Monday, March 21, 2016

Why Science took a back seat in Human History

Why Science took a back seat in Human History

Biggest obstacle to science was the religion.

That includes Buddhism too.

Even though Buddhism encouraged Scientific Inquiry in “Kalam Sutta”, it was never taken forward in the Eastern civilization.

When religion takes its roots dogmas get embedded in human thinking.

But when we consider how religion originated, the answer becomes startlingly obvious.

Man had an affliction to mood elevating drugs from prehistoric time.

Mood elevating drugs impair critical thinking capacity.

Some of these psychedelic drugs put man in “Trance States.”

Some of these guys in the human hierarchy who were addicted to these potent substances for their existence and survival created bizarre theories of human origin including God.

On top of religion there is an another dogma God and his creation.

In actual fact, it is these psychedelic drugs that retarded critical thinking and the evolution of scientific thinking. 

The bottom line is the drugs that effect sleep, memory and critical thinking are the byproducts of chemistry that came with scientific evolution.

In actual fact science itself is killing its roots.

LSD is a case in point. 

Alcohol too effect memory and normal sleep.

Imagine an airline pilot or an astronaut who is addicted to mood elevating drugs. 

Would you board on a spaceship man by an addict?

For our critical capacity to work efficiently, clear mind and perfect memory are vital ingredients. 

Our survival in this century depends on these factors. 
Any political leader with paranoid inclination would derail human survival.

I have summarized by thinking below.

Right Constitution

1.Scientific outlook comes first.

2. Rules of law and fair play and Justice to all living beings (Plants and Animals) is second.

3. Democracy as a force and the tolerance to diverse views is the third.

4.Universal suffrage without bondage, dogma and external powers influencing (encourage the internal powers of the mind) the decision making, is the fourth.

5. Religion has no place or should reign below the above four pillars.

If an individual has a certain conviction for solace, be that be so, but he/she should tolerate views of the others including, especially those who want not to be bound by any religious dogma.

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