Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sphere of Activity

Ambidextrous of Activity
Instead of a programmed or rigid life style, I am proposing a balancing act or the right and the left coordination technique, in daily living and practices.
It is simple.
Learn to use both hands.
If you are right handed in writing try to use left hand for toilet cleaning (wipe the back with the left hand with tissues or without tissues).
Try combing with the left hand on alternative days.
Try the same with shaving.
I believe one has to be ambidextrous when shaving anyway.
If you take Route A for your walk (not jogging) one day, the next day make it the Route B and reroute your walking (for example turning left, where you turned right the day before and vice versa).
Never take the same route in two consecutive days.
It is difficult but with perseverance one can reschedule the routes.
In other words become ambidextrous in all your activities.
I have observed many right handed people have left handed strokes.
I postulate the concept that when one neglects an activity over time, that side of the brain gets less blood flowing in day to day life. So I believe the atherosclerotic patches appear on blood vessels supplying, that side of the brain, first. Or may be when shower of fat particles leave a plaque from the aorta or its major branches, the slow circulation (narrow to begin with) has a greater chance of obstruction.
Mind you I have been teaching atherosclerosis all my life. 

Its emphasis changed over time and current belief is it is due to inflammation that trigger thrombosis.
I am entitled to have my own views about atherosclerosis / thrombosis, saga.
I do not even believe the cholesterol theory since cholesterol is a vital biochemical molecule which even produce sex hormones. 

Now they have changed the concept to free radical damage and oxidized cholesterol and scavenger receptors in macrophages having a role (going back to inflammation theory).
So trying to promote blood flow to the non dominant side of the brain by actively promoting ambidextrous activity is a plausible strategy. 

This I believe is very healthy but a simple method and prevent strokes on the non dominant side of the brain.
I would expand on this further stating that learning a second language promote the activity of the creative brain or the non dominant brain and the second language is located on the right side (the activities are represented in the opposite side of the brain due to crisscrossing of nerve fibers in the brain stem). 

In actual fact the evolution has promoted this by design but we tend to neglect.
The Chinese are adept at using both hands. 

The ancient Chinese wisdom was to promote children to be ambidextrous and knitting embroidery, crotchet are Chinese inventions.
My mother who lived up to nineties was a good exponent of these dying arts. 

She also possessed the ability of two languages, thanks to British education.

Sphere of Activity
Few lines about sphere of activity is in order.
My definition of sphere of activity is the extent of the expansion of your geographical movement in your daily activities including work, shopping, going to the library or bookshops or any recreational activity, including meditation and religious activities.
That covers a lot and unfortunately the cellphone extends your sphere of activity beyond the shores. 

I consider telephone as a hindrance except when one travels aboard.
The car also expands it.
I believe in reducing the sphere of activity to the minimum functionality one needs for survival. 

Of course it reduces the traffic-jams of present day and one less person on the road is better for this planet wellbeing (less fuming exhaust).

Why go to a meditation retreat when one can do “Moment Meditation” or  “Plant Watching” as an exercise at home?