Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cleaning Hands

Please DO NOT Burn Your Hands, following the technique stated HERE.

This was a comment I placed below an article. 

Following is an extension of my blog activity.

One does not have to go paranoid about keeping clean hands.

Your hands are never sterile of bacteria.

Hands get colonized with bacteria every half an hour from your own "domesticated" or resident non pathogenic bacteria living on the surface and the root of the hairs.

They actually protect your hands from pathogenic bacteria invading and colonizing.

By wearing gloves one eliminates the risk of contaminating of a wound from your own possible carrier pathogens.

Ideally even a surgeon has to change gloves every half to one hour while operating.

By washing and scrubbing one gets rid of the foreign bacteria that are present in the contaminated food.

So the bottom line is to make sure one buys them from hygienic sources.

Other is to cook them before eating.

Fresh food (uncooked) is never free of bacteria one does not have to cook your hands; 

instead cook the food.

I never get involved in cooking since, with fish tanks and the dog my hands are never free of possible contamination.

I have to handle food that day is off for the fish and the dog. 

I consider the fridge-freezers are the most contaminated articles in yur house if it is jammed pack.

Minimum food in it cooked or uncooked is the safety valve.

I let my wife do the honours and bring fast food as a supplement.

Before I buy fast food I do a survey of how the food is handled and dished out and if I see any wrong practises, I never visit that place.

Food handling is a special art for the hospitality trade.

It is the job of the Public Health Inspectors to visit them regularly BUT our guys/girls visit them to take BRIBES from the vendors.

To get rid of hepatitis virus one has to boil for minimum of half an our.

HIV virus is inactivated by simple soap and water BUT kissing can transmit it apart from SEX whatever one's orientation is.

There was article stating to use HOT Water (temperature is immaterial) clean hands which is wrong.

Both hot water and very cold water can BURN your hands which is a serious injury for CHILDREN and adults.

40 years ago there wasnt a single place one could buy clean food in CEYLON.

Over the years we became immune to all the bugs.
I have no solution to this problem of "proper washing of hands (or any other article or body part").

I have to thank both Professor Barkumarakulasuriya and Professor Aluvihare for training as Medical Students and the etiquette of theatre practice.

Bar Kum wanted me to take surgical photographs of his cases, which I enjoyed very much.

APR (Athe Paya Rudawa after Surgery or Per Rectal Anjuna we renamed him no sooner he returned from UK) had SICU for his critical cases.

SICU was a new concept only Colombo General had a unit then.

Renal Unit was not established.
The technique I learned was useful when I started doing NEONATAL WORK in UK.

Then I realized I would be spending my time washing hands most of my waking life instead of sleeping like a log.

I decided to give up both surgery and Neonatology (We we the pioneers of Ventilators in UK then, starting with Baby Bellings and more sophisticated ventilators later).

Back at home under "Sirimawo and NM", I used to do postmortems with bare hands since even, if I wore two pairs of Cheap Chinese gloves, body fluids (no oozing blood but clotted blood in cadavers) would seep through them and stain my nails specially both index fingers.

I thought this was not a joke with Cholera was endemic in Jaffna then (brought from India).

I developed my own technique using surgical instruments properly sterilized under my ONLY pharmacist's scrutiny.

Nobody had ever used them before me in the District Hospital I worked all instruments coming from UK.

Hospital was known as a punishment station (unfortunately my first appointment) and was occupied by J.V.P in 1970/71.

Within a month only other medical man left to get married, (Thankfully I had a RMP who loved PP by the side which I encouraged to offload my patients) and I was all alone in three-man station.

Within five months I was the most unwanted man in the district since I was catching one by one all the Sinhala Buddhist clerk, food supplier, chief attendant, security guard and rogue nurses.

I could trust only three out of over 100 staff, the midwife, the pharmacist and the RMP, the last two were Tamil gentlemen.

