Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hot Weather and Early Rise, Why not?

Hot Weather and Early Rise, Why not?
I do not know about humans but I know birds change their daily routine on summer months.

They are the early to rise and early to retire.

Their haemoglobin is different to ours and they need lot of energy to fly.
They use air currents to assist flying and rarely fly in opposite direction to the wind.
Their nests are built so that when they return in the evening air currents are towards the nests.

The man with the superior brain does not use his common sense, to rise early and finish they day's work by mid day when sun is directly above our head.

With this extremely (my fish in the open die due to the heat and I have made alternative arrangements) hot weather soring to 40 Centigrade, we need a strategic plan at least for school children.

I saw a little girl almost collapsing in the bus (Woman PC's kid and she did not realize it) at 2 P.M.

This girl should have been at home by mid day the most (12 P.M.).

Why cannot we start school (appropriately for office hours too) one hour early and close one and half hours early (time table reduced by half an hour, ideally one hour-not for teachers)?

There is a problem for children (they have to get up early) commuting a long distance.

The teachers should do a survey of the late comers and probably have a less demanding work in the first hour (Physical training included).

All this can be done if common sense is used instead of rigidity (most teacher from my time are /were rigid, I often wonder how I survived).

We have education ministers who had not attended school beyond 8th grade or drug peddlers in the parliament who had not even gone to primary school.

I do not think they get a brain wave to act.

I think we should close school early for new year and catch up the missed time when rain gods (May probably) answer our calls.

I must say my dog is struggling to survive with its furry coat.

The dogs I feed on my bizarre routines were not there waiting for me to feed.
All of them were hiding under a shade, I believe.

Please leave some water for them to drink.

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