Monday, March 21, 2016



I am trying to work out Sri-Lankan Happiness Index.

Strangely it works negatively.

For example when India got beaten by New Zealand we were very happy.

When we see nearly 2 billion Indian unhappy, we become elated.

It is with Indian and South Asian cricket umpires too.

When an umpire gives not out, as an out, just what happened to Dilshan, the other day, two billion Indians get happy.

In this scenario for all us in Asia to get happy we need simple thing like Donald Trump makes a slip in his tongue or his slip or fly is open in public rally would do.

So American can make us happy by default.

I am trying to think of a positive thing making me happy like an asteroid hitting a monk possessing an illegal baby jumbo.

This is because we cannot depend on our Judges to make jumbos (four legged) go free.

I think they are all unhappy judges.

That is why they (judges) always try to make us unhappy.

We become very happy when we see a high ranking politicians lose an election.

The corollary is that all our politicians are happy when the citizens are unhappy with cost of living going up.

So making others unhappy is in our genes.

So don't come here looking for happiness unless you too have unhappy genes in your system, like all Asians.

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