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What Good Are Mosquitoes?

What Good Are Mosquitoes?
I want to add one more fact here.
They clean up our cesspits with unwanted bacteria.
Otherwise we will fill the pit in no time.
I believe there saliva (larvae) can digest bacteria (probably a good biological antibiotic).
I am one who believe this Dengue phobia is a manifestation of impotent local governments (better term is Local elected Mafiosi) who wants the poor voter to own the responsibility.
I always believe and will continue to believe they can never be wiped out but controlled to manageable level.

Below is a reproduction.
Their biological role may be many including evolution (transfer of transposons) of species.
Mosquito larvae are nutrient-rich snacks for hungry fish and other aquatic wildlife.

There isn't much love lost between people and mosquitoes. At the very least, these bloodthirsty insects are major annoyances, biting us with a persistence that can be maddening. If insects can be credited with evil intent, mosquitoes seem determined to wipe the human race out. As carriers of deadly diseases, mosquitoes are the deadliest insect on Earth. Each year, millions of people die from malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever after being bitten by a disease-carrying mosquito. Mosquitoes also carry diseases that pose serious threats to livestock and pets.

With all these strikes against them, it's hard to imagine that mosquitoes fulfill any useful purpose. We forget that mosquitoes populated this planet long before man; the oldest mosquito fossils date back some 200 million years, to the Cretaceous period. Clearly, mosquitoes fill an important ecological niche. So what good are mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes Are Food for Wildlife

Mosquito larvae are aquatic insects, and as such, play an important role in the aquatic food chain.

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According to Dr. Gilbert Waldbauer in The Handy Bug Answer Book, "mosquito larvae are filter feeders that strain tiny organic particles such as unicellular algae from the water and convert them to the tissues of their own bodies, which are, in turn, eaten by fish." Mosquito larvae are, in essence, nutrient-packed snacks for fish and other aquatic animals.

Their role on the bottom of the food chain doesn't end at the larval stage, of course. As adults, mosquitoes serve as equally nutritious meals for birds, bats, and spiders.

As much as we loathe them, mosquitoes represent a considerable biomass of food for wildlife on the lower rungs of the food chain. Their extinction, were it even achievable, would have an enormous adverse affect on the entire ecosystem.

Laser and Holography and their Uses

Laser and Holography and their Uses
Why write about holography in a book of conspiracy?
It can be used to create events apparent which are not real life events.
Whats the caveat?
It can be used by secret service to invent an event such as 9/11 scenario. I won’t write anything more but top brace in the Bush Administration was privy to this holographic creation.
What if aliens who fear the man of attack would do?
They are with superior technique would create alien presence using a probe that is manipulated from a mother ship out of human vision.
There is no danger to their life.
If we assume Roswell incident did happen and aliens were captured and used as hostages, that is the most likely scenario that would have evolved.
Let us imagine they could mount an operation to stage something like Phoenix Lights.
Necessary ground work to make humans start believing in alien or extraterrestrial beings (EB) is made in holographic form and choreographed. That is the level they would go for their own safety and read message of “no ill will” to humans.
Equally if Vatican or a peudo-scientist gets hold of this technology they will certainly mount an operation for “the god has come back from heaven”, live.
That is a likely scenario!
In a few years time we will have holographic studios and “Television” at home.
The technology is developing fast.
Below is an introduction to how holography works.
Holography dates from 1947, when British (native of Hungary) scientist Dennis Gabor developed the theory of holography while working to improve the resolution of an electron microscope.
Gabor coined the term hologram from the Greek words holos, meaning "whole," and gramma, meaning "message". Further development in the field was stymied during the next decade because light sources available at the time were not truly "coherent" (monochromatic or one-color, from a single point, and of a single wavelength).
This barrier was overcome in 1960 by Russian scientists N. Bassov and A. Prokhorov and American scientist Charles Towns with the invention of the laser, whose pure, intense light was ideal for making holograms.
In that year the pulsed-ruby laser was developed by Dr. T.H. Maimam. This laser system Leith(unlike the continuous wave laser normally used in holography) emits a very powerful burst of light that lasts only a few nanoseconds (a billionth of a second).
It effectively freezes movement and makes it possible to produce holograms of high-speed events, such as a bullet in flight, and of living subjects.
The first hologram of a person was made in 1967, paving the way for a specialized application of holography: pulsed holographic portraiture.
In 1962 Emmett Leith and Juris Upatnieks of the University of Michigan recognized from their work in side-reading radar that holography could be used as a 3-D visual medium. In 1962 they read Gabor's paper and "simply out of curiosity" decided to duplicate Gabor's technique using the laser and an "off-axis" technique borrowed from their work in the development of side-reading radar. The result was the first laser transmission Upatniekshologram of 3-D objects (a toy train and bird). These transmission holograms produced images with clarity and realistic depth but required laser light to view the holographic image.
Their pioneering work led to standardization of the equipment used to make holograms. Today, thousands of laboratories and studios possess the necessary equipment: a continuous wave laser, optical devices (lens, mirrors and beam splitters) for directing laser light, a film holder and an isolation table on which exposures are made. Stability is absolutely essential because movement as small as a quarter wave- length of light during exposures of a few minutes or even seconds can completely spoil a hologram. The basic off-axis technique that Leith and Upatnieks developed is still the staple of holographic methodology.
DenisyukAlso in 1962 Dr. Yuri N. Denisyuk from Russia combined holography with 1908 Nobel Laureate Gabriel Lippmann's work in natural color photography. Denisyuk's approach produced a white-light reflection hologram which, for the first time, could be viewed in light from an ordinary incandescent light bulb.
Another major advance in display holography occurred in 1968 when Dr. Stephen A. Benton invented white-light transmission holography while researching holographic television at Polaroid Research Laboratories. This type of hologram can be viewed in ordinary white light creating a "rainbow" image from the seven colors which make up white light. The depth and brilliance of the image and its rainbow spectrum soon attracted artists who adapted this technique to their work and brought holography further into public awareness.
Benton's invention is particularly significant because it made possible mass production of holograms using an embossing technique. These holograms are "printed" by stamping the interference pattern onto plastic. The resulting hologram can be duplicated millions of times Bentonfor a few cents apiece. 

