Friday, April 1, 2016

Truth (Reconciliation) Day

Truth (Reconciliation) Day

One of my friends corrected me, when I reminded him that today is the April Fools Day.

He said you got it absolutely wrong.

What we need is a Truth (not Fooling ) Day.

Look at that big monk lying about a Baby Elephant.

Look at our politicians (promise of good governance), their bread and butter is lies and damn lies.

This is being a leap year we generally lie for 364 days at a stretch.

At least on the February 29th we could have (that is once in 4 years no lies for 24 hours) declared a Truth (Reconciliation too) Day.

Rest of the year we spread racial and religious hatred in this Buddhist country (where Buddhist monks takes the lead and practice hatred not Metta).

On a different note, I am informed all our present leaders and past leaders were affected by total amnesia after the alien encounters.

I am also told that lasts for years and sometime for life.

End results of Total Amnesia;

1. President has totally forgotten that he was elected by a grand coalition against the SLFP lead by Ma Ra.

2. Prime Minister has lost memory of all the election promises, and he jumped the band wagon of Citizen Action Groups.

3. Worst still ex-president had forgotten that he was a ruthless dictator, known in our history overshadowing even Prabakaran.

The next stage of this development is called DEMENTIA including for political events.

Unfortunately our voters also has total amnesia for election promises.