I made an easy exist to the Department Pathology, University (That was intended as a punishment, since I begged the Deputy Director, never to send me to Pathology under Professor Tennakoon) from where I started climbing UP.

I had working relationship with my professor (who wanted me to do renal biopsies with only one Siverman Biopsy Needle) and one day watching me doing the dissection of the left overs (he never gave the Heart and the Kidneys) without gloves;

"What the Hell You Do, without gloves with Hepatitis B (Australia Antigen and Hepatitis B were current news then) epidemic".

I told him my reasons (Cheap Quality Chinese Gloves) and he made sure all our gloves for the department were imported from UK.

His final say was "Never Mind, you use your OWN technique BUT wear gloves in my department".

Within a year he treated me better than his sons.

The sons ONLY got distinction in English.

My sons are lazy, he used to tell me.

He had three heart attacks and the reason was heavy smoking (last two were after he quit smoking).

I stop smoking having seen him in critical care, latter stages of his life.

He wanted only books to read, that also detective ones.
He used to hit the films, the first day.
Both reading (especially critical scientific articles) and films, I am no different to him.

Thanks to him, I stopped smoking on my own volition, the day I stepped foot on United Kingdom.

I smoked only once on the day of my father's (not my mother) funeral.

Mind you he was a heavy smoker and I changed him to good cigars (he had multiple strokes) over time brought from UK.

Friday, November 25, 2016

CO2 foot imprint of ME

This article was posted when we were on a prolong strike under Ma Ra Regime (we were not allowed to talk about his deeds but we could relate him to Robert Mubgabe, who has indicated that he wants to retire at 100) who did not want to retire until 100 runs or century scored.
This was posted in asokaplus blog site of without a domain since no visitors except me with lot of grammatical mistakes and the like.

I have edited it a bit here at parafox.
My rooftop garden with water plants (including algae) mop up all the CO2, I produce and I am in CO2 Zero emission range, even though I hate algae and destroy them, that interfere with my flowering lilies.
We must not grow bananas for constipated Americans (please take as a pun)!
I have not used Russia since President Putin has vetoed the use of Russian statistics.
Growing Grass Under My Feet
It is high time that we calculate the CO2 foot imprint of every living human being on this planet before it is too late.
It is one of the most important mathematical exercises that we can undertake now.
It may be easy to do that on an animal say a cow but it may be an extremely difficult proposition for even a forest dweller of today.
Since he carries his cellphone and at least a box of matches or a lighter to the deep jungle, his carbon footprint cannot be even remotely compared to a pre-historic man. 

Where ever he sets foot even the deep-sea crust, he leaves behind a lot of CO2 footprints.

What we can do is to calculate it for an average American and then compare with a Chinese, Indian and hypothetical man who lives for 60 years.

On the alternative we can calculate for a bull or cow and extrapolate that to a sedentary American man.

American Man eats 3 to 4 cows by the time he is 45 and probably 5 by the time he says good-bye having consumed every possible advantage and resources available on this planet earth.

Then we calculate for a hypothetical bionic man who needs energy for all his activities including his air travel from say New York to New Delhi and all over the globe in one year to schedule a typical American company owner.

Then we have to figure out how many Americans live hand to mouth existence with minimum of a car ownership.

The equations will go like this

1.  5 bulls X USA (poor American)=USA (poor)

2.  USA X USA (Wealthy American) roughly equivalent to 25 bulls

3.  Total Bull consumption  = A x USA X USA (Wealthy) + B x USA (poor)
A= Total Rich Americans 
B= Total Poor Americans

4. Now 3  has to be divided by (American census-minus rich Americans)

5. Now 3 has to be divided by  (American census-minus poor Americans)

4 and 5 gives the ratio of consumption in nearest approximation to current American Standards

The results 4 and 5 should be multiplied the current Census to get a total figure

This figure should be now divided by the total current human population

My estimate even without going into nitty-gritty of the equation is like this.
1. An average American (poor) will have a figure of 1000
2. A rich American will be 1000 x 1000
3. Average Chinese is 100
4. Rich Chines will 100 x 100
5. An average Indian will be 10
6. Rich Indian 1000 x 10000 (more than that of a rich to American)

The total CO2 foot print of China comes first.

