Thursday, February 22, 2018



Why do you come to me
When there is a thunder storm
And hide under my bed
Not sleeping like
You usually do?

Why do you come to me
When the ugly sounds
Of the fire crackers
Litter the atmosphere
In the new year?

Don't tell me you fear
The noise more
Than the enemy
That come from behind
With the dagger in hand

My dear
It is only a big sound
Like when one taps
On an empty pot
It is the lightening that is
Deadly and fearful
And those who sound big
Are not as big as they appear to be

But when the Ceylon Krait
Landed on my shoulder
You were the first
To charge fearlessly
Like a true friend
Didn't you realize that
It was a big danger
Lying ahead

Don't you know
One of my favorite dogs
Before you
Without any mercy
With a simple bite of a snake
When I was away
Doing night duties
In far away land

I could not have saved him
From the danger
By leaving him
Having being
A selfish soul
Those days

But I am happy that
I saved you
For saving me
In the first instance

You are a true friend
In need
And I will
Call you hereafter
My thunderbolt

17th October 2006


My Night Terror
It was many moons ago
I was just a kid
Barely seven years old
The war broke in

Yes, we were moved
From here to there
There wasn't a place
To hide
Except the trenches

I had four sisters
Two were taken for cadres
And rest were sent to
A far away place
Over and beyond the sea
I never saw them again

I was smuggled out
And grew up
In a Foreign Land

I grew up fast,
Very successful in
My academy
Met lot of
Guys and gals

One day,
I met a beautiful
Blue eyed girl
They used to say
Irish blue eyes

We fell in love
It was natural
Whenever I tried to
Kiss her
In her blue eyes,
Yes I saw
My Sisters eyes
In red, green
And dark shades

I could not
Bear it
We broke up
As friends
Promising never to
Kiss again!

Many moons passed
I met a gal
Much older
We were in bed
In no time

But the moment
We were under the blanket
I had a night terrors
"Crawling in,
Dark trenches
Bombs falling
Near by"
It was horrible

She had gone
In the morning
Leaving a note
Please take treatment
For night terrors

Very morning,
I booked
A ticket home
To see my
Aging mother

I was dreaming
I had never seen a bomb
Or a trench in my life
Why I am dreaming
Like this?

If my night terror
Was not bad enough,
How could it had been
The days and nights
For the guys and gals
Of the Yesteryear War?
Living without a roof,
I wonder?

Coconut Cookies

Coconut Cookies
Bashing the coconut milk and coconut oil is the standard practice in Ceylon and abroad. This has become a significant propaganda in America since there is a lobby in America who benefits from this misinformation campaign.

They have done this little over a half century and now only our people are asserting ourselves.

My intention is to bash the nuts of these people who probably do not have nuts as strong as coconuts.

Before that I should briefly state few of the conditions that would likely to give a heart attack to a susceptible candidate. 

There are so many of these variables or the predisposing factors (that one is likely or not to get a heart attack) pondering about them is actually a research work shrouded in mystery.

It is difficult to decide which ones is the most important and the most likely cause to increase the incidence of heart attack in spite of the proliferation of the literature.

Pointing a finger on one single variable especially on coconut milk is the most inappropriate.

It is not prudent in a scientific sense.

I have seen a debate on local papers (on coconut and its usage) but resisted any comments.

I thought the wiser counsel should prevail and avoid engaging in conflicting dialoge.
But now there is another debate on local paper whether "plant can sense or not" I think it is better to voice an opinion and arouse thinking habits in the minds of young ones.

The plant can sense but their sensing of events without a neural system is very advanced and they can sense the time of the day and night more accurately than an electronic clock. 

They use nano-particles and nao-systems to sense the ecosystem and weather that now only we are beginning to discover the true secrets.

So any prejudice is not warranted.

The probable variables of the likelihood of getting a heart attack are more that 20 and a few of them are as follows.

