Wednesday, August 10, 2016

American Pie

American Pie
Comparing an average American’s eating habits with ours is a revelation by itself.
An American eats a cow / bull every ten years.
In every American there are at least 5 cows in him / her by the time s/he is fifty.
If he has not got mad cow disease or Alzheimer’s disease what s/he eats in the rest of his life is any American doctor’s guess.
He eats a pig every three years.
He eats at least 50 chickens and one turkey a year.

Some Americans of course eat much more than this.

My worry is every cow/bull s/he eats, at least an equivalent of 8Kg of fodder is needed to support its life to obtain 1Kg of meat.
If an American stops eating 1Kg of beef s/he is saving about 8Kg of grain for a poor soul in Africa or Bangladesh.

Out of the tons of grain produced more half (this ratio has gone up with the increase of Chinese Middle Class population) is spent on animal feeds and some American cows are better fed than African kids.

Only to be sacrificed as human food.

The current Pope should give due consideration to these facts and he should give a hearing to this fiasco and if the grain saved by saving the poor cows / or bulls is multiplied by the factor of eight by 1000 (well fed cow’s weight) there is an excess grain in this world to feed everybody.

Equally FAO should take this into cognizant.

Looking by some of Sri-Lankans who lavish on food I cannot say there is any difference to American mentality, here in Sri-Lanka (especially who visit here to take a break from the winter).

Coming back to a single meal, if an American or Western guy sacrifices a single meal a week, like our Buddhist monks who live on a single meal a day, we would be able to feed some hungry children in Africa and Asia without any problem or NGOs.
WHO also should take this fact to their cognizant.
I don’t believe in what our agriculture minister who says, that food prices have gone up because of biofuels.
The production of biofuels had been going on for over 25 years.
One should realize that the ancient man and his closest friend the dog survived on a single meal in spite of their aggressive hunting skills.

Eat less is my recipe!
Three rice meals a day is two much (unless one is heavy manual labour).
I lost my weight only after stopped eating rice.
I was like a pig when I was eating meat including pork!

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