America comes second. 

And India comes 3rd even though the population come only second to China since after many years of open policies some Indian still live and breath air and do not produce much CO2 since their meals are going down including onions.

This is what India call it 21st century progress and send rocket to the space and moon and still find a way to fail in Cricket World Cup including completing of venues.

While China is barely able to feed its masses India has failed to make a square meal for the poor whereas a poor American eats 1000 times equivalent to a poor Indian.

Mind you a rich Indian with a Maharaja Image produces much CO2 footprint than an American. 
This equation has nothing to do with the bank balance or capital of an individual except its somewhat close relationship with affluence.

There are some rich people who do an enormous amount of work to decrease our impact on the planet and I appreciate their efforts. 

This is an indirect complement to them.

I want an American Scientist to disprove my equation and discovery and publish a relevant article in the prestigious magazine, American Scientist.

While all this happening I grow grass under my feet to cushion the CO2 foot prints of mine with my urine added to make its growth luxurious unlike our banana growers.
Our banana growers for the rich Americans produce more CO2 footprint by demolishing the forest with minimal trees (trees mop up CO2).

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Is IOT (Internet of Things) is a Sewer?

Is IOT (Internet of Things) is a Sewer?

I am afraid, YES is the answer.

One who has been interested in Computing to begin with, easy Communication, the second and Social Networking, the Ultimate Goal, has come to that conclusion.

That reality is a painful.

Let me dish out the latest “Faked News Ordeal” the Americans had to deal with.

Then the ISIS is using its for War Mongering and terrorism is that end of the Sewer Politics.

A man or woman hiding behind the a Computer Box and hiding behind the Technology is a coward.

Before guns the men in battle used swords and armour and the duel was intense and sometimes fatal to both parties.

Then the guns and the artillery took over and ultimately the Robot and aerial surveillance by drones (UAV, Unmanned Ariel Surveillance).

I am one who believes the ETS (extraterrestrials) had been doing it for millions of years, Alien Air crafts (AAS) well before the evolution of man on this planet.

I also believe that man is in the possession of these alien technology (Americans and Russians) at least at primitive level and the WWIII is total annihilation.

With Trump coming into politics without Total Military Discipline, that is a real possibility and his actions with North Korea would be a IOT to watch.

Current UNO human philosophy is hit first and talk later.
Alien philosophy (if they really exist) is talk first and Controlled Retaliation NOT annihilation.

I have diverted a bit but IOT belongs to all civilizations earthly and beyond.

Real reason for writing this is to investigate the use of Wireless technology against the Ethernet (including fiber-optics).

I believe in the Wired World (I am not in a spaceship mind you) instead of the Wireless World for safety.

If Wireless, I believe in Holography (my physical presence cannot be verified but could be technologically) since my existence is a chance phenomenon not a reality when I kicked the bucket.

So I want to leave behind a glimpse of my worldly existence in the IOT not physically BUT electronically, especially when a kid with terminal illness has volunteered for Cryopreservation.

I have no worry about Cryopreservation of plant material with the impending Sixth Extinction but none of my tissues should be preserved (I am a pathologist who is good at it) in posterity and they should be incinerated in total.

My tissue existence does nothing to this planet when I am gone (it should be recirculated according to Ancient Indian (not current Indian doctors', philosophy,the Money) Philosophy.

Since this is about IOT I should leave behind few tips for the yuppies.

1. Even though, cellphone is the vogue, it is really a vulnerable device.

2. Since it may not have an Physical IP Address, it can be used for clandestine operations (This is a warning for young lovers. Do not have a live affair over the phone. It can be traced by the third but unwanted parties including government) including ISIS.

