Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why the decadence?


Why the decadence?

We have gone from basic good and bad moral concepts to to decadence.
I have very a simple answer.
It is the selfishness of the majority.
Nobody stands up for justice.
This is a malady that comes after 3 decades of war and killing. As long as one who was killed is not in one’s particular group (ethnicity), an average citizen looked the other way, adoring the killing machine.
The life is only a private affair and spend millions (10 million for a politician’s leg) for self propagation. Rest should go to the government hospital and wait in the queue.

What contribution the religion has made?

We are supposed to have four of the best religions in this country, yet we had war over 30 years and five years after ending the war nobody speaks about reconciliation.
War in politics is marketable but peace has no market value for politicians.
But the average citizen loves peace.
The religion does not contribute to peace bur war, Middle East in Crisis, an example.
It may filter down here.
Is better without a religion?
For any want of better ideas my  philosophical tenet is that the world in historical sense (Bible War) and current sustenance, a country without a religion is where I want to be.
I cannot wait till I go to heaven.
I want to live today, not for tomorrow!

Blind Logics and Logistics of Modern Society

Blind Logics and Logistics of Modern Society

I believe the modern society lacks perspective in life.

Good example is America.

If you look at the presidential campaign, I am amazed why America cannot find better alternatives to Trump and Hillary.

Both are out of pace and reality and living in their own worlds of misconceptions.

There are only two parties and there is no place for a third or emergence of alternative views.

Both parties are bound up with hidden pressure groups and money.

They (pressure groups with ulterior motives) do the propaganda and the average citizen is lead down the garden path of no return.

I do not know where the FBI and NSA stand,  except for eavesdropping on every human being born or not  born yet.
England where the Mother of Democracy supposed to have originated is getting too much direction from bureaucrats from Brussels and British people had no alternative but to say firm NO.

But the three main parties do not know how to get out the mess and lead the world in modern politics.

At least United Kingdom have an alternative party but it is all bickering within the party to take the leadership or the mantle.

Nothing else!

Come to Ceylon, it is all about killing the democracy and the opponents and have only ONE Family rule or dynasty.

We are unable to get rid of the MONSTER called the elected (by devious means) president.

We have a vestige of alternative media and most of the others are run by drug and warlords.

Now with three women leading the world, we the men folk can say good bye to politics and start polishing the remaining spirits left in our drums or bottles.

I can assure you that these three woman will not leave the world in better footing than when they took over, but even worse.

I hope you got the picture.

The idea of this piece is not at all political but to show the logistics part of our governance, I used politics as a preamble.

The main theme here is how we destroy the creativity from cradle to teen to coffin.

1. Right to be born without prejudice is no more.

In this part of the world female infant (including China) is unwanted commodity and aborted by default.

In this country the infant had to be born before December 31 to beat the mad rush for entry into a National School.

All of them are born within a single house bordering a National school by one mile.

The statistics emerging from houses within a mile radius is staggering.

The highest population density by birth in the entire world!

2. Once born these kids have no right or choice.
They have to get the highest grade in the year five examination.

The right to free education of the choice of the child is negated at the labour room.

Child is sent to preschool too early to learn a foreign language before he/she could become verse with the mother tongue.

Do not get me wrong here, second and perhaps third language are vital for moving upwards in the ladder of education, in this country and elsewhere in the modern world.

3. By proper education one move up the ladder fast and education is the only way forward.

It is a myth as far as this country is concerned.
In our parliament the richest ones have not gone to even the fifth standard.

There school is local mafiosi and truancy is the gateway froward.

4. If they fail in the normal mode of schooling, they go to the private tuition.

It a booming industry for pseudo-educationalists.

5. Let me cut short, some of them by shear chance get to the university.

My estimate by that time they have lost all their creativity but loaded with outdated (usually 30 years) book knowledge.

The bottom line is that the parents, teachers (most are not trained in education psychology) and specially the religious teachers of all faiths (they are not taught religion is a blind faith, opium that hinder creativity and advancement in scientific knowledge) put all sort of rigid dogmas in their minds from cradle to teen to coffin.

By the time they are teens we have created JVP activists, LTTE activists and currently religious activists including ISIS and BBS.

I often have two very simple question for any inquiring mind.

1. What have you gain from your religion (except extremism)?

If one say that I became a good (not right) person.

2. Do you really need a religion to become a good or bad person?

They are flabbergasted and do not ponder a philosophical or scientific question beyond that point.

Neither Karl Marx nor Einstein got any inspiration from previous dogmas (religion included) but their contribution to society and to the thinking man are enormous.