1. The diet containing many refined sugars and starches
2. Consumption of western food
3. Consumption of animal foods
4. Lack of exercise
5. Smoking
6. Alcohol consumption
7. Hypertension
8. Diabetes mellitus
9. Adaptation of western life style
10. Stress of any kind from money to domestic to work
11. Lack of antioxidants in food
12. Lack consumption of fruits and vegetables
13. Factors that encourage thrombosis
14. Poor oral hygiene and related minor infections

In this list I have no intention of putting coconut milk or Pol Sambol since we eat a combination of food items and not single items like fruits.

Furthermore, we eat after some preparation or preservation which increase or decrease the food value.

In the above list the least understood but the most common cause of heart attack is thrombosis. 

It is not possible to accurately discern this element (thrombosis) as at present and that is the most common precipitating and damaging factor.

The research should be directed there but not on atherosclerosis.

My belief or the gut feeling is that the smoking is a major contributor (direct as well as indirect) to thrombosis.

In some way vehicle exhaust fumes and air pollution also contribute significantly to thrombosis by cell damage by releasing mediators causing diseases known and unknown.

Air pollution has a major contribution to the increase in heart attacks in urban areas.

We were made to believe that carbon is an inert particle and does not do any damage and this view is fast changing in the West where research indicates that the air pollution due to vehicle exhaust impair physical performance in young children.

Winding, I should say, Maw-Kiri (Breast Milk), Pol-Kiri (Coconut Milk) and Piti-Kiri (Powdered Milk) kept me going on from my childhood to adulthood (in that order of sequence of introduction of milk and milk products to me in my young age).

I believe if not for the Pol-Kiri, I would have been dead in my childhood (there were no antibiotics except, Penicillins and Sulphas, those days) even following a simple diarrhea episode.

My mother's care and the Pol-Kiri, (Kiri Hodda) saved my life.

Probably my parents and my grand parents, too.

The rich "polkiri hodi" given to us in the recovery period of any febrile illness including diarrhea not only provided the energy (excellent readily available energy of short chain fatty acids) and nutrition but also the very valuable and non toxic antibiotics (some of the fatty acids).

Polkiri was the essence that contained all the other antibiotics that came in the way of onions including garlic.

They were the basic antibiotics that we consumed in our childhood with no side effects of the modern antibiotics!

Any attempt at discrediting the polkiri or pol sambol is bashing at the wrong thing for the wrong reason.

It is an offense.

We are what "we eat" and their consequences and putting the blame on a single element of coconut milk is the lack of the ownership of one's own responsibility for the mistakes of wrong habits (including smoking and drinking) and of dietetics.

24th November 2006

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Open Source Science - An Evolution

Open Source Science - An Evolution

There is an explosion of information exchange but there is no equability in sharing that information. Additionally there is no verifiability. This was the impression I had before delving into gathering some information about the colour and its distribution in the animal kingdom (fish to be precise). To my surprise there is an open source science project probably taking its roots from Linux Phenomenon. A group of people with scientific orientation joining up to form an open forum for greater good of the public  (rather than a corporate agenda) is commendable. With the stem cell research taking priority in a commercial environment this is a healthy phenomenon.

There is a proliferation of newspapers and journals in the local market (Ceylon) and I am not sure what has given rise to this phenomenon?

May be making a fast buck.
I believe editors of these journals are not concerned about whether people are actually reading them or not.
Is this just a bit of publicity stunt, a corporate agenda or a political inexpedience? 

Exploration may be?
I wonder why even the BBC is thinking of new innovations.

With the inter-net taking its shape in speed (with speed accuracy is sacrificed), content and opinion making the paper industry is becoming a static phenomenon. Ball by ball commentary of cricket in the Internet is boring to follow but busy people are adapting to the new trends. The local editors are failing miserably to give a true picture at the ground level and the world at large.
It looks as most of the writers and journalists have a "cut and paste mentality" and some are copied from foreign agencies without any comments attached by editors or journalists. 

