Friday, July 31, 2015

Mobile or Tablet

I am pretty new to mobile world by choice not of conviction.
I was waiting for the EU directive which supported standard non proprietary hardware to come out, including a standard and affordable battery with long battery life.
Mainly due to costs, iphone was out by the first count.
Samsung was cheaper but still expensive.
Google phone was not available in this part of the world.
Firefox phone did not kick off well.
Android had to go through from jelly bean to kit kat and the patches.
Windows phone was not my choice anyway coming from the Linux background (mind you I am considering buying one before it busts).
All my waiting was worthwhile and I had little time for the cheapest Tablet I owned with 10 Linux boxes running at home.
Now that I have dismantled all but one Linux box which is going to pack up any moment, not by choice but by desperation, I had to be proactive and plunge into Mobile World.
I bought Rs.5000/= Android and it was limited in capacity and function.
Adding Micro SD was of no use.
Could not add additional software.
No touch screen and was useful as only a bare bone phone.
I went for Rs.10,000/= Android but it got stuck unable to access the dialogue or factory default, for three days after fiddling with it setup.

I went back to the retailer and he could not access the default setting.
So after three hours waiting Kit Kat was installed with root kit intervention.
Well from that point onwards no holding back.
I was deeply engrossed with Android or the Google World.

This piece is from Google blog spot, the mobile version of Google blogspot.
I am well set and blogging on the fly NOW..
I want the guys and girls to use the Mobile Power to beat the political thugs.

There is a Sinhala Version of the blog spot.
Use it liberally during this critical period to offset Mada Programs.
The downside is, it is very slow in downloading and uploading.
Additionally battery charge time is as short as 3 hours but I keep them plugged into the PC while I do other jobs in the world wide web. 

Things one cannot do with a mobile;
There are few things one cannot do with a mobile phone.
One cannot access data from a USB stick.
One cannot access data from a PC without appropriate software.
One cannot dual boot.
In that sense, tabloid is better but bulky and one has to carry all the accessories, which add to the bulk.
So before you buy a tablet see all the ports are available.
After few days of using one is inclined to tweak to ones needs.
It becomes a human compulsion with any gadet one may have. 
Think before you buy.
One may have to buy two instead of one and the there is no one to dish out the spare gadget at going prices. 

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