Thursday, September 21, 2017

Endless Os

I have given almost a total retirement to my desktop computer.
I use it for watching downloaded films and browsing the email.
But all these can be done on the move and I do not need a keyboard to type.
Touch typing on a tablet is a treat and it looks after my typing mistakes well, often completing the words with valuable prompts.
That is one reason for not writing about Linux in general but I read the Linux Magazine from cover to cover.
Thanks guys and girls for writing a note about Endless Os.
It made me to do a search on it's web site.
It has taken over the concept of OLPS, the One Laptop Per Child to its limits.
You probably know OLPS was killed in its infancy by the corporate might but not its underlying concept.
Endless Os not only has a Linux platform but port with affordable hardware.
That's it's strength.
I have not yet tested or downloaded it yet but why bother.
It has enormous resources and multi-language capability including Chinese.

Please visit it's web site and make your own judgment.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sinister Food Processing in Sri-Lanka

Sinister Food Processing in Sri-Lanka

Since, I had many hits for my blog post on food and beverages and life style, I am encouraged to expose another racket.

This time in food processing.

Since, we do not have a working opposition in this country with marriage of convenience of the two major parties and JVP not making viable or active interest in exposing undesirable elements in food processing industry, it is the bounden duty of the Citizen Punchi Singho to be active.

We are effectively dished out rice with arsenic and tea with manure (tea dust destined for manure is added to local brands), and the food processing including milk derivatives are in the wrong hands.

Overruling my conservative approach to writing, I should name one brand called Diamond which adulterated oats and canned Fish couple of years ago.
What this company did was to import large quantities of cereals disposed in Australia three months before the expiry date as for animal food and repacked for human consumption with expended shelf value for another two years.

The price tag was half the original brand.

I was caught up by this gimmick and my daughter took the lid out of this illegal process by showing me dead insects inside the tin of oats. 

I stopped buying this brand and kept numb about it until now.
Now,I find many repacking companies in operation in Colombo suburbs and repeating what the above brand did few years ago.

Our food inspectors never visit these repacking plants and animal food is dispensed to unsuspecting kids.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Food, Beverages and Life Style

 Food, Beverages and Life Style
This a post from my Lenovo Tab.
Thanks to IBM for selling its copyright to China that I can afford a good tablet for one tenth of the price of Apple's iPod.

Since the title contains life style, I will cut through and swipe at everything including cricket.

Yes cricket was a life style and gentleman's game.
Not any more since corrupt bookies and politicians riding high.
I took a wise decision not to watch Ceylonese Cricket and almost simultaneously not writing about it.
That has saved me lot of good time and diverted my interest to high spirits especially wine.
I know Ceylonese enjoy spirits more than cricket now.
When we lose the solace is within the bottle of sprites too.
The other aberration was stop drinking Ceylon Tea.
I used to drink over 20 cups when the blend was pretty good with excellent flavor.
But that all changed since all the local blends are adulterated and horrible.
Let me bare the facts.
All the good tea is auctioned in the bourse and what was not purchased is sent back to the dealer.
He mixes this with tea dust that was used as manure in the good old days and wraps it with Kheels, Arpico and other supermarkets brand names.

The locals have no option but to drink this dirt daily.
Just like all the high grown tea, the high quality rice is exported and rice with high content of arsenic, especially the brown rice is left for local consumption.
I do not eat rice now and I am trying my best to convert the near and dear ones from this rice addiction.

It is the best health advice that I dispense only in private circles.

So, tea is out  and the rice is out.
Any other option left?
Thankfully Ceylonese coffee is still very good not like the dirty horrible Indian Nestcafe.
I was a coffee addict and it took many years of sustained effort to wean myself off.
I was a living example of caffeine syndrome which I read in a nursing journal.
I found  a good Thai Brand.
I am back to original myself except no lack of sleep.
Unlike my dog my liver can deal with any amount of alcohol and coffee.

That was an ominous sign in twilight years.
So, I decided to cut on caffeine.
Starting with Coca-Cola.
There is not a single brand of soft drink without caffeine in the local market.
That is the very reason our youth are bad in sports including cricket.
The good old king coconut is not within the reach of the poor since our developers are clearing the remaining coconut plantations and there is no regeneration program in sight for coconuts.
I would wound up with banana cakes.
Except in one place in Kandy all the banana cakes are horrible.
I had good hope that UNP would resurrect the economy.

