, Race and Country are taken as multiples and not as single entities of opinion.

This is the threshold level of emergence of DOGMA, GMOA and or Terrorism.

The corollary is that even from a fool's constitution one can derive some valid political context for the current world, especially Sri-Lanka.

The UNO Charter is one of them, just like the NATO.




Only SHOW or Good Governance (YAK Palanaya)

Or Mayhem.

Grand Finale-Constitutional Conundrum

Grand Finale-Constitutional Conundrum

I had no interest in Constitutions.

My interests were Justice, Fair play and Rule of Law.

We do not need a Constitution if those three ingredients mentioned above were in place.

Some of our judges, lawyers and Office of the Solicitor General have become the laughing stock of the South East Asia, if not the international community.

In this country 4 out of 100 criminals get convicted.
The law is bent towards the criminals and criminal activity.
The lawyers' bounden duty is to save criminals.
By doing that they amass money and in return they get fabulously rich.
After British left no lawyer, no doctor, no banker, a corrupt priest, above all no politician with prominence were convicted.

What it means is our lawyers are perfect.
Our doctors are perfect.
Our bankers are perfect.
Our priest are perfect.
And our politicians are infallible.
In addition our military is the perfect military in this entire world.
In other words, we can disband the police, army, navy, and air force and declare it as the Utopian Society.

But we had violence from 1970, 1983, 1988/89 and internal blood shed for over 40 odd years.

The constitution did not help.

The rule of law did not help.

In fact, the constitution created havoc beginning in 1972 and culminated it in 1978.

Our ethnic war a direct result of the above two bizarre constitutions BY MARGINALIZING MINORITIES IN RACE AND RELIGION.

Britain does not have a written constitution but its law (unlike in America) applies equally to monarch, the average citizen or the foreign visitor.

What is important NOT what is written in law or in a constitution but the practice of common sense and natural justice.

In a country where pedestrians does not know how to cross a pedestrian crossing, the drivers have the law unto themselves and traffic police is waiting for a lumpy bribe, talking about law and order and constitution is redundant.

It is going to be another failed exercise.

Only plus point is going to be the getting rid of the post of presidency.

But I am sure they make a mockery of the whole exercise by having a PM who is an exact replica on paper and in command.

I will bet my bottom dollar on that eventuality.

What we need is not political leaders but personalty that can be compared with the Gold Standard of Politics, Nelson Mandela.

We have none. 

After 65 years of free education our teachers (including Tuition Masters) have failed to produce a single entity worth emulating as a National Leader who can represent all communities.

This is what the partisan (single stream education) education does to the real polity.

That is why we have ended up as a mafiosi state.

They rule in power and out of power.

Rest of the citizen become small change.

This is what happens to a country after a prolong ethnic conflict.

We failed in what Nelson Mandela has achieved with de Klerk in tandem.

Neither side has the human quality (specially the majority) left in their heart for reconciliation.

That is the biggest failure of Rajapaksa Reginme and Bodu Bala Sena (BBS).

We continue on the same evil path with Waira Wansa tuning the Band.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Do we, the Mankind need a religion in the 21stcentury?

Do we, the Mankind need a religion in the 21stcentury?

My simple answer to that is a BIG NO.

Religion divides people and it was a creation of mankind somewhere around 3000 years ago in the rich and fertile Middle East.

The time scale of three thousand years is statistically insignificant, if the man's current estimated evolutionary diversion, if we assume it had taken place at about 50,000 years ago.

Drastic genetic change occurred around 3 to five million years ago and it took minimum of two and a half million years for establishment of humanoids.

In that sense 3000 years is nothing but from the time man started counting millenniums, this 3000 years had become historically important.

I believe it is the time of resurgence of the idea or the need for some form of arbitrary religion for exploitation.

After 40,000 (10,000 years ago) years from that point agricultural civilization started to emerge and in which part of the world, I would not guess.

It could have been anywhere, given the evolution of grasses to present grain producing wild cereals.

This estimation go haywire, if we assume humanoids were galactic explorers, in the style of “Star Wars.

My classification during this period of 50,000 can be simplified in few term.

1. Man hunted by the beast.

2. Hunting the beast including woolly mammoth.

The woolly mammoth coexisted with early humans, who used its bones and tusks for making art, tools, and dwellings, and the species was also hunted for food. 
It disappeared from its mainland range at the end of the Pleistocene 10,000 years ago, most likely through climate change and consequent shrinkage of its habitat, hunting by humans, or a combination of the two. 
Isolated populations survived on St. Paul Island until 6,400 years ago and Wrangell Island until 4,000 years ago.

