Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We owe our FREEDOM to Nelson Mandela

We owe our FREEDOM to Nelson Mandela.
I wanted to write about Mandela as a footnote to Sinhala Comment on CWW. Kannaggara.
But Mandela was such a colossal figure we forget very much and he should not be restricted to a footnote.
He scarified his entire life for freedom even before Che Guerra (I have very deep respect for Che as a Doctor who sacrificed his career for justice which CIA terminated in Angola in the name of Communism) was born.
He was an inspiration for American Freedom fighter Martin Luther King.
If not for Mandela, Obama would have never become the US president.
White supremacist (the myth which Mandela adequately dealt with) label was torn to pieces.
The prerequisite for free education is the FREEDOM  itself.
Mandela did justice to both education (dispelling the white supremacy) and freedom.
Just download the film "Way to Freedom" and see it for yourself.
His working currency was forgiveness through Metta!

Vengeance and Meditation

Vengeance and Meditation

Revenge (vengeance) has easy beginning 
But no end 

Forgiveness has a beginning 
But should not seek an ending,

The Living Memory is intricately bound 
To both these emotions and
Brain is hard wired to vengeance 
But soft wired for forgiveness

But if one can forget 
Long before the  dawn of forgiveness enters one's mind 
It makes life worth living for,
Since Forgiveness comes,
Very late into brain neural networks and chemicals
And Forgetting is the last to come in chemical form, Wisdom of the Mandela should never be forgotten

But Metta Meditation does more good to your brain chemicals 
Than all the chemicals YOUR DOCTOR can prescribe or PUMP in to your system 
Already morbid with HATE
That is the Malady of Ceylonese Genes

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