I was sadly mistaken.
They are not worth the paper money they print from borrowed money.

Everything, is horrible including food, life style and politics.
I excuse myself off from my blog post several years ago, in this site praising Ceylonese delicacy's including banana cake.

Sorry guys and girls.


What has happened to our (Short Eats) Food Industry? 

With lot of tourist coming to Ceylon, they love our delicacies food and this piece is current and relevant.

Yesterday I found a foreign tourist looking for Kassipu.

I do not think he will come back.

It is afflicted by the "Seven Deadly Diseases"  mentioned by the “Quality Guru”, W. Edwards Deming.

Let me be brief about his impact on industry and the service sector.
His power of non judgmental analysis and the statistical prowess in doing so made him famous in Japan.

He laid the foundation for post war recovery of Japan and its rise as an industrial country.

He was ignored by the Americans till late eighties and he was honored after his death. 

This piece is about our retail food outlets, especially in Kandy not about any industry.

It is a waste of time talking about Colombo food habits.

Kandy food vendors were known for good quality food except of course during the Sirimavo’s time.

It was good until latter few years of Mahinda regime when it started coming down.

Let me give few examples.

1. “Parrippu Wade” was of good size and one would fill your tommy.

2. “Umbalakada Wade” was fabulous even during war time.
There was a big sized Umbalakada (Maldive Fish).

3. Egg roll had a full egg.

4. Sandwich had enough cheese and butter.

5. Banana cake was fabulous.

6. Tea was of good quality.

7. Coffee was excellent.

8. Pol Sambol had Umbalakada and real chillies.

9. Thala Guli had real Thala (Gingerly Seed).

10. Kithul Hakuru and treacle were out of heaven.

I have stopped drinking OUR liqueur in mid nineteen eighties, when I realized all were adulterated including toddy.

I have to refrain from talking about milk rice, Aggalas, Kavums and few more items.

Home made stuff became commercial entities and I stopped eating them.

What happened towards the end of the regime,

I will give an indication.

The wade started becoming smaller and flatter.

“Suduru” disappeared.

Umbalakada became lean.

Egg became half and later quarter and still later tiny bit smashed in.

No spices at all but a rotten piece of chili without (only the covering) the seeds.

Then we got rid of the regime and for about six months the food quality went up marvellously.

Then with the Coalition government well established, the rot and the food quality started going down.

I think this is a deliberate ploy spearheaded by Mahinda Golays and Balayas, within the regime.

My latest grouse is, I bring some cooked fish for my dog.
The portion has become very small and there is hardly any meat but bones (I remove them thinking my blind dog will choke).

He is just close by me and I haven't got any to give.

Kiri Hodda is dilute and no spices except lot of Karapincha.

I think we should start burning Karapincha with a bit of chillies to get the devil out of the current flamboyant system.

W. Edwards Deming
The "Seven Deadly Diseases" include:
    1. Lack of constancy of purpose
    2. Emphasis on short-term profits
    3. Evaluation by performance, merit rating, or annual review of performance
    4. Mobility of management
    5. Running a company on visible figures alone
    6. Excessive medical costs
    7. Excessive costs of warranty, fueled by lawyers who work for contingency fees

Friday, September 8, 2017

Stream of Consciousness is mind boggling?

Stream of Consciousness is mind boggling?

This piece is a Hypothesis not a Concept to arouse investigation of the mind and its underlying force.

Some of the things proposed are outrageous but one should not throw away the basic tenet of the hypothesis due to inconsistencies.

I do not want to use the word consciousness and specially the subconscious mind with only two layers of mind (essentially matter or brain bound).

I prefer the eminent philosopher James William’s theme, the stream of consciousness as a near enough hypothesis.

The most outlandish statement to begin with is that the stream of mind (consciousness as stated in modern western terminology) does not necessarily need a brain or matter for its existence.

It can exist without the matter principle.

Even though, in Indian and Buddhist cosmology there are many domains of existence of beings, I would like to narrow it to three levels for the purpose of simplification but would dare say, the the potential and the sphere of the stream of mind is so limited.

In actual fact, it is very difficult to comprehend.

The three levels for discussion are;
1. Mind without matter principle, essentially an energy form with unlimited extensibility.

2. Mind with matter principle invariably bound to the matter in the form of neural system extending to the level of many “brain forms” (human brain is not supposed to be the ultimate and the highest).