I believe journalists like our own Carl Muller should do some research on these trends.

With so many mushrooming industries, which include illicit liquor, betting stalls and video parlors and many more other nefarious activities (which one should not be proud of) what is happening to print industry is something bewildering.

My Primary Objective is to make learning science a pleasurable experience to young students and budding journalists.
The Secondary Objective is to find how quickly one can gather information from whatever the sources available in an academic environment.
A subsidiary objective is to put that information in simple terms so that the reader could understand (improve my writing skills as a by product) the contents with ease.

Conceptual Impressions

Gathering reliable information is a piece of cake and I could accomplish this with a  drop of a hat. 

I am looking for a "hat collection" of information.

Internet, reputed scientific journals, library and my own collection of old books were utilized in that order.


Scientific journals always wanted to check on one's subscription status and ones that gave some free access was limited by arbitrary time limits. The search engines were very poor. The value of particular information was never highlighted in a sequential manner. There is just the proliferation of knowledge but no particular break down or an order of importance.

Reviews were noted for their absence.

There was an exception to this phenomenon of knowledge explosion especially in the publications of the Public Library of Science (PLOS). Other exception is some American Medical Journals who are opening up the knowledge base to all and sundries. A healthy trend is there but what is lacking is commitment.

Cut and tie mentality of a surgeon's mind is replaced by cut and paste mentality of the window's users. Writing as a skillful job has deteriorated. Spelling mistakes (in my case too) and content jargon and inaccurate information were abundant. 

To my amazement in one piece of writing the blood of the species of fish is almost identical to human blood. 
I believe we have hereditary linkage to bacteria and fish but not to that extent. How my fish would die with a simplest of change in the environment explains why their immune system is different from ours.

I have neither become wiser nor enriched but perplexed and confused.

Simplicity is not the art. Terminologies were not defined or poorly explained (in manner simple enough) for a kid to grasp the meaning to life and beings. 
I have no surprise why many kids look at science without enthusiasm.

My old books that dated back to sixties and seventies were a treasure trove for my illumination and they still are. Those writers had a penchant for science as well as writing. It is bounden duty for the scientists to write in simple terms with their own comments included. They should write books which little children would love to read and should not become self centered like our journalists who publish papers at the  drop of a hat for image building.

Scientists should not become image builders.

They should take a lead from the open source science projects (Public Library of Science) and make science a living experience.
None of my objectives were satisfied after a month of trying but this is going to change in my lifetime.

The curiosity of a kid of yesteryear who loved watching at the little mosquito fish (Guppy) dancing in little streams (that are polluted now beyond any recovery) and changing their colour and tail configurations from generation to generation, lead to learning biology (with interest) and later becoming a human biologist (a pathologist to be precise) and that diversion did not deter the interests in colour (pigmentation we call in medical terms) from all kinds of life (nature at large) to photography to computer graphics .............

In spite of Diversity of colour (fish, toads, birds and bees) and the Specificity of a given species, there is a common thread that links all species that extend down the millions of years of evolution which is a remarkable feat of Simplicity of biochemical compositions (melanin, guanine, xanthochromes and haemoglobin) that expresses in various combinations in all living cells to give a particular combination of colours.

In the process of diversion at certain points in earth's history, however the secrets of Unity in Purpose (i.e. the defense against cancer, withstanding oxidative stress, skillful communication of impending danger that include ecological strain and becoming a living biological barometer of environmental stress of pollution), the unique survival instinct of all living beings was not lost.

However, the Unity of Purpose is lost when it comes to man's world (of incessant exploitation) where skin colour can be a decisive discriminatory factor in making choices (may not be scientific by nature).
That is the final philosophical point which I wish to make before winding up.........

Effective Communication
If the expectations laid down in any investigation or analysis (whether it is accomplished or not) is not communicated effectively to all those who have similar interests (sometimes failures), the commitment that make one to get involved in an endeavour becomes void. 

The energy and enthusiasm dissipate.