3. Gatherer

4. Trader
Around 5000 years ago trading elephants hunted from North Africa.

They were supplying war effort of Romans before their decline.

These traders coming probably from Middle east probable did not have a religion.

5. Current civilization was seeded around Egypt.

6. Theory of God emerged somewhere around 3000 probably nearer Israel.

7. Explosion of religions in Indian subcontinent except Russia and China.

8. The current working religion is Money.

There is no place for any other religion.

Whichever way one looks this scenario, the final working philosophy is to generate money.

The concepts of Capitalism or Socialism does not mater if they are weighed with money.

My analysis is based on right and wrong principle.

It differs from the good or bad principle of all the religions.

My definition of Right is neither good nor bad or neutral.

Its appropriateness is current not to the past.

If a Muslim can kill another as an infidel and say it is godly thing and good, there is something radically wrong.
Killing or war is not the right way.
It is the beastly behavior in our gene makeup expressed at random.

In the 21st century we need our animal genes to be suppressed.

The religion originated in the name of god and good but it has not delivered its key concepts to the current needs of the mankind.

Christianity and Muslim divide started the Bible War.
Judaism in the Middle East and the Oil needs of America instituted the ongoing terrorism and war in the Middle east.

The way UNO drew lines in the world map quite arbitrarily after the World War II and made countries to whims and fancies of UK, USA and France (Italy, Germany and Japan were left out) and left Palestine to their own devices.

It is not rectified to this day.

So it is time for the UNO to declare “A day for People Without Religion” (in other words people without division) is timely and appropriate.

China does not have a religion for 5000 years.

Does it mater to Chinese citizens?

Russia does not have a state religion for the last 150 years, like it is Sri-Lanka after the demise of the Zsar and Rasputin, the devil in the Church of Russia.

Does it matter to Russians?

According to one of my Indian friends, there are 1 billion Indians and one billion gods.

Does it make an Indian free of abject poverty?

The whole African continent did not have a religion until Muslims from the North and Christianity from the South almost by force (Belgium was the biggest culprit) converted them.

Does it mean now the Africa is liberated?

I suppose Nelson Mandela (astute vision) never declared his religious status.

For him humanity was more important.

(The right thing is to decimate terrorism be that it may be, white supremacists, JVP, LTTE, ISIS, Mossads, Natzy Hitler or any other dictator).

In fact, we got rid of one dictator by popular vote but he is waiting in the wing for another fling, his God willing (not any other God).

I sometime think this tiny country was the breeding ground for radicalism and terrorists.

It is the minority who rules the majority.

Even in this country, Buddhism has fallen prey to politicians with ulterior motives and corrupt monks trading elephants.

This country would become a better place if we declare once a months a holiday for people without a religion, just like the Poya (including Satara Poya) day (for Buddhists), Friday (Muslims) and Sunday (Christians).
Unfortunately there is no day for Hindus.

If one set off 12 days for the above and another four the Tamils we still have 14 days left.
We must reserve at least one day a month (before these 14 days are grabbed by various extreme sets of religious or political groups)  in the coming Constitution for the non believers of religion and specially for the non believers of our politicians and politics.

On that day, the government should keep all liqueur bars open for only non believers (believers should be restrained in their own houses or in the Church, Mosque or Temple).

Come to think about and looking at the budget figures I am convinced believers (all religions combined) drink much more than non believers.

The non believers although in the minority should contribute to the state coffers by enjoying a drink once a month.

For some in this country (not me) democracy is as sacred as religion but we find away to send only the corrupt people to the parliament by default.

For me it is one fool out 100 non fools who makes the decisive vote (49 against 51).

He is often the most foolish of the lot but ends up as the leader of the country.

This is why, I never register for the vote (over 40 years) come elections and feel proud that I am liberated from not only religion but also from DUD political leaders of this country.

In other words, I am emancipated by default, not out of convention, contention or context or conviction.

I suppose all the other guys and girls consider me gone nuts.

It does not matter to me, this country is full of nutty people and they are in one asylum called august assembly or the parliament.

There is a section in the Apaya International reserved for them when they demise.

I wish I become the Director General there, since our Solicitor General always sees lines between lines in the interpretation of our law.

It is called transparency.

Our Minister for Justice say hooray to this mediocre guy / girl in the name of noninterference (Mara Logic Ekkak!).
Strangely, he happens to be the Minister for Buddhism.
I think he trying to attain SOVAN or higher sublime state during this term of office.
I hope he will give up the post when that happens.
An average citizen until then should bite his teeth (not in he courts of law, he will be charged).