Consequently, embossed holograms are now being used by the publishing, advertising, and banking industries.

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Conspiracies in Science, Religion and Politics

Conspiracies in Science, Religion and Politics
This is an introduction to my book that would be out on Amazon books.

It is probably going to be my last.
Internet of things is taking us to uncharted territory. I adore its freedom, anybody with proper portal could voice his or her opinion without hindrance.
There is no peer review or scrutiny.
It is a democratic institution if properly used but it can be a place for raging fire.
In Linux old terminology it was called “flame wars”.
The Idea was to bring forward counter arguments to forefront in developing the kernel, the core of the system.
There is community involvement and its spirit, not seen in the corporate world had contributed enormously to free software development.
There is secrecy, misinformation and conspiracy are commoner garden occurrence in corporate world.
Due to this reason I have used Linux philosophy and its development to illustrate the counter ploy to grand conspiracy.
I hope you bear with me for its inclusion.
I could not find a solution to conspiracy even in the major religions.
However, Linux with its copy-left and sharing (with the wider world) philosophy has become a household name.
I will always use this philosophy when misinformation and conspiracy rises its head above water.
The conspiracy should be sunk at all costs.
Like a lotus that flower above muddy bottoms, we should do all what we could to bring the truth to the surface.

I have to make a confession.
I have not “fact checked” most of the claims made by certain authors.
In conspiracy and speculations, “fact checking” is humanly impossible.
Errors are built into the system by repetition and the difference between “fact and fiction” becomes almost imperceptible.
In this context, some of the films made on verifiable facts, inadvertently become fiction due to inflation or exaggeration.
It works both ways, a fact becomes a fiction and a fiction becomes a fact.
In this scenario conspiracy thrives.
I am one who is averse to lies or deception.
I want scientists to be “bona fide” true gentleman / lady and when I find the so called scientists, deliberately lie for some personal or corporate gains, it is obnoxious.
Unfortunately, I have seen doctors working in alliance with representative from pharmaceutical companies, use lies, deception, partial disclosure of side effects and exaggerating flimsy benefits.
Having made unwitting entry into fields foreign to my own, as a preparation for this book, now I am convinced conspiracy in theory is universal, an Achilles tendon to scientific verification.
Wikipedia had been a major source and I am thankful to
all who contributed to Wikipedia.
But any errors of commission or omission are all mine.
I have placed many personalities in this book not knowing
their direct or indirect contribution to either science or conspiracy.
I had no personal choices, in the selections I have made, in this exercise and I may have inadvertently, left out many important personalities.
I present this book to those personalities left out unwittingly, but nevertheless, suffered ridicule and reprimand for their genuine interest and dedication in seeking the truth.
I hope this book will inspire for those who seek transparency in science, governance and politics.
The idea of this book was in my mind for sometime but deliberately delayed it, so that I could devote much time and effort on the final outcome. The idea was to have an overview of the human thinking over the last 3000 years based on written or oral material of the East and West.
How science shaped and developed my way of thinking is altogether a different kettle of fish.
I must say, I had the luxury of free thinking from my childhood and nobody tried to modify it.
In other words, I did not have a mentor.
Except for the sports master, in my simple village school who instilled in my mind, the golden rule in sports “It is participation, not winning that matters” under the Olympics banner and the late Professor Senaka Bibile in my undergraduate days, there were only a few personalities that I admired.
Only other exception to that rule was Sir john Kotalawala whom I used to see as a tiny tot. He was famous for his uttering   “It is better, go fox  hunting in England than do politics in Ceylon". Shooting foxes was a sport in UK then, I joined the cavalcade, vigorously opposing it, as a sport, in early eighties, on the lines of animals rights, while working there.
We won our campaign and it was abolished on the grounds of preventing cruelty to animals. Unfortunately in this country we still cause untold cruelty to our “Gentle Giant”, a political symbol of major party in the name of traditional Buddhist practice of parading them in procession.
Some cruel monks of our tradition are the exponent of this “cruelty sport” while illegally hunting the baby elephants in the wild joining hand with Ganja (hashish) growers.
Having said that, I did not understand the deeper meaning of Buddhism (till later years in my life), but its principle practices have had an influence in my thinking. It teaches us of simplicity and despise grandiosity and Avihinsa (non violence) the guiding principle which are antithesis to our grandiose high priests.
For a starter, I did not believe in creation of the world by a single god. That meant I did not believe in existence of any form of god dead or live. Advent of the Russian exploration of space when I was a tiny tot, not only made deeper meaning and admiration of its people without a religion.
For my luck, I was born with scientific outlook and learning science was a pleasure (language and religion were not) and a pastime.
To add to that there were plenty of reading materials, including local papers and scientific journals at the British Council Library. English language or literature (I hated Shakespeare but made a point to visit his birth place when I was  working in UK) was not my forte but that did not deter me from grasping scientific terminology.
In other words, the outside world contributed a lot to my formative years. The fact, that I was born to a independent free nation was a feather on my cap.
There was no indoctrination and freedom to think and act were bonuses.
How, I went up the ladder was a shear chance occurrence with no prior programming.
The rationalist Abram Kovoor was making his presence felt and I had the audacity to pose probing question to him (but no need to record those flimsy occurrences, here). I never followed his line of thinking but admired him all the same.
Abraham Thomas Kovoor (April 10, 1898 – September 18, 1978) was an Indian professor and rationalist who gained prominence after retirement for his campaign to expose as frauds various Indian and Sri Lankan "god-men" and so-called paranormal phenomena. His criticism of spiritual frauds and organized religions was enthusiastically received by many enthusiasts, initiating a new dynamism in the Rationalist Movement, especially in Sri Lanka.
Professor Carlo Fonseka was active somewhat later in  time to Kovoor but he did not make an impact on me.
But I loved his orations and style.
It was a revelation at that time.
A cursory look at the content of this book may look like there is lot of repetition, which I wish I could have avoided, but could not, for the simple reason, the grand conspiracy design was integrated with religion, science and politics.