In other words it becomes a failure.

What I call the Club mentality whether it is a Garden Club or a Bridge Club that motivates people with similar interests to interact effectively is lacking in the Scientific Community.

It is a sad phenomenon.

Guiding Principles
The guiding principle should be to benefit mankind and all species on board this planet earth and above all the wellbeing of the planet itself.

In this process of exploration, if the individual who gets involved reaps benefits it is of course a bonus.

It is a feather on one's cap.

Edited on the 4th of August 2006

Philosophy of Science

Philosophy of Science
The reality of science
Is that, the knowledge
Is incredibly changing fast
And incremental in nature

The principle that make
Science interesting
Is that the concept that
I upheld now
Is governed by the
Very exception to the rule
I have formulated

But it is the exception
That governs the rule
Not vice versa

That makes science
And interesting
With many ways
To explore
And explain
A given phenomenon
As distinct from
What is known as not understood
As at present


Come to think about it
Energy is the least understood
But easily
And often
Misquoted out of context
In science and journalism
And if I ask the question
Does the matter has energy?
The answer is not clear cut

Then I ponder for a little while
And ask again
Which has more energy
Matter in motion
Or the matter remaining still?
I am called a trouble maker
In my class of adults

When I delve in further
And ask
What is the smallest particle having energy?
Is it the electron, the neutron, the proton or the quarks?

Then when I ask what is the smallest unit of energy?
A photon
Or a wave
I am very much
Stuck with words of expression

Now that I am in deep waters
Not understanding
All these concepts
What shall do to go any further?

State of the matter
Is that
If each particle
Carries loads of energy
What is the essential force that
Intrinsically bind them together
And hold them tight?
In relation to position
They keep
In space and time
While allowing free
Moving particles to move
Without much of a hindrance
Or rather than with
Minimum of interference
From its neighbouring
Particles of existence

If only the moving particles have
Mass, velocity and energy
That goes with the momentum of forces
What is the principle that
I should apply to my body of interest
Where me standing still
On this planet earth
Has no energy
Until I decide to kick a football
With a force

Now who has the energy my leg muscles or my football or both?
How confusing are those concepts
Energy and Forces in action?
I wonder

Then again I should have
Some energy to stand on Earth
Much less if I stand on Moon
What about moon walking,
Sweet talking and sleeping on the go
In this universal universe and space?

What are the energy consumptions of all these activities on earth, on its outer boundaries and in the space in between?

The mind
That made me to kick the ball
Should have either some energy or force
In any case
I argue
Since the Mind
That made me to kick the ball
In the first place
Made the movement of the ball
Until such time the
Mother earth decided to
Abort it abruptly in its journey
In space and time
So the mother earth should
Have some control over my mind

In fact the matter over my mind
Rather than mind over matter
In this instance

Bees, flies, mosquitoes and birds can fly
And in their case
They decide to fly away
As they wish
And also control
The start and stop
of the flight
As desirable
So birds and bees
Have more energy than me
And humanoids

Staggeringly confusing

Isn't it?

So who has more energy
The Mind (Kicking)
The Matter (Ball)
The Motion (Transition)
The Bees (Flight)
Or the mother Earth (Gravity)
That stopped the ball in its trajectory?

I wish the answer
Is clear enough
For a kiddy

I am not kidding

The answer to those questions
Are open to inquiry in a
Philosophical Sense
Now that I am beginning to
Think as a Thinker
But not as a Scientist
Who would provide me
The answers to the scientific tenents
That were raised in an open forum
Of inquiry

What is more powerful
Energy wise
The Thinking Mind
Or the Science in Action

I believe the former rather than the latter

Since the mind can penetrate
These concepts at will
Or at leisure
What is an energy and what is a force
The mind's energy by its very nature
Is probably far more superior
In its contents and activity
When used wisely and appropriately

