Sunday, September 13, 2015

Butterflies and Wild Flowers

There were no butterflies but few birds in the locality few years ago.
Few years of sustained efforts and a neighbourhood friend's corporation are bearing fruits.
I was more interested in birds.
Growing few berry trees had done the trick.
But all the trees that were resting place for birds or perching sites are gone.

Under the previous regime felling a tree including jack trees and bread fruit trees was a norm rather than an exception.
My plan for videotaping for a week was never accomplished due to felling of these trees in front of our house (not belonging to us).
Now they spend few minutes and fly away moment a berry or two had been consumed.
Lately I had been interested in encouraging the butterflies.
There are plenty of them in my water garden.
But it was my friend who alerted me on the need for encouraging wild plants.
Each wild plant has several butterfly visitors.
Now even hummingbirds visit these flowers.
The hummingbirds are my favourite.
Watching them feeding honey on the flight is something nice to begin the day.

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