3. It can be used to trigger an incendiary device remotely. Owner is traced he/she goes to prison.
So do not leave your phone unattended.
Better do not have a phone.

4. If you automate your house, the next generation of robbers will use it to open your door for them.

See the film “In the line of fire / duty”.

The list can go up to 20 but let me stop here and say;

1. Use a computer for communication for your safety even if you are not a criminal.
It leaves behind a history and YOU can defend, if you have a very strong password.

2. Have a strong password.

3. If you are not using it, switch it off immediately.
Besides it is an environmentally sound ploy.

4. Your Keyboard is a vulnerable device.
Every Key YOU touch can be traced from behind the Internet.

There is an algorithm for this tracing but it needs time to decipher.

So if you leave your computer running and doing something else, then YOU give the Hacker the most important doorway, the TIME to decipher.

Better use a virtual keyboard if you are paranoid.

5. Treat the computer as part of your digital extension.
Do not allow friends to use it.
Even husband and wife can become enemies.
My advice is to have two computers for the parents and one more common ONE for the kids (not in their bedrooms.

6. One more thing, with SOLID and Terra-bytes hardware in existence. have minimal of dual booting (Windows with Linux, Apple with Linux).
If one system goes the other is FREELY available for use. 
I go bit paranoid, have many operating systems in 32 and 64 bits architectures.
My 32 bit one is still doing the donkey work bit slow (I like it in my old age, with arthritic fingers-over use of the keyboard).
The reason is hardware can breakdown.
The fan in my new computer broke down and I have to replace the entire casing since the fan is riveted to the frame (silly isn't it?). 

The bottom line is Mrs. Clinton unfortunately lost her career because of her Digital Stupidity.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Unscientific America

Unscientific America

With Mr. Trump coming into power, it is obvious that the word Science has come into prominence.
I did some search (not research which is my bona fide) of America in preparation of a brief visit to New York.
It never materialized.
It ended up me writing two fiction books (not my forte) obliging to a request from my family members to write a few fiction books.

I love writing books on Real Science (not scientific fiction of Sir Arthur Clark's) as an antidote to Arthers's fiction.
The catch phrase in my book was “Ten days in America, I am already broke” which I got printed (fictionally) in my uppers not pants, to avoid all the muggers.

America has few suckers and lot of ordinary people.

My search culminated in writing a book on conspiracies (entire world including Vatican City) which is available on Amazon.

Like America, Amazon is a wonderful organization much better than “Sewering Facebook' and “The Faked News Agency” authored by many unsuspecting guys/girls.
Authoritarian news agencies did not fare well fuelling the Faked News.

The reason for writing this piece is to make you read a few books on America.

1. Unscientific America (about how scientific knowledge filter down to the masses).

2. House of Lies (How the business world operates)

3. Third book I have misplaced and cannot remember the Title, is very good and academic.

It is on the line of “The Matrix of American Population Dynamics”.

I am sorry I cannot give the correct name.

Of course that made me to write a book on Ceylonese Dimensions from “Freedm to Anarchy to War Mongering (That is not the name of my book).

It was titled  “Reflections”, a personnel perspective of Ceylonese Politics with corruption.
In a Matrix of seven or eight levels.

Mind you I am not a politician but a passive observer.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Global Warming

Let me sympathize with the  New Zealanders (no relationship to global warming, I believe) after the third of the 7. 8 range earth quakes within 15 years.
I went through with one of those which lifted the Otira range by few inches.

(New Zealanders are the nicest people of this planet!)
I could not sleep for six weeks with after tremors.
I was thrown off twice off my bed.
I thank god I was in deep sleep, woken up only by a major earth quake.
That is how I sleep after heavy night duty.
I slept through a major cyclone in United Kingdom which down the parapet wall of my house and uprooted my neighbour's roof.
I managed to anchor my back door with a fridge a freezer and a dryer, which saved my roof but not the neighbour's.
My staff was amazed that I slept through it but did not ask me to volunteer work for the aftermath (I was up all night the day before the cyclone and weekend off).
I politely told them I am available for any emergency, do not bother waking me up.
When one sees these catastrophes what a blessed country Ceylon IS (barring politicians), runs through my mind.
Even though, Jayalalitha who was very ant-Ceylonese I wish her a speedy recovery from her brief illness.