Subtle and pervasive
The truths of all kinds
It is the mother superior
Of wisdom

Now winding up my thought process
Who had used more force
The Italian Parvo Rotti's Goal Header
The French Zidane Zidane's Head butt
And an ordinary Ceylonese (my) Penalty Kick
At the goal post
Of Wisdom

The power of the Mind
Could be ascertained
By intense focus
And attention
To its moment of Origin
And the Energy of its consumption
Can only be harnessed
By sustained
Commitment and Conformity to details of
Metta, Anapana Sati or any object of
Attention sans attachment
And the Competence in Meditation

By that intention
It is achieved
By the wise
The Arhaths
The Buddhas
And Passeka Buddhas
Of today, tomorrow, yesterday
And now in this moment of
Universal extension
Of the timeless dimensions
Of the Sansara Cycle

14th of September 2006
Edited on the 16th September


Few hand flexes
At the wrist joint
That generates electricity
By pumping action of the hand muscles
From mechanical power
To light a Wrist Torch
Is a modern manifestation
Of conservation in action

Yet the efficiency
Of the conversion of
Biological energy
To electrical energy
Is only forty percent
And is considered to be
The most efficient
And produces least amount
Of Carbon dioxide

The energy efficiency
Of the Coal Power
Is only ten percent or so
Considering the inherent wastage
In developing
The infrastructure
And the corruption envisaged
That is rampant in
Energy Economics

The production of Carbon Dioxide
And all the noxious gases
Are staggeringly high
And the heaps of
Rubbish ash left behind
Is monumental

Power corrupts
Energy consumes
As soon as
It is produced
Absolute Energy
Of hundred percent sufficiency
Set in motion
A chain reaction
So devastating in magnitude
It would take billions
Of years for recovery
That is the Vision
The consumerist society lacks
And fail to grasp
In this moment of selfish needs

This is why I say
That the scientists don't have
And Philosophers don't have
Neither Mind Power
Nor Muscle Power
In this contemporary world
Of macroeconomics
To say that
Energy sufficiency of 65%
Is the most that
This tiny island can tolerate
Upsetting the balance of nature
Should be left in wilderness


The essence of science
Is looking at
Facts, figures and phenomena
That can be observed
As quantifiable events
And then consider the meaning
As to why?
The facts and events present themselves
In a certain way
And delving deeper into
Making some application
Of some sort
With claims of discovery
And making some experimental design
To unravel
The Mystery involved
And finally formulating
Conceptual framework
Which other scientists
Would love to take a plunge
With renewed vigour and intent
To chart the unknown territories
With band wagon and pomp


Just as there are
Many notions
To the origin of the Universe
There are many misconceptions
To the meaning of science
Which literally means
Acquisition of knowledge

The first of the many misconceptions
And the foremost of it is
That science is infallible
And the second that originates from the first
Is that science is the only explanation
From that derive the notion
That all interpretations
Are logical, complete and final

None of the above statements are true
In scientific sense
And that is the beauty of the science
Which is expanding
And changing
By the day


"Curiosity kills the cat"
Is the proverbial stunt
That is
Subtly insinuated in the mind
Of an explorer
By the one who believes
That the authority
Of the scriptures are sacrosanct

But anything that is not explored
Visibly and in depth
Is not worth
The substance
That is said to be
On its own accord

Having said that,
Exploring without the tools
Of refinement
But with the tools of tradition
Is fraught with danger
Inherent there within them

What then are the tools
Of investigation?
They are the ability
To ask the right question
And the ability to scrutinize
The answers obtained
With laser blade accuracy
But leave the final outcome
Open ended

Edited on the 22nd of September 2006

September 9th 2006


Concepts are as good as
The words that describe them
And when the words that describe them are Simple enough
The clarity and content are obvious delight
But when the dialect used
Are not precise,
It becomes a pain in the neck
And the meaning of the concept get muddled
And fall into disrepute an ambiguity

The laws that govern the concept
Are the highly structured
Grammar of science

When the laws and contents have many
Loose ends and exceptions
The idea and the communication
Become jargon out of context
Just as when the language
Is spoken without
A flow or fluency
And grammar

