Sunday, June 19, 2016

Contagion, the Virus Cellphone!

Contagion, the Virus Cellphone!

Diseases run from man to man.

It is always from man to man and rarely from animals to man (zoonosis).

AIDS is the champion which originated from baboons (Chimps) but now epidemic in man.

The latest virus in man is the Terror originated from the Internet or WWW.

The Hate Virus travels from man to man.

The only difference is, it travels faster than a virus (by contagion).

It is spread by fast electronic circuits which are becoming smaller by the minute.

Yes it is by the cellphone we kill humanity.

Please do not spread electronic viruses.

Just switch off your phone for 10 minutes of your life starting in the morning and last ten minutes (there are many more minutes in between left for YOU) before you retire for the night sleep.

Have a nice dream instead.

The commoner garden name for this virus is gossip, including political.

Zoonoses (/ˌz.əˈnss/, plural -/ˈnsiz/, also spelled zoönoses; singular zoonosis (or zoönosis); from Greek: ζῷον zoon "animal" and νόσος nosos "sickness") are infectious diseases of animals (usually vertebrates) that can naturally be transmitted to humans.

Why I propose Alternative Physics

Why I propose Alternative Physics

Our brain is limited by its “Three Dimensional understanding of the Matter.

It is hard wired into our brain and limits our thinking.

This does not mean we cannot go beyond and explore the universe in multi-dimensions above and over the three dimensions.

In “string theory of mathematics” there supposed to be more than 11 dimensions.

That is the only way to understand the universe and beyond.

The true freedom of thinking would emerge only when we free ourselves of another concept in current physics.

Space (limited by three dimensions) and time (by our own imagination).

Unfortunately time is unidirectional only flows forwards.

We cannot go backwards unless we have older materials to examine, for example asteroids and meteorites.

So we got fixed at 4.6 billion light years (that is the limit of the speed of light) of the beginning of the earth (our solar system and universe) and failed to accept that the universe is much more and beyond.

We got frozen in time.

In that process we forget there is something called evolution in this world and beyond in the universe.

Then we come nearer to our Comfort Zone of life which is limited by mere 100 years.

Books, like Bible (only about 2270 and Koran (much later) which have no significance in our life and the whole universe.

Human evolution is probably less than 3 million years and more significantly for the last 50,000 years.

The modern humans have exterminated other humanoids (this happened in this very Lanka) which the archaeologists started discovering but American scientists who suppressed it in the name of Genesis and Christianity.

For Christianity and Muslim religions only contribution in the modern world is Bible War and current Social Media Wars.

The religion is void for humanity.

Race or skin color is void in the modern world.

We indeed are shaming humanity in the name of religion, race and territory, USA included.

What is needed is to free ourselves of three dimensional and unidirectional time of physics.

Current physics is limited by matter and life.

That is why vast 95% of the Dark Matter and Dark Force were not discovered by our ancient physicists.

I raise my hat to Eisenstein and Edwin Hubble who opened the door of three dimensions to more dimensions (unlimited by our imagination) within the last century.

Science has not dawned yet only atheists can carry the baton forward. 
Our modern scientists were restricted by Church and Islam.

With the dawn of New Science or New Physics all the dogmas would dissipate into thin air, (rather the universe beyond what we seem to know currently).

The number of possible states of the matter and dark matter is limited only by our ability to perceive them in real time and not the evolved time. 

The time is a concept that limits our imagination (and run riot especially to the past) and does not let us enjoy this moment of happiness (sunshine)!