3. The third is the transitional or subtle form, there is neither matter nor no matter but interaction of the stream of mind in many forms.

Why this subdivision?

It is all, to explain, the behavior of the mind of gifted individuals, mediums, those cultivated by meditation, those who posses ability to remember past lives, telepathy, hypnotic transgression and such experiences like tunnel vision in near death syndrome.

In the way, we look at in modern science, many of the above cannot be explained or disputed by mere conjecture or by preposition or hypothesis.

I won’t go into many details but start with few examples.

Take the case of amoeba. 
It is the simplest of living forms but it has an enormous amount of DNA material for its simple survival. The genetic pool is enormous for its simplicity. It does not have a brain or brain material to think and to do purposeful workout.
But seemingly handicapped, as it may sound, it does all what is necessary for living, reproduction and survival.
There is a purpose for survival and “the purposeful activity is not too different from a higher order animal with a primitive brain”.

The will for existence and purposeful collection of genetic material for future evolution into a higher form of being, yet without a brain.

I call this form of existence, “the brainy mechanism of sustenance” what a single cell accomplishes on its own. 
The single cell is the brain for its own existence.

When we take multiples of these cells when organized purposely as brains in different species including aliens that may exist in other worlds, the potential of the brain systems and stream of mind is enormous.
So one should not get surprised for somebody having telepathic ability or to communicate with the dead or subsequent lives or departed dear ones (assuming rebirth as distinct possibility) with paranormal ability.
Simple disputing of paranormal ability is not the way about it.
There were many in our history and often disputed (deliberately for vested interests)Ana Blasticova is a case in point.

We have not developed sufficiently sensitive instruments to detect these “energy forms” and EEG is not the “be all and end all instrument of detection”.

My personal view is we need a finely tuned ‘another higher brain’ to monitor these activities.

Not all of us have these abilities inbuilt.

It is the duty of the psychologists and psychiatrists to invest in these areas and training, instead of denial and disputation.

One way of developing this power is through meditation but only a few of us can sustain it to such a higher levels.

My own conviction is that the practice of meditation has many other benefits apart from achieving goals mentioned above and one should use it for one’s own higher transition rather than using it as a diagnostic tool.

But I won’t condone anyone who is pursuing scientific and diagnostic pathways.

Now let me dish out some outlandish views.

The mind on its own without a material base.

Can it exist on its own?

Where does its energy come from without a biological base?

If the cell can survive without a brain (amoeba) why not a mind without a brain?

In the material world there are so many energy forms including cosmic radiation.

In that spectrum not having an energy form called stream of mind (James William’s own description of the mind as a stream) is unacceptable to an inquiring mind.

If the medical world (I do not) could formulate something called subconscious mind for centuries, above hypothesis is an antithesis.

In the eastern cosmology, beings with subtle bodies with spiritually developed minds are tenable.

It is often said people who had attained different level of absorptions through meditation are born in these worlds and live a long life. It is also said these beings can travel vast distances from their mother planets and visit alternative universes.

In literal terms they are the Devas or Gods.

Extension of that theory is what I am proposing not the alteration of the eastern cosmology.

If that scenario is possible, that mind stream would penetrate atomic, subatomic and quantum levels of uncertainty and comprehend everything the modern science delve in.

So what?

That mind should theoretically (mind’s behavior is attachment to entities or ideas) be able to merge with subtle material and change (shape change described in alien films) its form at wish or will.

I think my hypothesis is going well beyond this world to other dimensions.

Is it 7, 10 or 13 or string theory of mathematics?

The possibility of the stream of mind is incomprehensible and vast.

Binding to a dogma, idea, religion, culture, politics, race or science is very narrow.

Try to discover your own mind potential but remain within the limits, lest you get virtually mad.

Come to think about it, this world is full of mad guys/girls especially in the political field.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Monks and Politics

Monks and Politics

Never in this world does hatred cease by hatred; it ceases only by love.
That is the bottom line.
Politics thrive on hatred and an antithesis to harmony.
On that pretext any monk who is ordained should shun politics of all forms.
If he desires politics he should de-robe himself, forthwith.

That is my view.

I reproduce a paragraph from an Indian scholar with minimal editing, below.
The monk is under no obligation to engage in politics.
On the contrary, by virtue of the rules he undertakes faithfully to observe, at the time of ordination, he is obliged to refrain from participation of active politics.

