Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Contribution to Ceylon Polity and Health Sector

My Contribution to Ceylon Polity and Health Sector

The horrible weather, rain, cold nights and my runny nose and above all hallucinations caused by fever combined with Aspirin overdose are driving me nuts without a soothing night cap.

So I have to sit down and blog, till I feel sleepy.
Let me deal with Aspirin first it is the only (cheap) drug that effectively prevents hearts attacks and more importantly strokes.
I was overdosed with Aspirin by my father and my family doctor when young.
Only in the third year, thanks to Professor Senaka Bible that I realized that the low dose was effective and we pay more money for the wrapping or the outer coat to an American company
Barring Dengue Fever, I love Aspirin and it keeps my spirits up.
It has more than 25 actions in one molecule, only chocolates can rival its potency.
Chocolates of course has 30 odd pharmaceuticals and there is no limit like low dose for me in its consumption, especially, if they come from abroad.

Like current Ceylon Tea our chocolates tastes horrible except one brand which has liqueured varieties, which are lovely.
Now come to my political convictions.
I hated President Premadasa (almost openly but this was not personal issue) only because he was an action man (not due to his political power).
I knew if I upset him upfront I can get results.
Health sector was in bad shape and real reason for hating him was his minister of health, a lady who came from Kandy.

She was politically stupid and went for all the WHO conferences and when asked an important question (this is the advice I give to our current P.M; Do what she did when an all important question is asked until, 2020) she would gobble a big meat portion and pretend she enjoys meat more than health issues.

My reasoning why we send (this is very common under Maithrie) a guy or girl for a foreign sojourn with such stupidity?
I happen to replace a doctor who worked (I took up the job with all my so called medical friends were fearing to work here under Premadasa but went abroad and now have come back in their retirement and some of them are teaching meditation and advising junior Premadasa) with a USA sponsored organization called IIMI with 42 countries representing and Robert McNamara as its head, India was the Only country excluded).
I hate Indira and Raw both did everything possible create L.T.T.E and and covertly help J.V.P uprising.
You do not know the reasoning behind.

I was protecting American guys who came here to launch a Satellite which I kept inside the operating theater hidden as a medical equipment.

Hospital had a helipad and when things were getting bad the satellite was safely taken back to Colombo and probably back to America.

India destroyed our effort to launch a satellite with the help of America and do not trust these Indian Politicians, who are all vicious and want us to be subservient to their inferior satellite technology.

Coming back to Premadsa my strategy was to update our immunization program based on U.K. (not the U.S.A. program which is horrible to say the least).

Those guys from 42 countries who used to come here for seminars were dead sacred of rabies and I had to give order to kill all our paraya (stray) dogs (it was in my appointment letter).

I give the order and take 10 days of annual leave (vanish from the site and back sweet home).

I still regret this but (I did not have a dog then) all my dog companions including paraya dogs, I feed give me some solace.

My real contribution was I was part of a team led by Japanese who developed J.E.B. vaccine.

I was one up on India.

If an Indian cricketer read this do not get misguided by your "Indianness" imparted by politicians.
I love all Indian cricketers who make us proud in the region (Pakistan Included).

Friday, December 15, 2017

Beautiful MIND

Beautiful MIND

Beautiful Mind is what Professor De Bono recommends for our survival.
He is the only recognized philosopher of the last century and there aren't any who has surfaced this century.
If you have a beautiful mind the birds will come (one has to plant few fruit tress) to your garden.

The flowers will be plenty and the ecosystem will be teeming with insect life (except bumble bees and ladybirds).
You wake up with a soothing bird song and can retire by 5 pm with the call of the bird who lost its partner in his free forage.
It is difficult to achieve especially by meditation.

I think meditation is a hindrance if not impairment to your thinking with beautiful focus.

Meditation is a bit of self hypnosis.
I give an example of one with a beautiful mind and dish out few who do not have (it is not empathy).

Our commissioner of election is one of them.

He had the beautiful mind to delay the elections (not his fault) by three years and have the election in February leaving us one month in the beginning of the next year (to cultivate beautiful mind) which will be rudely interrupted by the election propaganda, nothing but dirty and greedy minds to cater for.

We need at least 10 years without elections to even think of having to create a forum with 20 people with beautiful mind.
Donald Trump is the one who does not have a beautiful mind.