In that sense science
Is the philosophy of using
Language with clarity and intent


Is a mental manifestation
Of an experience, an impression
Or an inspiration
That has been tested and verified
By many with similar interests
And concurrence
But the problem with theory
Is that when it get established and ingrained As reality
With rigid laws and concepts of convenience
In the people's minds with dissimilar intents
Validity of the original tenants
And its application
Become distorted and obscured
Out of context

For an example
When the man talks about Human Rights
In a world with divergent views
Literally and metaphorically
The abortionist and the non-abortionist
Have equal rights
To kill or preserve
A concept or life in general
Ensuing conflicts
And polarization of interests
Far beyond the meaning
Of its application
In original tenants

In effects the human right laws
Are the forerunners of mayhem
Of liberation sans responsibility
In the modern world of discordance


It is a tentative impression
One creates in the mind
Of random thoughts
Of some observation or an experience
And Its occurrence has
No control, relevance or any concurrence
In its natural history of evolution

It is best a guesswork of some kind
So the man has coined
An inspiration world called
For its sustenance and nurture
In the history of mankind
And it is neither tested nor verified
Or has any application of significance
In its original context

For example man has created
Unique races with unique aspirations
Far above the ordinary meaning
In life and matters
And when this fallacy is self-perpetuated
At will
It creates disorder, disunity
And discordance of various magnitudes
Leading to wars of attrition

But in reality what is perceived as unique
Is a manifestation of cyclic nature
Of change
Of the world with diversity
Of opinions and prejudices

10th September, 2006


Inference that is achieved
Without inducing
A method of free inquiry
Is not worth the substance
It claimed to have been deducted
As final, long lasting
And true in nature

9th of September 2006



Is the ability
To ask the right question
At the right time
At the right place
From a right person
And not expecting
The answer
To be all closed
For any further questioning
Or inquiry
147. Thinking
In ordinary sense
It is the spontaneous activity
Of engaging in one's own
Beliefs at random
Or beliefs burrowed
From friends, parents, teachers
Or others

But thinking
Without reasoning
Or refinement of one's prejudices
Is like visiting
The Devil's workshop
In one's prime holiday
On a poor budget



In general
It is the habit of collecting
All redundant facts and figures
Of insignificance

The real knowledge
Is the ability to
Drop old ideas and beliefs
From the basket of knowledge
In possession

But the true knowledge
Is to know that
The latest acquired
Knowledge is the one
That has to be dropped first
Before  going any further

Why one should do that
From birth to death
I wonder
For a wisdom tooth



Repeated use of a word
Not to mention the words
Sorry or love or peace
Results in producing
The opposite of what is intended
A negative image
A meaningless connotation
To the original tenet
Of the meaning intended



It is an exercise
Of articulation
Of many shades of opinion
With rigidity sans sharing

It is a delivery system
Of opposition
To any opinion
Contrary to
One's own prejudice
How can one enter into dialogue?
Which beats hell out of my guts

When one is unable to
Or rid of prejudices
Age all customs and prejudices
Of intolerance
How come sharing and caring
Can be attained


Is neither an exercise
That is
Hands off
Or Minds off
Of children
Nor it is a delivery
Of a curriculum
With rigidity and red tape
Communicated by only a sage

It is an activity
Of the mind of a child
To think
To inquire
To explore
With open mind
And then to exchange and develop
Ideas with meaning

Political Wisdom

Political Wisdom

This is an attempt to explore "political science" and preferably its wisdom and bear its bones free from party bondage.

I am not an expert in politics but because somebody has aligned science as a prefix to make it more attractive to the ordinary, I have the right to dissect it in current context.

From Plato's Republic to now what emerges is the conventional wisdom of "the right view" is the view of those who are currently holding power, this dissection would not come favorable to any G.O.P (Grand Old Party) in power, whether, republican, democratic or socialist.

