Friday, September 4, 2015

Is it Possible to prevent Cyber-Crimes?

Is it Possible to prevent Cyber-Crimes?

The simple answer is NO.

But can you do something to minimize it?
YES one can do a lot.

1. Use Linux at home.

2. Use Windows at office only.
Let the office guys who were not prudent enough to use Linux as a base pay the price.

3. Do not use Flash Drives.
There are many good uses of Flash Drives for example Knoppix on a Stick.

4. Do not share Flash Drives.

5. Have at least three emails from different sources.

One I call the junk email.
The second I call the friendly email with minimal sharing.
The third I call the security email, no sharing.

6. Have a good password, longer the better.

7. Have a method to remember the password. 
I forget them often.

8. Use cloud as a storage media.
They are good at thier own security.
9. Use your mobile with care, only a cloud client.

10. The most reliable method is not to use the computer to communicate.

It is far better to give a call and visit the person in need, in person.
Few good friends are better than millions at the facebook.

I do not use facebook or any social media.
The blog post is my only entry point of distinction.

I do not care how many visit it but take a good note of what other people are interested in.

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