Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Preparation for Alien Encounter

Preparation for Alien Encounter

The qualities (sublime states) that are desired but unfortunately lacking in human day to day encounters.

I want Oxford Dictionary to recognize four abodes its due place., because English Language especially American English does not have have proper equivalents.

The sublime states are

1. Metta
Universal an unbound compassion to all beings born or to be born
It is not Love or carnal pleasure

English dictionary has the opposite word Hate and the current expression is ISIS

2. Karuna
The boundless kindness to everybody especially the downtrodden, the poor and the sick.
We have lost this in this country including reconciliation after 35 odd years of ruthless killings on both sides of the divide.

3. Muditha
Sympathetic Joy
To feel empathic towards others achievement and happiness
Appreciate the well being and success of entities not connected or related.
I have not seen a good word in English.
We get the pleasure of putting people to prison.
That is the opposite of Muditha, the psychopathy.

The Equanimity
Not moved by extreme happiness or unhappiness and disaster

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