He is disruptive, manipulative and no sense in what he utters.

I pity the few Americans (Naomi Chomsky is one of them) who have a beautiful mind.
Our counterpart is Wira Wansa closely followed by ex-president who created this monster from ashes of Phoenix of JVP.
Of course J.V.P and L.T.T.E never had beautiful minds in their political philosophy.
Gross injustice to Ceylon Polity.
In this Christmas one cannot cultivate beautiful mind.
Alcohol in our contest that is freely available, thanks to Mangala, brings out beast in US during the Christmas.
One needs a clear and focused mind to cultivate beautiful mind.

Meditation takes away the active participation of the mind and it becomes a passive vehicle.

This does not apply to Ven. Ajan Brahma Wanso.
He is another with a beautiful mind and teaches and practices both meditation and beautiful mind.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bugger, the Bankers who Buggered US and the 5Ds.

Bugger, the Bankers who Buggered US and the 5Ds.

The Christmas is around the corner it is time to cheer yourself.

Best song I recommend is in the YouTube and it is Bugger the Bankers.

Lyrics of Bugger the Bankers
When I was a lass I was proud of me class
Like my father and mother before me
They taught me to fight for my civil rights
But it’s always the same old story.
The rich reign supreme while the poor only dream
And they don’t give a damn, Tory, Lib’ral or Labour.
Bugger the bankers and politicians
Bugger the bureaucrats too
Bugger the buggers who make up the rules
And if you’re one of them – bugger you!
The system is bad and the money’s all spent
We’re buggered from every direction
The workers are taxed, the wealthy relax
With nary a moment for reflection
Now all you good people with passion to vent
Don’t give up your struggle for justice
I’ve done my time in the protesters’ line
And these days I show my dissent
By loitering within my tent, my tent.

Five Ds

Five Ds are related to our Commercial Banks.
It is no different, NOW in our state banks, too




Debt and


All the Ds are depressing enough.

1. Death is of course the best of all.
If somebody dies 50% are happy (owns his or her assets) and other 50% are unhappy that they did not have legal access his or her assets.

2. Disease is inevitable if one live long.
Only way to avoid is kick the bucket in one's prime health in old age.

Otherwise our doctors fatten their pockets by diagnosing the diseases you never have or had.

Their bill is the major cause of depression.

3. Divorce contributes to most of the other Ds.
If one does not understand the Ds mentioned here one should not marry or at least delay it as much as possible.

4. Debt is directly proportionate to the number of commercial banks in a country including Central Bank.

The difference of the Central Bank is that the P.M. and President take the debts and 
poor citizen has to pay till s/he dies.

Political term is 5 years and debt is eternal stretching up to a century.

5. Depression is inevitable if you own a credit card or that matter a bank account.

It is part and parcel of the banking process.

Only way you can get out of it is to tune to the song or by heart the lyrics every time you walk into a bank to pay the debts you own.

I suppose I must end my digital connection with this song, since the whole Internet is depressing to say the least.

I also get some comments (most of the young and old guys do not know have how to organize the social life and debts).  

Facebook is their only outlet which I never use.

Facebook itself is a depressing.

So do not join or cancel your registration.
I tell you they never allow you to quit.

That itself is depressing.

This advice is for married people.

Moment you marry you get into debt mode.

Only way to avoid is to delay it or marry late when one is not fertile.

Then you do not have kids around that make you to conceal your depression and blame them for your own faults.

1. Not to have a credit card or destroy them the earliest possible.

2. Have only a saving account ideally two.
One for day to day expenses.

The other for real saving if you can afford.

This should be in a state bank nearest to your residence.

If I have to travel one hour one way another hour back home it is a pain.

3. Do not keep the money at home.

4. Your pocket should be always empty except for onward and backward travel ticket to the nearest till.

If somebody asks for loan show your empty pocket.

5. If the bank offers you a card try to forget its pin number earliest possible.

Then you go to the bank only when you really need some cash.

Any number above is prohibitive in Ceylon.

They can remember only three.

Try at least to remember 3 of the above five and death is redundant by default.

Above all enjoy the song bugger the bankers and your politicians who takes loans on your behalf.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How to Clean up the Mess- Go fox hunting Will YOU.