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Beautiful Comment on UFO sighting

Beautiful Comment on UFO sighting
by ledjarde1 month ago
Thank You
Why only in America?
Just like Nick Pope, this is yet another typical ex-tech carving himself a nice, cosy living as a ufologist, because believers are impressed by his credentials, which in turn lends weight to his claims. He actually presents zero credible evidence that there's ANY extra-terrestrial activity on earth, or ever has been. These people deal entirely in conjecture, rhetorical questions, speculation and possibility.
If there was ANY truth to what he was saying, don't you think one of the agents from the "30 or 40 levels of secrecy above the president" would have visited him in the night to stand on his neck?
We live in an age of mass video and photographic coverage, 100 times more than ever before. It's estimated that around 75% of all the photos EVER TAKEN were taken in the last 12 months. CCTV, HD cameras on mobile phones, dashboard cameras, traffic cameras, security cameras, etc....and yet STILL, after decades of having such an enormous mass of cameras everywhere, there still isn't a SINGLE credible, undeniable , irrefutable UFO photo or video that hasn't been proved to be fake.
Not ONE. Not one piece of video. Not one single photo. What does that tell you?

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Mental Culture

Mental CultureMind is the most powerful weapon (that is how Americans use Mind Culture) in this world.

It can be used for good and bad.

In practice it is used as a weapon and psychological warfare in politics and religion.
Secret services (CIA, MI5, FBI, KGB) are examples of the clandestine use of this psychological warfare in the past century.

Only in Buddhism or Hindu Culture, it is used for benevolence. 

Christianity (fear of god) and Muslim (coercion to inculcate fear and conversion) religions use this fear psychosis for expansion of their control.

One need not fear but develop the mental culture of Metta from an early age.
But what is promoted is Hate Culture.

The tolerance vanishes with this psychosis.

One should have the freedom not to be indoctrinated by any pseudo-religion.

Metta Meditation is something that everybody (it takes the fear psychosis out of your mind) can practice.
I prefer the Moment Meditation.

There is a caveat here.
One should not practice these mental techniques in old age without a suitable meditation master.
One might end up psychologically deranged or broken down. I have seen several in my life.

Ajan Chach (in the past) and Ajan Brakmavaso (current) are good exponents (guides).

Ajan Brakmavanso to his credit has many simple books in English. His talent is that he can put very difficult context in very simple words using a simile. There is nobody to match him currently.
Meditation culture needs hard and strenuous practice.

One cannot master this in a weekend course.

If somebody is doing academic work “Vissusdhi Magga” is a colossal text. That is the only book I do not possess. 
One need only one or most two to three techniques depending on the personality.

For me “Dhamma-Pada”, the small volume with 400 odd verses is adequate as an introduction. Even from that I do use not more than 10 verses for insight.
The Pali word for "Insight" is “Vipassana”, which is being adopted by Buddhist practitioners of meditation.
I prefer the term “Mindfulness Meditation”.
I go, little further to “Moment Meditation”, which is Mindful presence every wakeful moment of living (except one is in dream state of sleeping).

There are different mental cultures from "Mediums" to "Channels" to "Insight Meditation".

Last is the most difficult.

There is a lot to pick but one needs a proper Meditation Master to guide one through.

All Americans are not Bad

All Americans are not Bad

This is about Americans.

Not all Americans are bad.

There are lot of good Americans.

What I am against are the American Scientists who conspire for the last 70 years.

It is time I should say good about Americans. 

I have met few of them and there are many like Dr. Steven M. Greer.

Unlike British Americans are fabulously rich and spend time and money to explore the unknown, including UFOs.

Whereas the British will hold onto their prejudices in their entire life.

Even though, yesteryear British scholars had revived and reviewed Buddhist scriptures (Francis Story and Rhys Davies) after the visit of Colonel Henry Steel Olcott to Ceylon, there is none in this country and UK now..

I believe he was sent here by the Church to discredit Dhamma (Buddhism) but he was enthralled and enlightened by studying the scriptures.

Rhys Davies

Thomas William Rhys Davids was born in England, at Colchester in Essex, the eldest son of a Congregational clergyman from Wales, who was affectionately referred to as the Bishop of Essex. 
His mother, who died at the age of 37 following childbirth, had run the Sunday school at his father's church.

Thomas William Rhys Davids, FBA (12 May 1843 – 27 December 1922) was a British scholar of the Pāli language and founder of the Pali Text Society. 

He took an active part in founding the British Academy and London School for Oriental Studies.

He studied for the bar and briefly practiced law, though he continued to publish articles about Sri Lankan inscriptions and translations, notably in Max Müller's (he was a French Scholar) monumental Sacred Books of the East.

From 1882 to 1904 Rhys Davids was Professor of Pali at the University of London, a post which carried no fixed salary other than lecture fees.

In 1905 he took up the Chair of Comparative Religion at the University of Manchester.
Rhys Davids attempted to promote Theravada Buddhism and Pāli scholarship in Britain. 

He actively lobbied the government (in co-operation with the Asiatic Society of Great Britain) to expand funding for the study of Indian languages and literature, using numerous arguments over how this might strengthen the British hold on India. He gave "Historical Lectures" and wrote papers advancing a racial theory of a common "Aryan" ethnicity amongst the peoples of Britain, Sri Lanka, and the Buddha's own clan in ancient times. These were comparable to the racial theories of Max Müller, but were used to a different purpose.
Rhys Davids claimed that Britons had a natural, "racial" affinity with Buddhist doctrine.
This part of Rhys Davids' career is controversial.
His scholarly enterprise was terminated by a bogus investigation by the British.

British Conspiracy
He never renunciate his faith but promoted study of Buddhism. That was his downfall.

Rhys Davids' civil service career and his residence in Sri Lanka came to an abrupt end.

Personal differences with his superior, C. W. Twynham, caused a formal investigation, resulting a tribunal and Rhys Davids' dismissal for misconduct. A number of minor offences had been discovered, as well as grievances concerning fines improperly exacted both from Rhys Davids' subjects and his employees.

With his death study of Buddhism ended in Great Britain.

Unlike, the British, the American continue to study Buddhism up to this date.

Unlike in Britain, America there is considerable number of Americans who practice Buddhist Way of Life without enunciating their own faith (for political reasons).

