Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ian Murdock-Sad Demise

Sad Story of Ian's Demise
Ian was Debian Founder.
I think his wife Debra Coined the name Deb-Ian.

In this country if you cross the police YOU mysteriously disappear.

In America the way do it different.
It amounts to brutality.

Linux Community lost a Father Figure.

 Linux community all round the world should mount a protest against this brutality!

It is Like TexStar Leaving (retiring, prematurely) from PCLinux.

A wealthy computer expert has been found dead following an encounter with police which left him hospitalised.
Ian Murdock, a millionaire software engineer famed for his work on a free operating system called Debian, took to Twitter before his death and published a number of astonishing police brutality allegations.
In a long series of social media posts, the 42-year-old father claimed "uneducated, evil, and sadistic" cops attacked him.
But the San Francisco Police Department said he was drunk at the time of his arrest, and was injured when he banged his head accidentally.
Murdock was detained early on Sunday morning, before issuing a tirade of tweets upon his release, which only stopped shortly before he died.
His Twitter account has now been closed, but records of it are being openly shared online and can still be found in Google's cache.

In his tweets, the tragic programmer threatened to commit suicide and claimed officers "beat the s*** out of him".
"My career is over now, so I'll be gone soon," he tweeted on Sunday.
Cops told the tech website The Register and a local newspaper site called SFGate that the tragic tech mogul was arrested on Saturday December 26 after police received reports of a man trying to break into a house.
Murdock had allegedly been drinking and was aggressive with officers, later sustaining a wound on his forehead which required hospital treatment.
San Francisco police spokeswoman Officer Grace Gatpandan said this injury happened when Murdock banged his head whilst struggling with officers in the back of a police car.
He was then hauled out of the car "to keep him from harming himself", she alleged, before being taken to hospital.
Murdock was then released and arrested a second time at 2.40am on Sunday morning after banging on a neighbour's door, before being locked in jail and bailed for $25,000.