Friday, September 4, 2015

Wireless Router

It is early days of wireless IT communication in Sri Lanka.
Years ago I bought wireless router.
I had to go Singapore to get one.
Fortunately my visit there was on holiday.
I had enough time to study the trends.
I could not find a single guy using Linux there.

This was early days of Google's attempt at Android based on Linux.
I could never figure out the extent to which its influence will dominate, the.

Mobiles were controlled by parent companies, Nokia for example with different operating systems and the market was dominated by Apple and late Steve Job.

Windows had not entered the mobile world.
When I returned I found a simple USB battery charger with wireless router.
It is very useful both for charging my mobile when main electric outlet is not available and also looking for a wireless hot spot.
The old router I bought is in its package box, since years later Telecoms offered its own wireless router and  the old router with finicky software was not compatible.
So when you buy hardware one has to think few years ahead of your time.

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