Thursday, January 19, 2017

“Live and Let Live"

“Live and Let Live"
A brief moment
Of Insanity
Thousand moments of Sanity
And the vanity
That drives
This perpetual
Self image
The Man
The Only Mighty

This Ego concept
Is the one
That makes him to
Exploit everything
On this planet Earth
To its “Sixth Extinction”

It is almost,
Too late
Since the Sun’s Cycle
Of “Sun Bursts"
Are already in evidence
That make us become
More Insane
Even for the briefest of moments

Calm and serenity
And sanity
Dwell  upon
My mind
The moment
I listen to,
The Mother nature
In its “Crying Moment"

If the Mankind
Can take out
The “I”
The “Me”
The Concept of Delusion
Out of  context
This World,
Is going to be a better place
To “Live and Let Live"

The brief moment
Of Insanity
With its attendant Vanity
Will disappear
For the good
Of the Earth and Mankind