Sunday, February 12, 2017

American Food Industry and Sucker Advertising

American Food Industry and Sucker Advertising
I listened to an (almost one hour ) advertisement on food advice by somebody purported to be a doctor, most likely PhD holder not a medical person.

Medical personnel globally are prevented from advertising themselves and promoting drugs in any form. 
They do it by using other methods including pharmaceutical representatives.
Patients have the right to report against those doctors who do advertisements, to the relevant authorities in their own countries.

First and foremost, I clicked into a discussion (may be about the plight of a poor dog) but lured into this bogus doctor (Type of Motley Fool Approach).

That is the first offence.
This is the very reason I have gone into digital zeroing with the Internet.
Internet has become a Universal Junk Yard (UJY) of information.
Me engaging in it, to counteract misinformation (except on this occasion) is not something I wish to do in my twilight years.
I have much better things to do. 
Now come to this presentation (slanted towards weight reduction).
She started with advising not to eat yogurt (unless home made).
Let me take the home making of yogurt, first.
It is time consuming and one has to do it everyday.

It wastes milk.
I did this when kids were small and I gave it up since kids were not impressed with the yogurt gone sour on standing outside the fridge.
I did it again in my retirement and gave it up due to cost of fresh milk.

It is easy to buy the commercial product which is cheaper in the long run in time and money.
Now I have got used to Yogurt Milk. Its costs Rs. 70/= currently.
Flavored Iced Tea is Rs. 65/=.
Coca Cola is Rs. 70/=.
All these three I drink as a supplement of my water intake not for nutritional components.
Please note this advice is for adults (not for kids. I have given up practicing paediatrics by conviction and not by choice).
Coca Cola gives both flavor and quantity. I am not worried about its trace quantities of cocaine.

Iced Tea (peach flavor) gives the flavor but not enough in quantity unless I drink two.
I prefer yogurt drink (strawberry flavor) on a day I am well hydrated and not when I am thirsty.

Its water quantity (more milk solids) very small.
Only reason, I prefer it is it has probiotics and it soften stools.

I give a cup a day of yogurt to my dog so that it does get its probiotics and make its stools soft.

Of course he gets a mixed berry (expensive) flavored one as a treat once a week.

Other fruits, plums chocolates are not for dogs.

I used to believe that dogs eat almost what a man eats.
The end result is my dog is totally blind with cataracts.

So giving leftovers and cakes are not the correct dog food.
Now I wonder not giving even, rice containing high quantity of arsenic.

By the way, rice is not a baby food because of its arsenic content.

Funny part about this woman’s lecture is that she sells a capsule which contains probiotics producing bacteria three times a day.
Her understanding in microbiology is zero.
Once these bacteria gets colonized in the intestine (in certain parts), they remain so for life, unless your doctor / nurse gives a heavy dose of antibiotics and a hospitalized colony of bacteria from his / her unwashed hands.

Her reason and contention for forbidding yogurt is its content of fructose added by the food industry. 
She does not say anything about lactose in milk that causes lactose intolerance but in yogurt (If you're lactose intolerant and looking for yogurt, go Greek. Greek yogurt, which is thicker because much of the whey, the watery part of milk, has been strained out in processing. This also removes much of the lactose) lactose is broken down to a significant degree.

Less I talk about American Corn Syrup Industry and fructose is better at this juncture!

I will cut short this procrastination by stating that she had three other things in her prescription including herbal tea extract.
I know very little about (ask a Chinese or a Japanese) herbal tea and have decided to cut tea to zero if possible now.
I use tea as a stimulant to keep up at night (working with the computer is cut down now, I do not need tea or coffee)
The second component is three digestive enzymes in the capsule.
Unless the gut is totally destroyed by chemotherapy or radiation, (even then it is risky, may digest the exposed tissues) enzyme supplement is unscientific.
The third component is a putative indirect insulin antagonistic chemical that suppresses appetite.

My conclusion is, if one takes this treatment of three capsules a day will make the bacteria in the gut thrive unopposed (any bacteria not necessarily the probiotics producing) and starve the patient to death (one who sees in a poorly managed refuge camp in Ceylon).

Her logic is feed the bacteria (well digested by enzymes and a good culture medium) and starve the gullible American.

What a circuitous way to starve a greedy American!

With Donald Trump in high office, anything is possible in America.