Friday, April 22, 2016

Nihalsingha is No More

Nihalsingha is No More

But he has left landmarks and milestones in our cinematic history.


One of Sri Lanka’s foremost filmmakers, D. B. Nihalsingha passed away yesterday afternoon after a brief illness. He was 77. Nihalsingha was the only Sri Lankan to be honoured with the title, ‘Professor in Cinema and Television’

Having made several award winning movies including Welikathara, Maldeniye Simion, Ridee Nimnaya and Kelimadala Nihalsingha made the country’s first tele serial ‘Dimuthu Muthu’ and followed it up with ‘Rekha.’ The cinema veteran was the founding CEO and General Manager of the National Film Corporation from 1972 to 1978.

Nihalsingha’s parents were veteran journalist D.B. Dhanapala and the late Rathi Dhanapala. 
His brother was veteran photo-journalist D.B. Suranimala.


Chinese (Operations) Gangs

Even though (we used to get Chinese Restaurant Syndrome) I loved Chinese Food, I went to China Town in London only once.
One feels like a stranger, not as in Singapore.
I suppose they have made connection in Sri-Lanka, too.

Chinese Gangs have exploited a gap in Italy's crime world, expanding into northern and central cities while the traditional mafia concentrates on the country's south.
Chinese Gangs step into gap left by mafia
The Chinese crime ring was partnered with an Italian family owning a money wire transfer company to recycle dirty money.

Italian police targeted the Chinese gangs in raids across the country this week, arresting 24 people with suspected links to a multi-billion Euro money-laundering operation.

Officers seized illegal factories and other assets as part of the operation.

Since 2006, the organization had laundered and funneled to China more than 2.7 billion Euros (£2.1bn pounds) from prostitution, sale of counterfeit goods, exploitation of illegal immigrants, tax evasion and other crimes committed in and around the Tuscan cities of Florence and Prato, an industrial town home to a large community of Chinese migrants.

Police arrested 17 Chinese and seven Italian nationals under suspicion of mafia association and took control of 73 companies and 181 pieces of real estate and seized 166 luxury cars, said a police statement.

With Italy's own Mafia entrenched in Sicily and the south, investigators said it was is natural that Chinese criminal gangs chose to move in to exploit niche markets in the central and northern cities hosting rapidly growing Chinese populations.

A triad is one of many branches of Chinese transnational organized crime organizations based in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and also in countries with significant Chinese populations, such as the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Criminal activities

Triads currently engage in a variety of crimes from extortion and money laundering to trafficking and prostitution

They also are involved in smuggling and counterfeiting goods such as music, video, and software as well as more tangible goods such as clothes, watches, and money.The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, (Burmese, Thai: Lao: Vietnamese) is one of Asia's two main opium-producing areas. It is an area of around 950,000 square kilometres (367,000 sq mi) that overlaps the mountains of three countries of Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Laos and Thailand.

Along with Afghanistan in the Golden Crescent, it has been one of the most extensive opium-producing areas of Asia and of the world since the 1950s.
Most of the world's heroin came from the Golden Triangle until the early 21st century when Afghanistan became the world's largest producer.

The Golden Triangle
The Golden Triangle designates the confluence of the Ruak River and the Mekong River, since the term has been appropriated by the Thai tourist industry to describe the nearby border tripoint of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.