Buddhism is thriving in America!

They have contributed a lot silently.

I have met few of them and they come here for meditation practices.

I was busy then but I directed them to the proper academics and mediation masters, with my connection in the University.

Unfortunately most of the erudite with knowledge in English are all gone and rare to find now.

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How to help UFO Guys/Girls/Forums

How to help UFO Guys/Girls/Forums

With the the form of rigidity from those having power and hard to get information one has to become proactive.

The rigidity has led to many untoward outcomes. 

With the secret service operating with such stubbornness some of these guys/girls look for revelation gives into pressure and give up without a fight.

The minority who persevere are frustrated to the core.

They turn their frustration to form pressure groups. Often these pressure groups have few active members.
They are handicapped by lack of resources.

One has to use one’s pocket money.
The Internet have been very important for these pressure groups in organizing even international symposiums.

There is a downside too.
They go on publish books and some of these books are turned into films.

Facts often become fiction.

Some of them get rich but many become poor.

Often families break down and divorce ensues.

Initial enthusiasm wanes and the project comes to a standstill.

This is where one has to come forward and pump in money (donations) and jump start the stalled engine of inquiry. 

These smart people do not wish to beg. 
So it is imperative that when one is in a break point help him or her in kindness and resources.

Minimum one should do is to give them publicity by distributing their videos and CD/DVDs.

 At least make their Wikipedia presence colourful.

I have picked up few of these smart ones, I admire from Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is doing a great job by making their presence felt world wide..

Probability USA UFO/ Aliens Scenario

Probability USA UFO/ Aliens Scenario

Because there so many overt and covert player/actors in the UFO and ET scenario, it is very difficult to unravel the relative truth or scientific basis.

Let me summarize few cardinal points.
They should not be taken on face value alone.
There is a lot red herrings and misconceptions.

1. Number one which is obvious.
There are parallel governments in USA.

It could be minimum of three.

Those elected by popular vote by regular (rigid framework and term of office) elections. 
This I call the changing or the flexible arm of the government. 
They actually do not have a clout in decision making.

The second is group made up of intellectuals coming from science, politics, defense affairs, foreign policy, trade and economy. They are either elected by their higher positioning in the respective fields or the power and influence they possess in business or politics. The number may amounts to six to twelve. They form the concrete policy group less amenable to change and provide continuity of governance irrespective of who  heads the political mantle.

Both these groups on surface are democratic / republican institutes amenable to scrutiny albeit little. 
There is some structural rigidity alien to them however. 
Radical changes will never come about given this structural rigidity.

The third group and the most powerful is invincible and secretive and it has absolute power and wherewithal. The individuals in this group are not subjected to scrutiny since the above two institutions have abdicated their power to rein on this secretive society. The numbers in this group can be as little as five to innumerable. 
I believe this group has moles placed in the other two for eavesdropping and insinuating their will.
2. This leads to rigidity of the governance. Even the President has no power to intervene and if he/she trespasses, this group will stop, if necessary by assassination.

3. The other possibility is the secretive group to train individual as career serviceman / women is real. Nobody from the outside (independents) could get into the political system without heavy scrutiny.

4. Level of secrecy or classified information is the norm by default.

5. Evolution of disclosure is slow.

6. Freedom of information is almost non existent.

All these symptoms and signs of the lack of transparency in governance came into existence because of the people’s interest in UFOs and ET/Aliens.

It does not matter whether there are aliens or not.

The American public had woken up from a 70 years slumber.

My entry in here to US politics was accidental not coincidental. 
I always wished to have been to USA for work. 
With above discovery, I do not think I have missed much.

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Henry Steel Colonel Olcott

Henry Steel Colonel Olcott
Colonel Henry Steel Olcott (2 August 1832 – 17 February 1907) was an American military officer, journalist, lawyer and the co-founder and first President of the Theosophical Society.
Olcott was the first well-known American of European ancestry to make a formal conversion to Buddhism. His subsequent actions as president of the Theosophical Society helped create a renaissance in the study of Buddhism. Olcott is considered a Buddhist modernist for his efforts in interpreting Buddhism through a Westernized lens.
Olcott was a major revivalist of Buddhism in Sri Lanka and he is still honored in Sri Lanka for these efforts. Olcott has been called by Sri Lankans "one of the heroes in the struggle of our independence and a pioneer of the present religious, national and cultural revival".

Theosophical Society

From 1874 on, Olcott's spiritual growth and development with Blavatsky and other spiritual leaders would lead to the founding of the Theosophical Society. In 1875, Olcott, Blavatsky, and others, notably William Quan Judge, formed the Theosophical Society in New York City, USA. Olcott financially supported the earliest years of the Theosophical Society and was acting President while Blavatsky served as the Society's Secretary.
In December 1878 they left New York in order to move the headquarters of the Society to India. They landed at Bombay on February 16, 1879. Olcott set out to experience the native country of his spiritual leader, the Buddha. The headquarters of the Society were established at Adyar, Chennai as the Theosophical Society Adyar, starting also the Adyar Library and Research Centre within the headquarters.
I forget the exact motives of Olcott and I believe his outlook was much broader but with resurgence of Buddhist revival in Ceylon, his original ideas metamorphosed to a single theme.
His broader inquiry stretched into to religion, philosophy and science, not spirituality alone.But his followers in Ceylon put fullstops to science and philosophy.

Looking for absolute truth
I never joined a club or secret society in my entire life.
Club mentality was an alien theme to me, for the simple reason of confining myself to a narrow segment of free inquiry closes all avenues for new emerging knowledge,especially science.
Having returned from united Kingdom with lot of new ideas, I was invited to a symposium organized by a spiritual organization. I grabbed the opportunity and said it should include all three disciplines, philosophy, religion and science (no politics by conviction). 