Global Warming
Obama denied its existence BUT Trump does not have and idea or plan to counteract.
USA, Russia, India and China are the culprits.
Small nations like Mali and Ceylon have no control over it but we contribute t it by felling our rain forest, including building Motor ways for purported to be eco-tourism.
2016 looks poised to be the warmest year on record globally, according to preliminary data.
With data from just the first nine months, scientists are 90% certain that 2016 will pass the mark set by 2015.
Temperatures from January to September were 1.2C above pre-industrial levels, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
The body says temperatures should remain high enough for the rest of the year to break the previous record.
El Nino has had an impact, but the most significant factor driving temperatures up continues to be CO2 emissions.
What is climate change?
The provisional statement on the status of the global climate in 2016 has been released early this year to help inform negotiators meeting in Morocco, who are trying to push forward with the Paris Climate Agreement.
The document says the year to September was 0.88 above the average for the period between 1961-90, which the WMO uses at its baseline.
The whole of 2015, which broke the previous record by a significant amount, was 0.77 above the 1961-90 average.
Image copyright WMO
While there are still a couple of months to go this year, a preliminary analysis of the October data indicates that 2016 is very much on track to surpass the 2015 level, which in turn broke the previous high mark set in 2014.
"Another year. Another record. The high temperatures we saw in 2015 are set to be beaten in 2016," said WMO secretary-general Petteri Taalas.
"In parts of Arctic Russia, temperatures were 6°C to 7°C above the long-term average. Many other Arctic and sub-Arctic regions in Russia, Alaska and north-west Canada were at least 3°C above average. We are used to measuring temperature records in fractions of a degree, and so this is different," said Mr Taalas.
The report highlights the fact that other long-term climate change indicators are also breaking records. The amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere continued on its upward march in 2016.
Arctic sea ice continued to melt in significant amounts, while the Greenland ice sheet displayed very early melting this year.
Experts believe that the El Nino weather phenomenon played a role in the record warm temperatures seen in 2015 and 2016.
They quantify it as roughly 0.2 of a degree - but the bulk of the warming is coming from the accumulation of greenhouse gases. And the impacts of that warming are being widely felt.
"Because of climate change, the occurrence and impact of extreme events has risen," said Petteri Taalas.
"'Once in a generation' heatwaves and flooding are becoming more regular. Sea level rise has increased exposure to storm surges associated with tropical cyclones," he said.2016 set to be world's warmest year
The surprise election of Donald Trump as president of the US has increased expectations that he will bring a more skeptical view of climate change to the White House.
Scientists are stressing that the evidence for the reality of climate change is getting stronger all the time.
"We are seeing the impacts of climate change on extreme weather," said Dr Peter Stott, who leads the climate attribution team at the UK Met Office.
"One degree may sound a relatively small number but in the context of such a stable climate that we've had over the past millenniums, and the rapidity of that warming, we are seeing this real world evidence that doesn't come from a model or a projection."
According to the WMO analysis, 16 of the 17 warmest years have been recorded this century. The only exception was 1998. 
If you watch your garden daily (Without Watering)  all the ill effects of global warming are evident from blooming to seeding to germination.
Our water bill was more than the electricity for three solid months.
If I did not water, all my water plants including lilies would have perished (My EXPERIMENT).
This is in a country where there were 100 rivers (down to 80 now) with perennial flow of water!
This due to the destruction of the rain forest.
We are on the verge of sixth extinction which Trump the Man has no understanding.
I am convinced Americans are either STUPID or Macho.
Having said that Listening to 'Grand Mother Talk' (the lecturing) of Hillary would have sickened me to death, while CIA is pulling the strings.
I did a survey and found all America Presidents Past and Present (Hilary did it before assuming office, so she need not become the first female President) made a huge earning from global lecture series.
I do not think Trump could foot that bill on lectures (no intellectual would pause to listen).
What we need is men and women working not lecturing on TV.
Media got it wrong this time round.