Monday, December 21, 2015

Lot of Nostalgia but what Carlo has no memory (or is it conveniently forgotten) of the OLD LEFT

Lot of Nostalgia but what Carlo has no memory (or is it conveniently forgotten) of the OLD LEFT

I wanted the title to be read as “The Decadence set in 1970s when the OLD left was in coalition with the SLFP' but having seen English dailies lately, changed my mind.

In fact, I had the resolution not to blog come next year and started it bit early due to year end holiday season.

(The reason for commencing this blog post was trivial in the beginning. It was political to begin with and then took a technical slant related to Linux.
Then it went through a phase of satire.
I am close to winding it up since the Linux phenomenon is dying a natural death due to Androids and Mobiles.
I commenced blogging at a site (not related to Google) commenced by British Council in Kandy / Colombo to improve standard of English Young Writers.
This site was blocked by the Government due to political reasons (my private investigation) and it was forced to close by indirect threats.
I did not write anything politically sensitive why this was attacked is still a mystery.
It is most likely political paranoia that grew to political thuggery (threatening journalist and their strange disappearances).
I needed an avenue and Google provided the initiative.
Many thanks to Google).

But since the new year has not dawned, I decided to pen this. 

I missed  3 more points.
Three points I missed, should have been pivotal points of revulsion.

They started destroying the British Heritage in other words our Universities.

They appointed a Manic Depressive Psychotic as the Competent Authority (not a proper University appointment approved by the Senate).

He did his utmost to destroy the university autonomy.

I must say he was a medical man and was not a good teacher.

I went to him for a simple or a mundane matter and he refused which was my legal entitlement.

I retorted and said we will make sure that he no longer occupies that seat (obtained as a political bribe) when the time is right.

He was taken aback.

He was one of my bad medical teachers.

Can you do that?

Yes Sir and told him I won't return to the university until that happens.

It is a disgrace to work under YOU.

He had no answers.

Under him there was no convocations and degree certificates were not issued.

They reason the registrar gave me was that they did not have the money to buy the special paper (imported from UK) to print the certificate.

I made a resolve never wear a cloak and my certificate came about 10 years later and when I found it in a cupboard of my sister 20 years later it was partially eaten by silverfish or book lice.

I immediately laminated it to show unintended damage and the tell tell age of it (visibly displayed).

The second point,
 I missed was that there were two Ministers (thankfully both dead but transferred the disease to many unsuspecting new recruits to the government service) with Venereal Disease.

There could have been more than two but I was privy to ONLY two by indirect but reliable sources.

Mentioning the Ministries is inappropriate and I have no intention of opening skeleton cupboard.

The third and most important,
was to extend the term of the parliament by two years.

This was where the irreparable damage to our viable democracy was made and that was a forerunner for even worse scenario under JRJ.

I was fortunate that I was abroad 95% of his term of office.

To this day I repent casting my vote to that party.

It has made me to make the most important decision in my life.

Never to register as a voter by default and by ingenuity.

During the same period I was entitled for voting in two other foreign countries but never exercised it.

There is no dirt in my hand now but only once in the past. 


I have to add two more points here. One is not slanted to LSSP the other point I am ambivalent.

There was a SLFP MP coming from deep south whose trade mark was illegal hashish.
He was killed due to gang war or by rival political party in 1988/89 southern uprising. 
Growing hashish was a trade mark trade in the deep south wilderness with political patronage.

The other salient point is both major parties fight each other not for political reasons.

They kill each other for Liqueur Licenses.
Some of them have several Licenses and they take a major cut.

Alcohol sales peaked (15 years later) under Chandrika and illegal drugs (illegal alcohol too) peaked under Rajapaksa Regime. 
Of course they have their own local mafia and finally took our Wild Baby Elephants to hostage.
Buddhist monks gave political anchorage for the illegal trade of elephants.
Only crime these elephants did was to raid and consume these hashish plantation cleverly hidden behind vegetation and BOGUS vegetable gardens.

I hope the reader would excuse me for this little insinuation, since this site has overtaken its original themes and drifted to uncharted and mundane political matters which I am not at all interested in.

The void should be filled by a site visitor with relative interests.
They say all good (bad things too) should come to an end. 
The curtain is down with the dawning of the new year. 

I won't respond to any comments from now onwards.

Let me remind you only my personal experiences, nothing abstract or no nostalgia attached.

Not any hate but absolute revulsion, if at all.

We were freshly graduated and waiting to fire on with full steam BUT in six years of total anarchy including the JVP mayhem, I was a changed man with two resolutions.

One was to leave the country with the first opportunity and never to return.