I took the responsibility of organizing it but did not have a clue how to approach the philosophy theme.
Luckily, I knew Monte Gopallawa, mostly indirectly (my sisters batch) who had read philosophy in his undergraduate studies. He was the Governor of the Central Province and was easy to approach. Through his offices I managed an introduction to Professor 

A.D.P Kalansuriya.
We decided to have a “short weekly discussion” in the University of Peradeniya and invited few guys and girls. In the first discussion we had about 10 and in one of the subsequent discussions, one guy (I did not know) in a national dress, who came from the Buddhist background, started arguing on a flimsy point slanted towards Buddhism, off the track of professors theme by many a mile.
Professor in his inimitable way, tried to put him on the track with very short doses of philosophy. This idiot went on in circles and after waiting awhile, annoyed to the brim, I blasted this guy and told him, we came to listen to philosophy not Buddhism (this idiot’s interpretation, not Buddha’s) and you better get out of this room or I will throw you out physically.
I got up from my seat and showed him, I meant what I said.
He with few of his followers left the room and there was one other guy (may be my very young brother in law) beside me left in the room.
Professor had a bright smile in his face and after a pause said these guys cannot understand a simple term in philosophy.
That is the problem I am faced with.
We continued to have the discussion as planned and in subsequent discussion I was the only guy left.

Prof ADP Kalansooriya
The above incident brought us together and he had few medical problems (he never sought any advice from me) that made our encounters more frequent.
He was probably the last true philosopher we had. His thesis in UK was accepted without a hitch, in early sixties, not in any way slanted to Buddhism.
I was lucky to have receive a free copy of his last book, related to language games in philosophy.
It was very heavy stuff in content and English terms, which I had to refer the dictionary to grasp his thoughts.
That was the only book in my life I read one chapter at a time (several times) and never proceeded to next chapter without getting hold of his dialectical and eclectically themes.
Listening to him over six to ten close door sessions made me well prepared.
One of his attempts was to get us out of the rigid often prejudiced views. He said philosophers are also trapped in this same dilemma.
He encouraged us to think “out of the box” and showed us the way out of a dogma.
I am very thankful to him and he is no more.
He sucumbed to a medical misadventure just like Monte Gopallawa, his only and the last student (he died before him).

Coming back to "Looking for absolute truth", I organized symposium and invited him for short introduction to philosophy in Sinhala.
I of course dished out the science theme and after a few introductory remarks made into "a question and short answers".
That was the last time I addressed a public lecture 15 years ago.
I try my level best to avoid any.
Simply because the general public want to be inside the box.
Getting them out is difficult philosophically.

Why Russians Never Landed a Human on Moon?

Why Russians Never Landed a Human on Moon?

Following hypotheses of mine are outrageous but nevertheless needs probing.

I am not going to include them in my new book.
Human conspiracy is in their genes, and outlining them is an uphill task.
I am scrapping only the surface.
I do not intend to reveal all of them and waste rest of my life on a failed endeavor.
I have better things to do in my life.

Coming to my pondering of Russian actions.
1. Russia did not have the technology.
This may not be true, they were well ahead of America.

2. Russia did not have the money.
Probable but cannot be substantiated.

3. Russia was prudent not to waste their scared resources.
This is true in a communist but relatively poor country.

4.Russia did not want to sacrifice the life of their trained astronauts for an ego exercise.
This is my bone of contention.
They are more useful in defense strategies.

5. None of the above.
More likely scenario.

Now let me take the American attitude.
1. American public are generally stupid (mind you not all) and are mostly afflicted by an incurable ego problem.
This is true.

2. They want to be the first in scientific advances and pay or hijack (Germans after World War II) for personnel.
Similar to above ego mentality.

3. They had enough resources but wasted them on putative communist war.

4. They had a powerful secret service and did not want politicians to take credit.

5. JFK was assassinated to channel money (not for space program) to CIA projects.

6. America never send any astronauts to moon (to save money for covert operations) but choreographed either by holography or actual photography on earth.
This is my belief even though there is no proof available.
I am human and have the freedom for skepticism.

7. America did not have a correct sense and directive with so many lobbies to contend with.

8.They had to satisfy Vatican.
Most likely overtly or covertly.

9. None of the above.
Most likely scenario.

Now my revelation hypothesis.

1. Russia and USA are toying the same line in their defense policy.

2. They do not want conflicts to throttle their own programs.

3. They are in contact with aliens and using their technology (without the knowledge of the public0.

4. Russia, America and Aliens already have an advanced interplanetary mission.

5. America (CIA) is using drug money for these clandestine black projects since the legislative Assemblies are very slow to authorize them of veto them.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Meaning of Freedom