How to Clean up the Mess?
Go fox hunting Will YOU.

This is my reply to a comment.
It is not easy.

One option is to scrutinize the Local Political Guy /Girl.
See If he/she is from your locality.
Usually who has a very bad record in his her own village move to your
area for a birth or shall we say rebirth.

If he is not there for more than 3 years REJECT. (three year is a
business management technique)
If he is there less than that question him or her What have You Done,
when one comes for campaigning.
Never read their leaflets and refuse them as Fist Class Rubbish.
In my case I only trusted Sir John Kotalawala (he retired with a big
uttering and went to England for fox hunting) and respected only
Dudley Senanayaka.
They are all political foxes and you should know how to fox an old fox.
All the others did not have any personality or work experience before
coming into politics except thuggery.
JRJ ( was called Old Fox) is a classic example he shot dead Tamils in
Jaffna for petty political demonstration and started the racial
Rest is common sense.
Do not believe any.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Reject the Drug Cartel Operating in your Locality at the Local Election

Reject the Drug Cartel Operating in your Locality at the Local Election

It is right time to open your mind and vigilance.

This is the time the drug cartels come into operation as a proxy war for local mafia and enter local councils.

I have written elsewhere in detail how this operates.

This is only a Multi Liner

Grand Old Boy is C.I.A.

They tried this in Hong Kong, Thaiwan, Macau in prepation to infiltrate China.

Chairman MaO Se Dong put an end to this but the human cost was millions.

I do not advocate that method.

Their proxy in Ceylon was L.T.T.E.

It only brought misery to the average Tamil citizen.

Their mode of operation was to use racial discrimination as the root cause.

This was not true.
British tried their best to mitigate this during their occupation.

Current British Lords (some of them) are C.I.A operatives.

Unfortunately Muslim radicals from Afghanistan and Pakistan are king pings in Asian Operations.

Their elements are operational in the suburbs of Kandy District.

Now I come to the crunch point.

We expected the previous regime to put an end to these cartels.

They did not and paying the price for it. 

Unfortunately they embraced this mafia philosophy and their goons even infiltrated Kandy garbed in white cloths.

They operate at night.

During the period of Unity Government they placed their King Pings now garbed in green attire.

Their modus of operandum is to continue unhindered.

So if you clean up these guys garbed in Blue and Green, your locality would be free by the time 2020 comes.

If you do not, blame yourselves for your misery.

I do not know where J.V.P. stands on this BUT my valid guess is U.N.P. has placed enough scums in their folds surreptitiously.

Watch out young boys and girls.

Please clean up the mess in your locality. 

This was my reply to a comment, How To?.

It is not easy.

One option is to scrutinize the Local Political Guy /Girl.

See If he/she is from your locality.
Usually who has a very bad record in his her own village move to your
area for a birth or shall we say rebirth..

If he is not there for more than 3 years REJECT. (three year is a
business management technique)
If he is there less than that question him or her What have You Done, when one comes for campaigning.

Never read their leaflets and refuse them as Fist Class Rubbish.

In my case I only trusted Sir John Kotalawala (he retired with a big
uttering and went to England for fox hunting) and respected only
Dudley Senanayaka.

They are all political foxes and you should know how to fox an old fox.

All the others did not have any 
 personality or work experience before
coming into politics except thuggery.

JRJ ( was called Old Fox) is a classic example he shot dead Tamils in Jaffna for petty political demonstration and started the racial conflict.

Rest is common sense.

Do not believe any.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Come on P.M. Move on

Come on P.M. Move on

I have been been very critical on bond scam especially the P.Ms involvement.

That was because it undermined the very foundation of transparency and accountability.

I still maintain that good governance was a day dream of Ceylon politics.

We came so near but yet it is so far away in the horizon.

It is only a distant vision.

Bond scam is the golden example to say how far we tuned in (corruption) and turned back.

This piece is to highlight our P.M.s contribution barring Batalanda and Green Cats.

Never say Mr.Clean it is bad as an old coin in the gutter with rust.

What is necessary is action not talk shows.

After all the setbacks he managed to comeback to the forefront by shear perseverance.

1. That is his number one plus point or the stamina to withstand onslaughts.

Politician should have that quality.