Disclosure Project and its Future

Disclosure Project and its Future

With Donald trump's ascendancy to the post of Presidency, the secret service and the evangelical impact would engineer a method to suppress what Clinton Administration knew and Obama Administration suppressed (probably due to pressure from within) about the Intent of the Disclosure Project.
My interest here is the Power of the Mind to transcend the space dimension and reach other beings in the Universe.
But the bigger impact of the Humanity is the Alternative Power Source that could replace Fuel Energy (The American Industrial Muscle) and have an impact on Global Warming.
Third of course is the transition of power from the secret service (which undermines the scientific innovations) to the scientists with human concern.

My belief is that the New Administration will go backward in history and humanity.

But there is a window of opportunity for the Disclosure Project to come out with its “Trump Card” before he assumes duties on the 20th January, 2017.

Below is a reproduction of what Dr. Steven Greer has done and intend to do.
But my trump card is Russian President Mr. Putin who is knowledgeable on this issue and preempt all and declare it before 19th December (when electoral colleges are voting on the election of the US president).
It is only a wishful thinking of mine (in the current political reality).
For centuries, we have been conditioned with the axiom, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck,” but is it really a duck every single time? We live under a dense veil of “illusion” forcing us to operate under the auspices that our socioeconomic conditions are the direct result of our collective doing. This is not entirely so.
Last week I had the privilege of conducting an exclusive interview with Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Center for Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) established in 1990. Dr. Greer also spearheaded the Disclosure Project, a research initiative working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and classified advanced energy propulsion systems. This project has proven to reveal much more than it set out to discover.
Due to the extensive amount of data, I will be writing a multiple part story designed to go in-depth covering three major areas in the order of importance that Dr. Greer conveyed them to me:

• Study of Transdimentional Technologies and very advanced concepts in higher consciousness that facilitate peaceful contact between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations.

• Disclosure of the fact that this information exists at all and has been very well documented with top-secret military. References related to UFO’s, their propulsion and energy systems. Additionally, the fact that interplanetary visitations are taking place.
• New Energy Revolution that is exceedingly beyond wind and solar power.

Today I would like to give you an overview and begin by sharing a story: A true story not about a 13 centimeter specimen nicknamed Ata with DNA factors yet to be determined, but a story of a man who has been inspired over the course of his life. A man in search of truth who aims to share what he’s found even when it comes at great personal expense.

