Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why Worship with Flower?

Why Worship with Flower?

In evolution, plants with flowers were recent.
They had a reason for existence.

Propagation of the species with added tolerance to extinction under adverse conditions was the purpose.

Flowers tend to bloom seasonally when there is scarcity of water.

Fruits are formed to take the next generation of seeds.

Nuts are often bitter, so that animals do not eat them.
If they eat them they are not digested in the digestive system.
They make the flesh of the fruits attractive so that they eat and spread the seeds far away from their origin.

Fact that they are edible should not be taken as a license to store them in cold storage.

If one destroys a flower he/she in fact upset the balance of nature.

Buddhist offer the flowers at the shrines of Buddha, to remind themselves of the unsatisfactory and transient nature of life.

They recite a Gatha as they do that.

Actually plucking of water lillie flowers, make the plant to go into hibernation and often end up with death of the mother plant.

That is my discovery.

My bone of contention is even if they are not producing fruits, say jasmine they attract a plethora of insects who live on the pollens and nectar.

Not only we destroy the flowers we destroy the insect life, too.

Buddhist who say “Let all living beings be happy and content” are violating one principle while acquiring merits on Anitta Meditation while offering flowers at the temple.

One can argue that merits acquired with offering flowers are devalued by demerits of interfering with insect life.

Why not remind oneself of Annita every time one sees a flower.

Why one has to pluck them?

Attachment to the flower is as bad, in Buddhist way of thinking.

Why pick fresh flowers?

One can easily choose the fallen flowers, instead.

Which show their demise glaringly and epitomize the principle of Anitta, much better.

There is a paradox here.

If one sees a beautiful flower and set in motion Anitta principle, instead of enjoying the very nature of natural beauty, to me it is sadistic.

Let them blossom in the place they have chosen for themselves.

Enjoy the beauty.

Don't be a sadist or a lovebird, unless you have cared them yourself.

If you cared for them, it is hard to pick them or destroy them, even if they are in the plenty.

Adore them but do not treat them like plastic toys.

They are living creatures and there is a purpose of their existence.

I do not mind a little girl wearing them on their hair to enhance their natural beauty.

But teach them the nature's secrets while fixing one or two flowers on the head or hair band in the hairdo.

Tell them a plastic flower lasts long.

Do not tell them the Anitta Concept too early and make them sadistic in formative years.

This is where I come in conflict with Buddhist notions.

Why only animals are sacred.

Evolutionary-wise plants are more sacred, since they support all life including animals.

This is why I say Buddhism does not teach science, especially biological science in its core themes.

This might upset some mafiosi Buddhists but it is not as bad as Victor Ivan stating kill all the cows when they are at the end of the milking cycle, old and feeble, for beef.

Take him to task if a Buddhist gets agitated by my above comments.

It is far better extend some Metta to Me and My Flowers.

That will make you feel better.

It feels much better if you have few flowers in your garden.

This April I had five exotic flowers.
It put my April joy at a high level, all together.

Sundara (Beautiful ? Attractive ? Beloved) Dictatorship

Sundara (Beautiful ? Attractive ? Beloved) Dictatorship

This Sundara Ekadipathi-Wadaya (Mouth Watering Beautiful Dictatorship) was a statement made by a former minister who did not know he needs two legs to stand even in a high rising hotel and broke his leg causing wastage of tax payers money.

The example he put forward was a kindergarten stuff.

He says that ex-president would reprimand a party MP for erecting a foundation stone with work not done or undone by a opposition member.

He says the former would blast the member and that is why we need a dictator to run this country again.

The corollary is that his party members lay foundation stones and leave them alone until he visits the site and in front of cameras become a Sundara President (Beloved Dictator) by his rhetoric.

I think we must thank the voters for sending them to opposition.

In the first place politicians should not make empty promises and make rhetoric to go with them.

Why do we need a President for such cheap propaganda?

This is why I always maintain we should reduce the number of MPS and Ministers in the parliament.

Then P Vasu comes on TV and state (hatching conspiracy) that in one year he intends to change the government by (most likely money ill gotten from LTTE Gold and other means) changing the allegiance of the MPs by bribing and bringing back a showpiece leader.

It is like changing pillows for a headache.

The real headache is the debts incurred due to money borrowed by the past (70%) and current (30%) government.

I do not curry favors for the current regime but would like to reiterate changing the previous regime after nearly 21 years was a colossal achievement spearheaded by late Rev. Sobitha and the wakeful Citizen Action Groups.

UNP reaped the benefits is no issue to me since there was no alternative and JVP was not ready to step into the shoes yet.

Whether they (JVP) will be successful in power is another issue.

Of course their contribution was solid.

We need to keep that spirit high in the agenda.

The bottom line is these MPs who had been in the parliament for donkey's years (some of them are real donkeys) and have contributed nothing to the public welfare but to their pockets.

This is why I say we should have elections in every three years, so the electorate can decide who deserves a pension after six years.

P Vasu has empty vision.
Only for toppling the elected government.

We cannot have elections for another five years.

His arguments are undemocratic and he does not have the patience to wait for gradual evolution of consensus and more importantly common sense in this country.

Also we must let the voter entertainment and amusements (when they utter nonsense in public) galore and to flow liberally, while they are in opposition with reduced status and image.

That little perversion of the voter is a bonus.

What the academia (media too) has to do is to raise the standard of the questions posed and educate the masses in smaller doses.

1. How corrupt they were in power.
2. How impotent (physically too) while in opposition.

3. How they crave for posts while doing sweet noting when in office.
For example;
P.Vasu- Racial Integration.
What did he achieve?
Sweet nothing perhaps more aggravation!