He has it.

I can persevere but never have the stamina to withstand the onslaughts.

That is why I am an arm chair pundit and a political novice.

2. His ability to merge with so many with so many different motives and ideas (not so young Premadasa in particular) and still keep his old party intact is another plus point.

3. But the biggest contribution was the ability to tune in with the "Citizen Forum's Initiative" (it was a rag tag of coalition and that is why it was called the "Rainbow Coalition").

Rainbows do not last.

Enjoy the beauty when it up there and the sunshine that follows.

His inability integrate that into his political wisdom and carry it forward was his failure.

It is still not too late.

He can bounce back and reinvigorate it.

Be a part of it but do not own it.

If he could capture its vision and let others contribute to its horse power, the rest will be smooth sailing.

His friends are his biggest spoilers and detractors to the emerging trend.

4. His contribution to the downfall of the previous regime and then let events take toll (instead of trying to destroy them politically - it is the imperative of the educated citizen) and cause natural death of the saga is his political acumen.

5. His transitory co-existence with the President is commendable. 

Political Divorce should be a viable option at the right time.

6. He should realize it was a very bad choice by Chandrika with her own ulterior motives.

By the way, she is a spent force.

So too is President who is a stop gap president.

We do not want him any longer than five years.

If he perseveres he will destroy himself and the S.L.F.P for good.

It is happening right now.

7. You can go far if you realize "I am  walking on a tight rope without a stick to balance".

Just sit and wait and let events unfold on their own is my best bet.

Think yourself as a credible force and political ballet dancer.

Rest will follow suit but never declare the ulterior motives to your close friends.
Sometime masterly inactivity is the best choice to mitigate adversities.

Think of what happened to Gaminie and Lalith under Premadasa.

The friends are the political scavengers.

Systemic and Systematic Failure

Systemic and Systematic Failure

Asians especially Ceylonese are prone to systemic and systematic failure from kindergarten, to school to universities.

I think we fell into this trap the day we changed the name Ceylon to Sri-Lanka.

There was no need to change the name it was a cosmetic experiment like white washing our walls neglected for 363 days of the year.

What we needed was to change the attitude to work and leisure.

We never did that but carried on more of the old or the same!

We neglect our leisure and hobbies, too.

I generally have 10 points and highlight 5 knowing very well most of the points are lost within 20 minutes of a public lecture.

I deliberately avoid public talks and believe in small talks that have one to three salient (this comes from 5 S principle of American strategist W. Edwards Deming, adopted by the Japanese) inputs.

We cannot stand or digest 5 points due to impatience.

My common example to illustrate this point is our sermon/s or " The Dharma Desana" (never listen to them from my childhood except Ven. Narada and Ven. Piyadhassi - colossal figures forgotten by our laity) a colossal waste of time.

A message that cannot be dished out in 3 to 5 minutes is "the whole message lost in value".

The preamble itself is lengthy.

Forgive me!

A Pragmatic





Problems (is something I often quote).

1. We do not think (before acting)

2. We talk a lot often at the wrong time

3. We remain silent when action is needed.

4. We are lazy

5. We take short cuts

6. We get bogged down on minor issues forgetting the set goals

7. We blame others for our own faults (not me attitude)

8. We procrastinate (including auspicious time)

9. We tend to drag time and feet (cricketers are known for this)

10 . We lack collective responsibility (roads and driving habits)

11. We borrow inspiration from others not from ourselves

12. We expect the good god to forgive us of omissions and commissions and in that sense the god is the culprit of our sins.

13. We pass the buck and do not own the responsibility like bond scams.

14. We blame our Karma for all incidences and eventualities.

15.We live in the past

16. We live in the future

17. Simply we do not live happily (only there after) Now.

18. Living like that is a burden to the mother nature

19. We do not care for the kids (burden with year five scholarship examination)

20. We do not care for the other living beings including dogs

21. We do not care for plants, mother nature and water resources.

22. We never plant a tree for the shade of a fellow traveler but chop every tree for fun. 

23. Simply put with one word we are very SELFISH.

Whats the point living like that for 100 years.

With Christmas and New Year round the clock why not think of the universal brotherhood devoid of race, religion, creed, class, caste and mighty haste to be in FRONT of the queue.