Reproduction which is very OLD but relevant to this Day
Meaning of Freedom
The dangling of the carrot is the proverbial statement for an offering that is apparently “feasible but not tenable”, that is presented to hoodwink the unsuspecting masses.
Now the operative word is the FUD, a shorthand for Fear, Uncertainty and the Doubt.
FUD the triple of Fear, Uncertainty and the Doubt that is created in the minds of masses by corporate giants and is utilized to sideline the competitors.
Good example is the operation of Microsoft against the competitive Linux distributions. When Linux was emerging as an operating system the FUD was amply utilized to distance the would be computer enthusiast and lure him / her to Microsoft Windows.
But being intellectuals most of the Linux enthusiast overcame this by sheer courage and community spirits. Linux was very flexible and now quite unintentionally FUD is working against its originator. Community spirit prevailed in the Linux community and the Free Software Foundation laid the foundation in overcoming FUD syndrome. The spirit of Free Software Foundation / Linux is the gift of original software to the Internet Community.
As long as the authorship (not ownership) is quoted any modification could be done to the original copy to improve it and remove bugs. However the improved version has to be re-released back to the pool for further development by the community.
It is called the copy left and not copy right.
So the natural evolution of the software takes leaps and bounds within a short space of time for the betterment of the masses.
Much of this principle is very much close to the Buddhist principle of “Dhamma Dhana” but with a difference. What is given away is recycled with added improvement in quality and it is given away for another cycle like the “Sansara” cycle never ending.
One need not improve “The Dhamma” but only have to understand its underlying principles and spread the message of goodwill.
It is interesting to note that a Buddhist monk who had appeared in a court to protect his Pirith cassette, he had been marketing.
Is the “Sabbha Dhanam Dhamma Dhanam Jinathi” spirit of Buddhism being betrayed?
This monk should read the evolution of Linux Community and the General Public License that came with the Free Software Foundation. This Buddhist monk does not understand that the Gift of Dhamma is the supreme gift and it should not be commercialized. A blank CD / cassette is only Rs.25 / 50 and anybody who is selling a Pirith CD / cassette for more than Rs.50 is vandalizing these principles.
If Buddha is alive today I wonder what he would utter.
Would be an another occasion for “Udana Whakya” similar to “Sabbha Dhanam Linux Dhanam Jinathi” and would have a little smile at the corner of his mouth. There would be few more verses added illustrating the illusion of freedom and liberty of the mind filled with lust, hate and delusion.
Are we truly free and liberated?
It is something worth pondering.
All Sri-Lankans whatever the creed may be, believe that they are prisoners of their own conscience.
Sinhalese believe that they have to be free from interference by Tamils.
Tamils believe they are persecuted by the majority.
Are the Tamils free from persecution by their masters?.
The Muslims, believe they have to be free from indulgence from both Tamils and Sinhalese.
Million dollar question is, could the piece mongers (foreign ambassadors of dubious credentials) allay the FUD syndrome?
They in fact created it.
We are in this vicious cycle of suspicion, the LTTE and party in power and party aspiring to come into power are spreading the FUD syndrome viciously to its maximum zenith (peak).
What is needed is to have FUD syndrome at its nadir (depths).
The international community spreads the FUD syndrome to help the propagation of their corporate agenda with dangling the proverbial carrot.
What is happening in the political field in Sri-Lanka is the insensible manifestation of FUD syndrome.
At a philosophical level what Socrates said to an aggressive follower who would stretch his arm for a punch is relevant even today.
“Your freedom ends where my nose begins”.
The international community should realize that they are very close to every one's nose.
It is nice to recapture what Nazurudeen stated about his failure to marry.
It is said that he had been to all the countries looking for a girl he liked.
Ultimately he found one but the girl who matched his interests was also looking for man whom she wanted but alas for him / her that man was not Nazurudeen.
We have being looking for a suitable match maker for   Sri-Lankan bride. Now we are left with a whole harem of foreign ambassadorial girls (donating their vices).
At what price we do not know?
This is where one has to ponder and ask the vital question what is the price for freedom and what is the meaning of liberty?
Poor man on the street does not understand the jargon he will never be freed from his poverty.
As long as there is corporate mind set in making profits without sharing the wealth of information with its competitors to improve the quality and availability at an affordable price the gap between the rich and poor would widen.
Free market philosophy is not for liberating the masses.
They are there to increase the profits.
The belief that profits would filter to the masses is a grand myth.
There is no community involvement as seen in the Linux community. Linux community feels that they are liberated from the corporate giants. Until and unless we are free from both local and foreign corporate giants who are hell bent on making profits and exercise their monopoly, the freedom of choice is an illusion to the majority.
Only the minority will have the freedom to enjoy and exploit.
This corporate mind set should change to community mind set and community involvement.
There is a limit that the free market philosophy can stretch but beyond that point there are diminishing returns.
Like in the Linux community somewhat similar orientation has to take place in the business community in        Sri-Lanka and worldwide for the true meaning of freedom to be enjoyed by all.
Not a privileged and selected minority.
Freedom that costs is meaningless.
Selfish gains but no devotion as is preached by all the religions is not relevant to the corporate mind set.
Microsoft agents doing a few community projects (to lure a few deprived clients in the periphery) without shedding their corporate mentality is of little benefit to the masses.
A wholesome benefits want accrue.
If we do not think in radical terms and initiate changes now, there going to be massive uprising, hitherto unknown in the past. Some of the manifestations in the world today are a sign of this frustration building.
Not only with the poor but in the middle class too.
The middle class gave stability but it is fast disappearing.
With the wide use of the Internet, we would hear of more and more of evolving crisis.
People would like to see the credibility in their leaders which is sadly lacking in the world because of corporate giants pulling their strings behind their leaders.
They determine policy not the larger masses.
The masses would ask what is the meaning of this freedom?
That is the starting point of the crisis of this century.
Leaders have to be groomed with social values and ideals and not individual profiles and party profiles. Leaders should not be trained only to run the corporate giants. Leaders should be trained to lead the community they live.
Emulating western values only, going to be, not enough and begging bowl mentality should give way to equal partners in international dealing whether the country is big or small.
Some of the eastern values of sharing and caring should take precedence over profits. Then only one can call the citizens of sovereign nations are free and liberated.
United Nations will fail in their duty, if they have only Human Right Charter for cosmetic exercises. In that case the amount money that is spent on UNO could be better utilized for some other ventures.
They should rewrite these Charters.
Profit beyond certain acceptable levels should be prohibited or a certain level of compulsion to do community research both eco-friendly and community-friendly should be encouraged.
What is the big idea of having a few rich people and million and millions of poor souls?
How can a man like Tyson a champion one day and then a pauper the next day (in his twilight years)?
It is not acceptable in USA and for that matter any other country in this world.
Where is the social security?
England had a very well organized social security system and in another 50 years time it is going to be all private pensions?
These questions that are raised in the West and are equally relevant to us. The people who raise these voices have no industrial or corporate muscle.
Party politics seem to have ruined the entire world.
Most of the party leaders worldwide are gullible liars and some of them are of course pathological in nature.
Can we trust these leaders?
This is what is emerging in the West.
The covert political mechanisms are firmly embedded and established, in the  current system, only the corrupt and rich can rise to the top.
So, talking about freedom whether it is in the West or East is futile to the average man on the street. They just get the kick out of kicking a party out of power to get another miserable party into power and languish till the next opportunity to make the same mistake again.
In reality, it is a Gamble or a Casino?
One day cricket was much more interesting until this Casino bug bit it in full.
At the end of the day, all the so called democratic exercises are futile and the freedom of choice, a bad dream and a nightmare, just as well, to be forgotten by the majority at stake.
The liberation that the average man is looking for in economic and social fields is not achieved. Goals are set but never achieved due to lack of penetrating insight and vision.
What is done is patchy and ad hoc. We are blindly going through the cycle of events till events take control of our freedom.
Are we truly liberated?
The answer is firm, No.