‘One path leads to worldly gains, quite another path leads to Nibbana. Let not the bhikku, the follower of the Buddha, yearn for honour monk, but let him, on the contrary, develop dispassion.

In order to confirm to this advice, the monk, should not join, or support, or even vote for, any political organization. Neither should he participate in meeting or any other public function of a political or quasi-political nature.
For those members of the Sangha who feel, as some in Burma and Ceylon have felt in recent times, that their duties as citizens have a stronger claim on them than their obligation to monkshood, the honourable course of action is to leave the Sangha.

Enlightenment and election cannot be won together.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

How to become an Alien?

How to become an Alien?

Let me say a few words about Ceylon, to begin with.

It is very easy.

YOU just become a politician and get elected to the parliament.

From the time of the election and oath taking ceremony in the parliament you are like an Alien.
The police treat you like a special ENTITY only an alien could claim in Ceylon.

You never see them in the respective electorates.

Only hear them giving edited false information to the media until the parliament is dissolved and NEXT election is called in.

In Ceylon politicians are a special kind of Aliens but my intention is for an average citizen to become one and live happy ever after in any country in this world.

1. Destroy (if you have one) the Birth Certificate and just declare that you have no document proof to say “You were ever born” on this planet but a celestial entity.

The benefits are enormous.

2. If You are in India, they will treat YOU like a God and build a temple in your name. 

You have to adopt a name like “Sai Baba” but not Sai Baba but “Reborn Sai Baba-R.S.B would do.

Or Reborn Jaya Lalitha (R.J.L).

3. In Ceylon, they will treat You like an ambassador, and then issue you an Alien Passport (Illegal) and send you to the underworld after the first assigned official work is finished.

Two benefits.

The finance Minister along with Prime Minister will pay you a courtesy visit.
The first official engagement is signing a foreign loan agreement.

Moment you finish with the politicians, the Drug Mafia will visit You and they want YOU to make a special money laundering engagement with celestial beings in Gold and Silver and not in Paper Currency or dollars!

Gold include what was left behind by the L.T.T.E. and all confiscated at Katunayake Airport.

4. In U.K. they make you an IRA agent.

Not the terrorist lot now defunct or in legislature NOW.
IRA stands for person without an Inland Revenue Agent or declaration form.

A special category declared by MI5 and MI6.

You are exempt from paying taxes including the VAT.
The kind of operation is similar to Ceylon but all your Gold and Silver (including ill-gotten money converted to gold) is stored in Mars for safety.

5. Now come to America.
You are not allowed to enter the New York city.
You are not allowed a Valid Visa but You can remain eternally anywhere within the Air Port (see the Terminal film please) but with a little difference.

Since you have an Alien Passport, the airport authority takes over your passport and put it in a special locker and call the CIA, NSA and the FBI.

Now these guys have no place or strategy since Mr. Trump is confirmed by the electoral colleagues.
They ask money to establish a special branch in the precinct of the New York Air Port.

Then they build a special complex with special ventilation mechanism to avoid Alien Viruses infecting the World.

Part of the Area 51 technology is brought in, to reverse engineer the putative Alien Craft.

You must pretend You can build one by mere Mental Energy and Meditative concentration but won’t talk until a safe island is built for YOU, offshore.

6.This is where the Chinese will come in.

They win the contract for building an artificial Island and the infra-structure to house the Alien Space Craft.

They will also have a covert operation to reverse engineer the Craft.

7. What will happen in Russia?

You will be treated like SNOWDEN, first at the air port (similar to New York) with red carpet for three years of viral quarantine and thereafter Siberia so that no Alien journalist can reach YOU except over the Internet.

This list can go on until all the countries in the world are covered (except the purely Catholic countries- re Aliens do not exist belief) with their idiosyncrasies superimposed.

8. What about Vatican?

They will archive YOU in FROZEN state (until the revisit of the Jesus is declared) for another 100 years if necessary.

No offense is meant to Christians, Methodists, Catholic or any alien denomination one belongs to and who are celebrating Christmas in style.

9. What will happen if the alien is in Saudi Arabia?

They will tag you a Nuclear Bomb and send you to Iran Nuclear facility for reinforcements and Alien enrichment.

10 What will happen in the UNO?

According to their documents no Aliens exist on this planet.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Life, Lies and 3 to 5 Ls

Life, Lies and 3 to 5 Ls

What is wrong with our Learning?

We have a very steep Learning Curve.

In that learning curve we learn three to five  bad habits.