Why not "Pace the life into easy pace" without rat race.

These are only wishful thinking never see the light of the day.

24. We do not finish tasks in good time

Need few more lines on this.

Either we over estimate or underestimate the time necessary for a particular task and readily accept and say yes to the leader or the boss.

If we underestimate we finish with a shoddy job.

If we over estimate we sham out time in between.

There is no precision.

This is very well seen in lawyers.

That is the ploy to misguide the judges and the public and fatten the pockets.

Doctors too are procrastinators.

The longer the patient in critical care more money to be made to cover the colossal expense for the useless gadgets.

When human intervention and compassion are necessary a machine is given priority.

I have a saying for those who have no prospective complete recovery, come what it may, struggling for the last few breaths in an I.C.U. or on a ventilator.

They are often criminals who see, the light at the end of the tunnel, or in reality a glimpse of next life which is not human but horrible ordeal.

So they keep on trying to grab to this life.

Near Death Syndrome in effect!

I have more spice on this.

If you are NOT a doctor, or priest attending to final rights visiting them is also very dangerous.

They hover around you and make you sick or miserable.

Let them own their merits at least at the death bed.

Be indifferent and let the merits or demerits take their toll.

Do not dose them with morphine with compassion.

Morphine only prolongs the addiction and agony.

Be sensitive and sensible.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

More Multi Liners, Amazing Facts

More Multi Liners, Amazing Facts
I was more than surprised, today.

They say prayers are very well heard but never acted upon by the deities.

The simple fact is, those deities are impotent never omnipotent as it is believed.

Come to plant life, they are multi-potent, only if you care them with respect and living space.
Long before (I must say I did not have the premonition or the prediction power) the inclement weather, I looked at the sky (cloud watching was a pastime of mine) and saw the clouds turning in opposite direction (this is what our yesteryear farmers did) and did a quick overall of my rooftop garden expecting a rainy spell.

Five plants (mostly not local) succumbed during the dry spell.
One coffee plant, one cocoa plant (again foreign species thanks to British), two Karapincha (Thailand) with full of aroma and one white sandalwood plant perished.
I always buy two specimens expecting this scenario.
If both specimens die, I won't buy them again.
One other reason is that the plant vendors in Ceylon in public auction only sell the dormant or diseased plants (heavily spayed with chemicals, to last the sale period).

These plants are for the shade of my water plants.
Even finch would build nests, if I do not (masterly inactivity on my part, let the weather takes it toll) visit them and let them go to wilderness.

My bio-indicator of the dry spell is the pipal or the Bo trees picked up from crow droppings.
They start drooping their leaves, and the roots go in search for scarce water.
Apart from my cascading arrangement of water plants other arrangement of the small piloted plot is, on one end there is simulated wet zone and on the other end there is dry zone.

The pipal plants occupy the dry zone.

In the beginning without any agricultural or academic training (I am a simple biologist) I started it as a simple roof top laboratory.
I drop a stem of pineapple or a pipal tree growing in any gutter in the Kandy city in between pots of water plants.
To see how they stand the awful weather without watering but sparingly water them if I feel they are in their "end of the tether".
From plant experimenter to a plant lover I have graduated in 15 years.
I must say, I have no financial interests and abhor selling plants.

The simple love for caring for them.
Now the caring for them comes not from me.
The tiny honey wild bee is the number one.
The dragon flies invest their genetic pool amongst the water plants.

The butterflies are plenty.
Except for ladybirds (haven't seen them for four decades).
I have a water plant which very rarely display (may be three years ago) its beautiful flower.
I found it a rightful place and today it had a single flower.
That excitement was pitched up by a single red dragon fly on the dried up sandalwood tree (which was transferred to the wet zone recently and is beginning to sprout young shoots).

I decided to take some pictures.
There were three water lilies with flowers.

Mind you, I never wished for any of these to happen.
The plants sensed and coordinated their activities to interact with simple wild beings which we call insects and spray Baygon on them.

Who needs gods or deities to entertain?

Mind you I hate people who pluck flowers and lay on altars (for not seen or NOT to be seen gods) as offers for gods.
The gods have contributed nothing to their wellbeing! 

Interestingly there is a cake shop called "Divine"  in the Kandy City.

I have decided never to go there!