Four freedoms elegantly expressed by former US President F.D.Roosevelt have given way to FUD factor. The freedom of speech and expression (state controlled media and private media with vested interests), freedom of worship (desecrating religions), freedom from want (poverty) and last but not least freedom from fear (terrorism) has no meaning today worldwide.
The last factor the fear (from both physical and psychological) is utilized to gain undesirable motives.
The psychological fear is the deadliest of all and our doctors are using this to the detriment of the profession (both public and private).

Friday, August 19, 2016

AIDS Epidemic

AIDS Epidemic

HIV-1 from chimpanzees and gorillas to humans

Scientists generally accept that the known strains (or groups) of HIV-1 are most closely related to the simian immunodeficiency viruses (SIV) endemic in wild ape populations of West Central African forests. Particularly, each of the known HIV-1 strains is either closely related to the SIV that infects the chimpanzee subspecies or closely related to the SIV that infects western lowland gorillas.

The pandemic HIV-1 strain (group M) and a very rare strain only found in a few Cameroonian people (group N) are clearly derived from chimpanzee populations living in Cameroon. Another very rare HIV-1 strain (group P) is clearly derived from gorilla populations of Cameroon. The primate ancestor of HIV-1 train (group O) is a strain infecting over 100,000 people mostly in Cameroon but also the neighboring countries.This has been recently confirmed to be derived from gorilla strain.
The pandemic HIV-1 group M is prevalent in the southeastern rain forests of Cameroon (modern East Province) near the Sangha River.
Thus, this region is presumably where the virus was first transmitted from chimpanzees to humans. However, reviews of the epidemiological evidence of early HIV-1 infection in stored blood samples, and of old cases of AIDS in Central Africa have led many scientists to believe that HIV-1 group M early human center was probably not in Cameroon, but rather farther south in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, more probably in its capital city, Kinshasa (formerly Léopoldville).

Using HIV-1 sequences preserved in human biological samples along with estimates of viral mutation rates, scientists calculate that the jump from chimpanzee to human probably happened during the late 19th or early 20th century, a time of rapid urbanization and colonization in equatorial Africa.

Exactly when the zoonosis occurred is not known.

Some molecular dating studies suggest that HIV-1 group M (most recent common ancestor) started to spread in the human population, in the early 20th century, probably between 1915 and 1941.

This happened in between the two World Wars I and II when Germans used African bases, especially the Democratic Republic of Congo as a experimental base for clandestine medical research. They probably used cells derived from simian kidney for cell culture studies. 
What was studied by Germans are not known after their fall but it looks like American hijacked the project to America with captured German scientists.

I believe this project is still in USA on a different name and place.

What is now known for certain and the researchers at that time failed to recognize was the accidental infection by simian virus of human (African volunteers were used as guinea pigs) subjects. 

There were no established protocols or safety concerns for decades. 

The transfer of infection most probably occurred through infected unsterilized needles and syringes.

The aids virus is somewhat similar to hepatitis B virus and it is quite possible that it could carry the virus from man to man (in living lymphocytes) unless something happens in the intestinal system of the mosquitoes. It appears that the saliva and intestinal system inactivate both the virus and the lymphocytes.

Direct inoculation by unsterilized injection needles was the primary mode of infection and not zoonosis.

Ignorance of the natives and their abject poverty made it easy for the colonial masters to hide the facts and figures.
In a way it was a grand conspiracy.
I feel that the biological scientists of the 21st century should study the plausible cover ups.
What intrigued me at the beginning of the aids epidemic was why the adult mosquito did not spread the disease?
A study published in 2008, analyzing viral sequences recovered from a recently discovered biopsy made in Kinshasa, in 1960, along with previously known sequences, suggested a common ancestor transmitted to humans between 1873 and 1933 (with central estimates varying between 1902 and 1921).
The primates being a critically endangered species, further confirmatory research is impractical. However, the researchers were able to hypothesize a phylogeny from the limited available data. 

They were able to use the molecular clock of a specific strain of HIV to determine the initial date of transmission, which is estimated to be around 1915-1931.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

American Brain Waves

American Brain Waves

I have chosen the above title to show how we follow the American Hegemony.
The Current need is alternative Energy Sources! We are not investing on Solar Power.
Why I d not know?

Below are two my old pieces reproduced.
They are in a private domain and not visible in public domain.

Human DestinyIt looks likes human needs take paramount importance. 
The needs of other living beings on this planet is no concern.
Human needs are not measured by bare existence but by uncontrolled desire, greed and exploitation of the very environment he lives in.

He is not very responsible but very erratic in behaviour.
He explores and expands both in numbers and the spheres of influence.

When the going is good he expands and when the going is bad he perseveres at the expense of all other beings.

Human is the only species known to eats its own beings and all the other edible beings.

He does not spare anything that this earth can offer,

When the going is good it is Lancashire hotpot with lamb but when the going is bad it is only potato hotpot.

His culinary desires which includes cannibalism speaks of his destructive nature.

How can we say he is a rational being?

Only rationality is his own existence at the expense of sometimes his own fellow beings.

Rat race and nothing but rat race.

That is the virtue of all powerful capitalism, power and wealth.

There is something wrong in this simple equation.

Expand, exploit and try to gain control at every advantage point.

He does not learn lessons from the past,

40 years ago in 1973, when oil price hike followed after the Middle est conflict he was ill prepared.

I saw what that meant for our children.

Thousands and thousand of children died of starvation and illness.

We are not ready for its repetition.

This time it is the global warming which is going to precipitate it.

40 years ago it was oil and energy and thereafter the food crisis.

When there is scarcity we tend to invest more on the same resource instead of changing to alternative resources.

In fact after the last oil crisis we had being using oil at a rate far more energetic than before.

We were not ready for the global warming.

In fact we did all to precipitate it.

Then there will be a Youth Bubble.

The rich dictators were not receptive to the needs of the poor while piling up money for their own fantasies.

How can we say man is rational.

His greed dictates the front line.
The ones who are behind the line or sitting on the bench have no say.

Unfortunately this equation is going to change.

Be prepared the human, the stupid exploiter.

Forest Harvesting
I was bit inquisitive why there are so many tornadoes and hurricanes in America.

I just went to Google Earth and had a little peep from above of North America’s, the West and the East.