The second was never to take up politics or trust Sri-Lankan politicians, especially the LEFT.

I have reflected them in my books 'Politics Revisited” and “Reflections' but I never took any political personality at personal level (till late 2014), that also basically satire based.

But this one is bit different, some names are mentioned some dead some holding the candle for the dead left.

Present PM was no entity then.

Past President was no entity while I was 24 hours on duty for the public without a proper breakfast or lunch.

He made his name by making lot of noise on the roads.

Lot of noise but no impact.

The Pam Polling Days (Bread queue) when people got killed in the queue.

(Thanks to NM we became addicted to VSOA (Very Special Old Arrack).

Mind you bear was Rs. 1.80 and VSOA was Rs. 7.50 or less (I cannot remember).

There was Mendis Special, and Pilsner and Lion Larger, all local beverages.

We never touched Pol or coconut Arrack, only VSOA.

We wore Chines Cheetththa (Poplin shirts) and sadly no St Michaels shirts (I had one discarded by my brother who was in UK, then).

No wrist watches (duplicated Seiko was available in the black market).

I had a Seiko watch again discarded by my brother.

The first manly watch with a little keyboard was stolen by somebody in the UK Hospital where I worked, (certainly not a UK guy / girl either an Indian or another Asian or West Indian guy).

Then the next expensive watch I bought was an eye sore and the driver who took me by taxi to Colombo and return for less than Rs. 1000/= was so greedy and impromptu begged for it.

I gave him to wear it and said, I will give it to him when he drops me at the airport, when I return.

I gave it to him and bought the cheapest watch available in Singapore and the flight to Singapore (on route to London via Bombay) was less than Rs. 8000/=.

To this day I wear the cheapest watch and if somebody steals it it has no secondhand value.

Let me NOW list my experience with some politicians.

1. Perera was famous for RA (toddy).

He was the one who raised the TAX on foreign liquor and started the State Distillery Corporation.

Coconut toddy was his creation.

All my batch mates were hitched to hooch and a few of them are already dead probably not related to alcohol.

They said they are totally immune to alcohol from student days.

The above preamble is appropriate if one is an LSSP supporter and should not read beyond this point.

The spirits is the only nice thing about LSSP.

They introduced FREE speech and liberal attitude to alcohol.

That is why they are absent minded of our political history.

2. In the first year of their power, the Hodi Potha (Elementary School BOOK) had first page devoted to




The theory of indoctrination from the primary school which JVP borrowed from LSSP.

3. Third point is their (NM and Colvin) constitution in 1972.

Special place for Buddhism.

4. Poya Holiday and the Satara Poya weekends, we used to call them P1, P2, P3 and P4.

6. They abolished the Public Commissions and introduced the term at the discretion of the cabinet of ministers (that insinuation was the real reason for me not to joining the Public Service).
The word discretion changed to total political control after 37 years of rotten constitution.
Universities were semi independent when I joined first but when I returned from UK was UNDER UGC, the creation of JRJ (now it is a political organization infested by non academics).

5. Then the higher education in Sinhala.

I was recruited to as a temporary hand to the University to teach Medicine in Sinhala (three lectures for each session and there were three streams).

Thanks NM, I managed to impress my Professor in both English and Sinhala he never let me go and wanted to recruit me permanently but I said NO.

His basic salary (he came from a very rich family but died very poor) was Rs.2400/=.

My salary was one third of that as a secondment officer.

I told him I earn twice his salary on a weekend locum in London and not worth staying in this country.

He had to agree but waited till a proper replacement was found.

6. Nitty gritty part is coming now.

My professor never liked to dissect the gut.

He wanted only the heart lung and the kidney.

He was a kidney expert wanted me to do some Kidney biopsies for him to report (Live Patients) but we could not import a Vim Silverman Biopsy needle.

The old Biopsy needle we had, we used it to do serial biopsies on dead children's Liver and proved a very famous London Professor wrong in her book.

Old those changes were postmortem changes and nothing real we claimed in our Journal Club.

With my friend (who ended up as a forensic pathologist whose life time interest was to prove the court conviction of a Christian Priest –he was practicing occult art and thankfully I forget his name-was arbitrary) used to cut open the stomach and the upper intestine and wash the remaining contents (faeces) to the drain since we had no interest on faecal matter.

Guess what we found.

Undigested manioc and manioc leaves.

Instant diagnosis of cyanide poisoning with hooray from our professor.

Down below in the lower gut all the type of ulcers from typhoid to amoebic to necrotizing enteritis to non specific ulcers.

The other leading finding was cryptic cirrhosis (not related to alcohol) and very large amoebic liver abscesses.