First of all I dug into the definition of political science, true to its credentials I have not found a worthwhile definition.

In any case, I found that the term scientific cannot be applied to politics.

When Socratic's philosophical dilemmas were terminated, let alone science even philosophy was not accommodated by the rulers. When Jesus was crucified, the first anomaly of democracy was born. 

If politics is to silence the contrary view there is no semblance of science in its inception.
The appendage "science" was a clever instrument by which rulers, the powerful ones, found a way to dub the innocent masses. 

The westerners' obsession to democracy is simple. It gives them a subtle tool to insinuate their ideas to alien cultures.

The fact of the matter is that mankind has not found a foolproof method to govern itself in prosperity or in adversity.

What is current and vogue take precedence to prudence in politics.

Invariably politic is not scientific in its origin or its evolution.

My stress in this short provocation is simple.

How can one arrive at the term of office in years?

Isn't it arbitrary? 

It varies from three years to four to five to six to almost infinity for some.

Since I am using a scientific argument, the term of office should be related to the biological life of the voter.

Assuming one's average productive lifespan as sixty years when most retire to insignificance except politicians, my observations are as follows.

The results of the Genome Project are producing some interesting findings.

I can summarize few of them for the average voter.

1. Man has only 50 cell cycles to live.

2. If parents are old the cell cycles are reduced proportionately.

3. Most of the cell cycles are spent in uterus (even before one is born).

4. After puberty one is left with about 6 to 8 life cycles, each cycle roughly eight years in span.

5. In some, the duration of a cycle may be as short as five years.

6. Man starts aging at 30 years (not 35 as was believed).

7. Assuming one is eligible for voting at 20 years and the parents are responsible for looking after them and educating them (including what is stated here in my writing) up till then, any government has to manage the voters 10 years before they start to age and 30 years thereafter, roughly 40 years in total.

8. If this is divided by the cell cycle duration, one is left with 5 voting cycles for every man / women.

9. If rulers are sensible the voters should not be abused more than this number of voting fiascos.

10. So my scientific reason and of course a biological one is that elections should be held once in eight years.

11. The advantage for the rulers is that since the voter has gone one full cell cycle (in fact older and more mature by age) before the next election they invariably forget all the promises given by the elected, so re-election is not going to be dicey.

12. I believe that eight years is more than enough for the elected to swindle enough money and get rich for a generation (before they get old). Even, if one loses the next election that would be offset by the long duration of power (occupation of the hot seat) whether it is in America or in Ceylon.

Reflection of the thirty year cycle (period of growth and maturity in biological cycle) of politics in Ceylon from 1969 to 1999 is considered illuminating.
I pick this period because all the politics that started from this year (both parties in power and opposition) was a political aberration of immense proportion in our history.

When we were in the campus we thought that the youths were oozing with enthusiasm and trust. We all wanted governance without corruption but clean. Soon, I realized even before the first appointment in Government Service was due, the underhand dealings were made by some to get attractive posts. It was not bad as today but it was evident by example.  

Before we reached our maturity (30 years-before start aging) we realized the ideal world is yet to mature.

(Most of us, by default, left our shores for greener pastures, disillusioned by the apathy in Health Sector, Western countries faired only little better, the discrimination was evident by practice.)

But by 1977 people voted for more and more corruption. 

Corruption and get rich quickly was the motive of politics.

Entry of terrorism and its appendages here and abroad laid the firm foundation for cruelty plus corruption.
There was no turning back.

I would take University Structure to illustrate how it deteriorated to present status. 

By 1969, then Minister of Education who rode rough with (his son was in the university) university students and developed a "scratch" with them, decided to send an army platoon to university gymnasium for preparation for the Independence Day celebration.

Incident that followed was the forerunner for students getting involved in 1970 elections.

Prior to this except perhaps Arts Faculty all the Student Unions were run by independent minded students and generally politics was bane of student community.