1. We Live on Loans.

2. We are Late on paying loans that include returning Library books burrowed on a due date
3. We Live on Lies to take Loans and defer payment of them.

4. Some Live on other´s Loaned Live body parts.

5. We Live on Loaned Goodwill of others.

Is that a life worth living for 100 years?

I ponder.


This applies to voter as well as politicians, bankers and business investors of IMF.

Nobody is excluded!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rats and Squirrels

Rats and Squirrels 
This was written long time ago and Indians have taken a cue and showing our lads how to play cricket away from home.

If I don’t say something about rats having hated cats for their killing spree, the spirit of this blog site is not complete.

Before that, I must talk about the squirrels.

They are very intelligent and watchful (scientific in many ways) and social animals.

They are the first to alert of any danger and Pol Kittcha is the other guy.

They work in tandem when cats and snakes are around.

I have looked after many orphaned squirrels as a kid and gave it up after two major incidents.

1. The cat (killing one of my favorite squirrels)

2. When they are uprooted from their environment they become dependent and vulnerable to infections and one day I found in it’s nest thousands of tiny flea like creatures to which I did not have any remedy.

With advancing age, I realized that they deserve to go back and since then every squirrel or animals saved were nursed back to nature.

If you do not have cats at home one can get them (squirrels) to feed from your hand like pigeons and they love cheese like any cat.

Furthermore, do not have bird table if you have cats at home.

We have decimated our house sparrows and I am still wondering why they (
house sparrows) disappeared in little over 20 years.

We cannot improve nature but we can make “live and let live” a simple principle.

Never ever try to improve nature knowing man is the biggest polluter and destructor of all living beings including man himself.

There is a house nearby where there is a bird table and I have often seen when the house is empty the cats from the neighborhood (including the cats of the same house catch birds).

They are not Buddhists but I often wonder this is one way to feed the hungry cats when they are away?

I never talk to them at the same breath as here but warn them and report them I have seen cats catching the birds and don’t leave food when they are away on the bird table.

This is where I want to write about wastage of food (the haves) in a lighter vein but perhaps not, except that my house is a classic example (I have been trying to make them understand for ages).

Now that coconut is fifty and tea is double the price and sugar and milk are up, going up by the wind (political), I make sure one article at home is in short supply, when asked to do the shopping!

Slowly but surely I am getting the message across through necessity.

Before I forget, I must state that India loses 40% of its grain to rats every year.

It is far better for the Indians, not to send their children to America for further study and corrupt them more but get them to do some ongoing research to minimize this waste and invest some I.P.L money to have this trend arrested and bring food prices down for the down trodden people who do not watch I.P.L. cricket.

They have done wonders for us and our team now even cannot make even 100 in test cricket.

Please kill our cricket in full then we won’t have corrupt politicians pulling strings behind the scene.

I wish English to white wash them in the coming series and (even without that we are going down precipitously) nobody can arrest the corrupt practices of politicians and their stooges at all levels which has ruined our cricket.

I was one of those who believed only way to arrest these corrupt practises (certainly not the ICC which is made corrupt by the IPL already) for us to lose and lose and then only few who love the game will play (like England County Cricket- Good example is Thescovisk of England) and without much crowd watching except the friends who join at the pub after the game.

In that case we can also go and watch cricket without a ticket like good old days with plenty of beer money saved (to purchase the ticket).

I am in the minority but sports should be for fun (not to destroy one physically) and not to make one fabulously rich and then lose touch with common sense.

I am way off the title but that was done deliberately (I am not going to write on cricket any more than what I have stated above and I have totally lost interest due to how it has become so corrupt) since what I am going to say from now onwards is not very appealing for a healthy being.

There are people on this earth who eat bats, squirrels and rats too.

There are rats bigger than some cats in India and some cats fear them.

We have of course big political rats of all shades.

I must mention here if anybody find a remedy for rat population he will get the next Nobel Prize.

I have seen rats in London Underground and now I believe they have made connections
through the channel tunnel with rats from France who do not speak English but only French.

This was a big achievement of Mrs.Thatcher (Dame) and the idea was to get the message across through underground rats who will tell the French that English language originated from French.

Very clever political ploy or deal!

I am one who believes that rats fly through Trans Atlantic Airways to America from France and have made some good connection with American diplomatic rats without WiKiLeak tapes.

If not passenger flights, they are flying to America on cargo planes without having to get Visa from America or tickets for the flight.