Our professor used to laugh and say, if you find a Amoebic liver abscess in a cirrhotic liver, let me know, these guys drink so much the amoebae die instantly in the liver.

The short time I stayed in this post we never found this coincidence to report.

7. Diarrhoeal disease were rampant.

8. Malnutrition topped the list including adult Kwarshikor.

9. We had Cholera in this country.

10. Malaria was endemic even though it was prematurely declared malaria free by the WHO.

I proved with blood reports (I kept a copy for reference - the blood films) the government (Malaria campaign in fact) officials were lying.

They wanted to close these campaigns due to lack of money.

No wonder my early decision not to stick with the Ministry of Health was right.

11. The crunch point is (it was wrongly attributed to JRJ), they decided to close the English, Sinhala and Pali Departments of the University of Peradeniya.

Of course JRJ did nothing to establish them when he came into power.

All of them were scared of FREE universities.

12. There were many more but I would wind up with Rumkmani Devi's demise.

She was killed in a car accident in the night and her cadaver had to rot in unfrozen state (no deep freezer) in The Colombo General Hospital.

We (I was not the forensic guy but continue to perform medical ones when required and I knew the mortuary staff by name- We used to call them Mortuary Kaakkos) took steps to release her body to Raymond parlor quickly.

While all these were happening, Carlo (Politics), late Osmond (Politics instead of Physics, he died a blind man) and late K.N. Jayatilleke (Buddhism not Philosophy) were enlightening on relative themes and not their respective fields.

I suppose they had the right and the insight with the impending retirements, the politics was the only salvation (not their respective fields) if not emancipation while ordinary people were dying ether of poverty, malnutrition or internecine war and terrorism of both LTTE and JVP.

Five years after end of the war we do not have a master plan to avoid the recurrence of similar roots from Colombo 7 and Buddhist roots.

I have a saying for these Bogus Buddhist activists.

If they are real Sri-Lanka Sinhala Buddhists, they should refrain from consuming the following even in a Dhana.

They are all foreign heritage mainly British.

1. Ice cream (it is a western delicacy)

2. Tea

3. Coffee

4. Chocolates

5. Butter

6. Cakes

7. Cadju (Portuguese)

8. Even Pera (Guava)

9. Dorian

10. Avocados

11. Paw paw

12. Mangoosten

13. All the vegetables that come from (Beans, Leeches,, even aubergine) Nuwera Eliya

14 Potatoes

15. Bread Fruit (imported during local famine during world war 2) or dhel.

16. If they are true Buddhists they should not consume eggs (even unfertilized), fish or chicken

What is left is coconut, mangoes, (price has gone up the roof), jack fruit, wood apple, belli, ratala, yams and meneri.

I have a simple theory, these are the very people born during 1970s malnourished and mentally retarded (brain dead for some) and given an incorrect political or religious dosage when young without parental control.

There is no cure for them except allowing them to open web sites (often from foreign domains) inciting hatred to the entire world (ISIS included).

I must also state we had mediocre lecturers (except the prof under whom I was glad to work) and I was cursing myself (and I told one prof, my intention to leave and look for other opportunities) for choosing medicine.

I have not recorded my personal encounter with NM out of respect and he is no longer with us.
But with no fear or on uncertain terms, I told him he is not my Minister and I am not answerable to him but to the Minister of Health and left the post in a few months to join the University as a seconded hand.
 The details related to the mater was political and nothing to do with practice of medicine.

The OIC of the nearest police station was one who was demoted due to assaulting a MP.

We did not fear politicians since we had the Public Service Commission.

What, I said above is equally applied to SLFP (making Sinhala official language in EDUCATION was the biggest CRIME) which has a base of about 25% of the VOTE out of office and rises up to 35% at an election and these Leftists do not have even 5% representation in real terms BUT piggyback on SLFP.

It is true of JVP.

UNP which had 42% BEFORE JRJ (JRJ topped in 1977 due to all the above abuses by SLFP and LSSP in 1970s) will remain below 35% for many years to come and may go down to base level of 25%, the way they are cohabiting with the SLFP.

If not for the CITIZEN actions spearheaded by coalition of interests and grand desire to oust Mahinda Rajapaksa, UNP would have never come to power.

In the same tone Mahinda Rajapaksa will never be able muster anywhere above 45% since he has alienated from Minorities and Christian vote.

That was shown in the last general election and less he visits temples, it is better for the Buddhists who want to practice TRUE Dhamma instead of POLITICS and POLITRICCS.

The average citizen in my belief is much smarter TODAY than 20 years AGO, cannot be fooled all the time but only ONCE.