I was deeply moved by Dr. Steven Greer’s passion and intention to help humanity. His desire to ensure we all understand that we have it in us to change the course of our conditions both externally as well as internally is both humbling and inspiring.
In his book Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge, Dr. Greer speaks of his personal journey. I asked Steven to give me a summary and say more about his motivation to pursue his interest in extraterrestrial activities. Steven said:
I had a very clear sighting with one of these objects when I was about eight or nine years of age, and it coincided with the time when my uncle was designing the lunar module for Guimond and, of course, I had a great interest in space from him. When I saw this extraterrestrial, it was crystal clear that it was a seamless disk that was under intelligent control and it literally appeared and then disappeared. It did not move like a normal aircraft in broad daylight.
My parents thought I was making things up, as parents sometimes do. This ignited a lifelong interest.
I had an illness when I was 17 and had a near death experience. It gave me the experience that made me realize that the mind and conscious reality are infinite. It was a spectacularly beautiful spiritual experience. I was not a religious person at all, my parents in fact were atheist and we were raised without any such beliefs. But what happened to me after that is that I began to realize that consciousness and mind are actually the final frontier, not space. From that, I began to learn and practice meditation. I was meditating when I was in college up in the mountains of North Carolina. I had a subsequent experience that was amazing with an extraterrestrial sighting. At that point I became convinced that there is a way, there is connection between thought and “Consciousness” and that “contact” could happen. This of course is the controversial part of the body of my work.
Allow me to interject some vital aspects that may better help you understand the nature of consciousness. In the new field known as The Science of Consciousness there are two ways this word is utilized:
• One being a “mental state” by which we are deliberately positioning the mind to receive a wider range of information traveling through electromagnetic waves; a field science has shown to transmit its own signature tied to the nature of all things. This field is known as The Unified Field. Meditation is the most widely practiced method to reach this “state” in order to link up to Pure Consciousness
• The second term, Consciousness with a capital C, is used to refer to [The] field itself, the source of universal creation. This is a “non-local” field; it is not restrained by space-time continuum. This is the field of Infinite possibilities.
Because these two terms are exchangeable, it has become difficult for science, namely physics, to properly distinguish and articulate things in a way we can all grasp. It is a term that confuses even the most acclaimed and knowledgeable of scientists because it is so intimately linked to our belief system.
In the above-noted quote, Dr. Greer is referring to Consciousness (capital C) or The Unified Field, which is accessed through a “state” of consciousness, a kind of tranquil way of quieting the mind in order to tune into that special frequency.
As Dr. Greer delved into the multiple layers of cover up pertaining to UFOs, he began to realize that it had little or nothing to do with any threat posed by these global neighboring citizens; it had to do with us learning the advanced technologies they could share with us. Brilliant minds such as Nickola Tesla had already developed these technologies in the early 1900s but they were suppressed and never shared with the public.
In 1993 Dr. Steven Greer began organizing what was then called Project Starlight, now being released in the Clinton library. It is a series of briefings by senior government officials about evidence related to UFOs, which led to the Disclosure Project event in 2001 spilling over into the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, an event that took place in Washington April 29 to May 3, 2013 discussing the material contained in the documentary Sirius.
Here is where this story gradually begins to morph from a man seemingly chasing after UFO’s to a story about the environment.
What I tell people is, these objects are not using oil or jetting fuel or rockets to move from one star system to another or to move non-linearly. This means the science behind it is key to getting a new civilization here on our planet that will not be using fossil fuel and foreign oil.
This is a good thing, and it’s also the Achilles heal of the whole subject because you are stepping on some very big toes who have interest. The biggest special interest of all is the macro-economic system.
The facts contained in the Sirius documentary disclose various layers of information pertaining to the cover up. Among other things: one, we are not alone in the universe, and two, this aspect comes with new science and technology.
Dr. Greer feels this combination will be a key factor for humanity moving forward. This is the force underpinning his efforts and why he continues to work on this project. Dr. Greer left medicine a few years ago to work on this undertaking full time. He was a physician and former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina. While attending the Washington conference, he set aside time to speak with me.
This is an interesting science story, environmental story, political story and human story. And so my human irony is that I left medicine because I saw the world in a terrible emergency both geopolitically and geophysical and felt that someone needed to lead up an effort to bring this information out. In my naiveté during my thirties I thought that if we put together for the president and for members of congress this information, which is an amazing amount of data with proof and evidence then they would do the right thing in the interest of humanity. It turns out they were too intimidated by the issue to do it.
As I conclude this segment of the story, what impresses me the most is Steven’s solidarity. He displays an upbeat spirit in spite of having lost not one, but two very close friends to cancer during this project. Shari Adamiak and Congressman Steven Schiff passed into the realm of light. All three, including Steven, battled cancer and out of the three only Steven survived. It is compelling to watch his determination forging ahead in spite of such odds and the insurmountable body of evidence he has stacked, which threatens his own safety, all in exchange of serving humanity.