They will have their head quarters near those hotels where IMF bosses play Pick a Boo.

I am told that the next IMF boss’s, one of the first priority jobs is to meet the rats alliance to discuss food storage in USA.

There is a grand world alliance of rats and they have a party every time the new candidate for Republican party is declared.

They (rats) now know that Americans are the best food wasters of the world.

I will list some cardinal facts about rats and then and finish with, how I used squirrels to complete with the rats.

1. I had to dissect rats with bare hands in school (please do not take this as a rag. Now present undergraduates need spoon feeding about leadership roles, which they will never get an opportunity with the present constitution which is being amended for third round or more).

2. It was uphill task to find one from the Municipality (there were rat catchers employed and some of them are now candidate for local elections after retiring fro their of posts and many of them are in the ruling party).

3. I once killed a rat in my rage for damaging a plastic top of a tin of baby milk powder imported during 1989 dark days.

4. His companion I could not kill but escaped. 

I never so that rat who was terrified with my temper tantrum.

5. I was angry that I missed the other one.

6. Then when the anger subsided, I asked myself why have you done that?

7. Plastic Micky Mouse Picture hanging on the wall told me a different story.

8. What is the different from a squirrel?

They almost look alike except the ugly long tail.

9. There should be a method to control not to kill.

10. Make the house rat friendly or is it not friendly?

Now I am a Mickey Mouse convert and my daughter was less than six months then and I am able to tell her that I kill a rat because of a tin of milk with plastic top?

Shall I make my children animal friendly?

Not due to religion but to simple logic that tells me that I have no right to kill or destroy any life.

Will I make them vegetarian?

In ten minutes of contemplation, I was a different person.

The next stage was to use my observation habits.

I looked for all the dwelling places of rats.

My rat research started, then and there.

It is based on rat friendly theme.

1. Baby Food were stored in either fridge or in steel cupboard.

2. Rat poison was banned from the house on the pretext of and lest the children be poisoned.

3. No rat traps

4. Store less food

5. Clean regularly and meticulously

6. Do not leave food out in the open, be that it may be, a bin, a table or the kitchen.

7. Cats were prohibited but one landed (black kitten) on a rainy day.

8. There were lot of opposition but I was the master of ceremony in charge little cat escaped from Kala Wadda.

9. After many months of perseverance and observation, I finally realized that rats never have their nests where squirrels were nesting. 

There was healthy competition and squirrels made sure that rats are chased especially when the young are nursed.

10. Rats make nest in total darkness, whereas squirrels need lot of day light.

Final conclusion no food no rats and if you have food put them in tight plastic or steel compartments.

90% of our problem will be solved.

Never ever keep your house / rooms not occupied a single day.

Every time you are out they know you are out they have a party late at night, like after the declaration of candidacy for next American Presidency.

There is a misconception that cats can see in total darkness and catch rats. 

The reason that rats prefer nocturnal activity is due to the fact that cats cannot see in total darkness. Cats have dark adaptation and the ability reflect light (photons) that had not impinge upon rods. 
Similar reflecting mechanism is used in roads to reflect light and that is why they are called cat’s eyes.
In addition cats have long whiskers to guide them in dim light.
So not feeding cats at night expecting them to catch rats is a total misconception.
However, Ceylon Civet (now Famous Kala Waddas are better at hunting rats at dim light than cats.

So it is better to have a Kala Wadda instead of cat at home but they are very secretive animals and avoid humans at all cost!

In Sri-Lanka rats come for a party only on President’s House where food is thrown at lib.

In our houses food is becoming scarce and most of our rats are hitchhiking to America.

The best way (Sri-Lankan way) to control rats is for us to eat less bread and rice.

We are on that pathway anyway, now.

India can follow without feeding their rats with stored grain.

Or else they should eat them without sending them across the Palk Straight for our consumption and make poor Indian strong enough to play IPL cricket (not test cricket).

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Singers and Celebrities

Singers and Celebrities

 It is sad to see lot of good guys and girls had said good bye and lot of bad guys including supremists are taking their place including politicians.

David Bowie

George Michael

Glenn Frey

Paul Kanter

Maurice White

Joey Feek

Phife Dawg

Merle Haggard


Leonard Cohen

Leon Russell

Sharon Jones

Greg Lake

George Michael

Billy Joe Royal

Glen Campbell

Chester Bennington

Gregg Allman

Robin Williams