There is hardly any difference in tree cover over the land, East or West.

Mostly farmland and build up areas.

That did not give me any clue to the state of the forest cover.

Then I went and searched deforestation.

Americans harvested 90% of the land in 70 years from 1850 to 1920.
Entire East was covered with Forest and fair proportion of the West was covered with primary forest. 

The deforestation continued to this century and America now has mainly secondary forest covering 10% of the land.
American knew that the CO2 problem started around 1920 and continues even today due to their exploitation of fossil fuel.

Did they tell the truth to the world?

Big No.

In Sri-Lanka we had 90% forest cover until around 1850 and British started deforestation for coffee and tea cultivation. 

By the time they left in 1948 forest cover was over 60% but before they left they pass a law prohibiting encroachment of the Crown Land.

From 1948 to 2000 we have decimated another 40 percent especially after 1970.

We are now below the minimal threshold of 25% to maintain our rivers.

This land now can be called the People’s Land instead of the Crown Land and the tree felling and the development go on.

When the thermal power plant is operational we will be approaching 10% level which is the cut off point for desert classification.

Acid rain will do the rest even we stop cutting to Zero.

Then we can say we are better than America in case of deforestation and go for an IMF loan.
Very soon we will be no different from Dubai.

Regards to American tornadoes and hurricanes trees act as a wind breaks and control the water cycle better. 

They should reforest America back to 1920 or continue to have this cycle every year.

Problem is there is no country rich American can go to avoid hurricanes since rest of the world is no better including China.

This is what I call the development of the Earth Crisis.

The prediction that world ends in 2012 should be rephrased that "The irreversible loss of biodiversity is in full swing from now onward with the global warming well established and irreversible."

We Sri-Lanksn will be drilling oil with Indian help till sun goes down.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alien Conquer

Alien Conquer
Late  19th century and beginning of 20th century, there was awakening in the Western world both in scientific terms and politically sense. 
While primitive societies were in abject poverty and were under colonial Western influence. 
There were no human rights charters but human right violation was the vogue in the name of  attempt to civilize these primitive people (you should refer to my comments on progress of civilization including alien elsewhere).

West and Mid Africa especially Congo is a very good example under Belgium King Leopoldville.

When a civilization get isolated in an ecological niche, there are certain characteristics built into the system. This changes very little with their population expansion and migration from an unfertile niche to an adjoining fertile niche, not occupied by an alien civilization.

But when a complete foreign or alien civilization encroaches upon these primitive civilizations catastrophe ensues.

First reaction is overt and covert war.

Then it leads to either domination by the aliens or succumb to the primitives.

Numbers invading are small by default but, if they have advanced technology (guns to begin with) there is no defense for the primitives.

This is what happened to Native Americans with Spanish invasions and later by German, French, British and Belgians in African continent.

These invaders bring diseases to the natives which varied from syphilis, to all venereal diseases, to measles, to influenza to aids. 

(The sars epidemic is different.
Usually there is no man to man transfer in zoonoses.
It is usually animal to man and it terminates either with demise or of recovery of the human individual. 

When these viruses mutate and acquire variants that can transfer infection from man to man, pandemic results.

Pandemics can wipe out entire civilizations.

Pandemics were used by alien migrates to decimate the natives.

The next wave in this design is the coming of volunteer medical personal with putative medications as healers.

When this strategy fails the divine visitors or priests with abundance of money often amassed by ill gotten means replace the medicine sans frontiers.

Viruses can be deadlier than the bullet!

Monday, August 15, 2016

We are not alone in this universe!

We are not alone in this universe!

Let me propose a hypothesis “That we are not alone in this universe”.
That set in the formation of a forum of journalists, scientists and citizenry to investigate and prove or disprove the stated claims.

The result is various people with different academic credentials take up the challenge to validate their own positioning and reasoning.

From scientists to engineers to journalist get 
involved in unraveling the mystery.

For the citizenry it is a mystery.

It’s highly unlikely we’re alone in the universe, NASA experts are saying and we may be close to finding alien life.

In fact, it may happen in the next two decades.

NASA held a panel discussion at the agency’s Washington headquarters where space experts talked about the search for Earth-like planets that host life.
Based on recent advancements in space telescope technology, scientists estimated that in the coming decades we’ll confirm suspicions that we’re not alone.
“I think in the next 20 years we will find out we are not alone in the universe,” NASA astronomer states.Roswell incident with putative alien visitation is 70 years old. We have to wait another 20 years. The Total is 90 years for discovery. In other words we have to wait for another guy like Paul Heller to emerge in his/her death bed dying disposition.

Won't we?
I want the truth right now not when "ordained in a coffin" like Egyptian Tutukarman.

Political Wisdom

Political Wisdom
This is an attempt to explore "political science" and preferably its wisdom and bare its bones free from party bondage. I am not an expert in politics but because somebody has aligned science as a prefix to make it more attractive to the ordinary, I have the right to dissect it in current context.
From Plato's Republic to now what emerges is the conventional wisdom of "the right view" is the view of those who are currently holding power, this dissection would not come favorable to any G.O.P (Grand Old Party) in power, whether, republican, democratic or socialist.
First of all, I dug into the definition of political science, true to its credentials I have not found a worthwhile definition. In any case, I found that the term scientific cannot be applied to politics.
When Socratic's philosophical dilemmas were terminated, let alone science even philosophy was not accommodated by the rulers. When Jesus was crucified, the first anomaly of democracy was born.
If politics is to silence the contrary view there is no semblance of science in its inception.
The appendage "science" was a clever instrument by which rulers, the powerful ones, found a way to dub the innocent masses.
The westerners' obsession to democracy is simple and cunning. It gives them a subtle tool to insinuate their ideas to alien cultures. The fact of the matter is that mankind has not found a foolproof method to govern itself in prosperity or in adversity.
What is current and vogue takes precedence to prudence in politics. Invariably politic is not scientific in its origin or its evolution.
My stress in this short provocation is simple.
How can one arrive at the term of office in years?
Isn't it arbitrary?
It varies from three to four to five to six years to almost infinity for some.
Since I am using a scientific argument, the term of office should be related to the biological life of the voter.