By 1973, university did not have a proper Vice Chancellor, but a Competent Authority and politics was eroding the students' freedom and identity. Bursary was withheld and gradually university administration became politicized

Convocations were not held and the administration allowed the student discipline to deteriorate rapidly, especially as regard to ragging.

General Election was postponed to hold Non Aligned Summit and all the ingredients for dissent were accumulating.

By 1978 with the revision of the University Act (to suit political agenda), the hitherto, Independent University lost its integrity as an autonomous institution.

Student intakes were determined by Education Ministry not by the University academics.

Practical examination for science was stopped on an arbitrary issue.

Vice Chancellors were appointed on political favoritism and not on university standards which is a universal practice today.

It is true present students go through difficulties including financial and language capabilities.

Unions are dictated by factions that make student life more miserable than it should be.

No free discussions, no independent unions and no sense of direction and arbitrary decision making from the top.

In other words, in little over 30 years, the whole structure has cracked from within and without.

By the time an individual reaches maturity (Prime Age of 30 years), by strange coincidence, the structure that is established and maturing is replaced with the arbitrary change of political wisdom.

The new form of administration that replaced the old failed to establish accountability in the University System.

Where is the political wisdom when it comes to the most important Higher education?

Coming back to my interpretation of life cycles (30 years to maturity-aging and 8 year cycles) of human beings, what were aspired as students are no more, a new anarchic and frustrated structure is developing. 

What has happened to the autonomous university of yesteryear is happening to the body politics of Ceylon too.

In 30 years (full maturity of a human being) we have turned everything upside down. Dreams of yesteryear generation of students are shattered and a new wave of youth unrest is in the offing.

By the time they reach maturity, in 8 year cycles or become old adults they are entrapped in corruption. Then in the last few cycles of their life they start ruminating what went wrong without any inclination to rectify the defects.

There is no discussion what aught to be done.

Patch work is done on a regular basis with each change of administration in the top.

The cycle of corruption begins with a cycle of anti-corruption. The corruption always wins ahead, whether it is this country or abroad.

Politics has done nothing in the long run.

That is my scientific estimation.

One is free to disagree or dissect it again in correct perspective.

In the mean time, population crisis, health crisis, environmental crisis, global warming, energy crisis, land crisis and human crisis (ethnic and religious) would aggravate in the next thirty year cycle.

Last thirty years of last century and the next thirty years of the present century (which is a generation cycle) would determine how prepared we are for a major crisis.

It is impending.

The system and the education have failed. 

If the University System is where one believes the brains of the last century were educated was not fit enough to produce leaders and leadership where we are heading and for what we are heading is immaterial.

It is a gloomy scenario, unless of course, we look at in depth and take necessary steps right now.

10th March, 2008

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Grieving Bul Bul Couple and the Fearful Eagle

Grieving Bul Bul Couple and the Fearful Eagle

Now that I wake up with the singing birds I never bargained for a painful and monotonous tone of a couple of grieving bul buls.

Not the cheery and chatty three tone musical singing but the high pitched and painful cry of the male bird (probably -the larger one).
Then the mother (probably-smaller) with the wings spread (as to cover the brood) on the palm tree and following me round the garden.
Either telling me or suspecting that I had stolen her young ones.
It was painful for me and I decided to pen this.
My wife told me there was a big eagle hovering round the nests of the bul bul with few young ones.
Next day there was no chirpy chirps.
I knew the inevitable and the rest of the flocks and the babblers too disappeared.

Only these two remained well after their morning calls.

I do not know how long their parental hormones effect the grieving.
I am not going to count the days but be calm and listen to their instinctual bondage calls as long as they grieve with Metta Meditation.

I heard the warning note of the squirrels the other day but took no notice of the eagle.

Today not even the eagle squeaking note heard.
The eagles have a vast range and a big appetite.
I wonder why they do not eat their young?
The animal world is strange.
He must have followed the rest of the flocks of birds for next round of nests (nesting grounds).