Monday, July 25, 2016

Twenty or more alien hypotheses

      Twenty or more alien hypotheses

      This is posted with an expectation of somebody might get some real inspiration to produce a FILM.

      The film should make fiction looks real and a scientific fact emerging.

      It should hit the audience by surprise and narrow the hypotheses to three or four.

      1. Extraterrestrial life is rare or non-existent

      2. No other intelligent species have arisen
      Most unlikely

      3. Intelligent alien species lack advanced technology

      4. It is the nature of intelligent life to destroy itself
      Very likely given time and space

      5. It is the nature of intelligent life to destroy others
      Real scenario

      6. Periodic extinction by natural events
      Enough evidence in our planet.
      It takes 4 to 5 five billion yeas for life as cells to emerge from stellar remnants.

      7. Inflation hypothesis and the youngness argument
      No comments

      8. Intelligent civilizations are too far apart in space or time
      It is a real hindrance.

      9. It is too expensive to spread physically throughout the galaxy
      Not really, if a civilization is threatened at least a significant minority will consider colonizing elsewhere hospitable

      10. Human beings have not existed long enough
      That is a fact.

      11. Humans are not listening properly
      More than likely

      12. Civilizations broadcast detectable radio signals only for a brief period of time
      It could be a deciding factor.

      13. They tend to isolate themselves
      Real paranoia

      14. They are too alien

      15. Everyone is listening, no one is transmitting

      16. Earth is deliberately not contacted

      17. Earth is purposely isolated (planetarium hypothesis)

      18. It is dangerous to communicate

      19. They are here undetected

      20. They are here unacknowledged