Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WiFi Connection

I am trying to connect to a WiFi hot spot.
I am travelling by bus not driving.
From engineering Faculty to University to teaching Hospital to Telcom, I tried but failed.
 End of the mobile note without publishing in draft mode.
Hospital I can understand, these little gadgets can effect pacemakers and instruments.
Finally in Colombo street, I was connected.
My SIM is Mobitel.
Then in Kandy returning home, while I was waiting for the bus to start (may be five minutes) I downloaded, Genius Root kit, Superuser and Google+.
At home in Paradeniya, behind engineering faculty, I was trying to update Google blog piece for over three hours (I drafted first few lines of this blog piece, as stated above), I could not.
I wanted to publish the draft first few lines, so that I could edit it and publish from my old IBM PC.
Even the wired connection is on snail pace, at 5 bits / second since I overshot the 20 GiB, my limit for a month.
I was trying to download Emmabuntus 3- 64 bit version for my archive.
It broke down over five times over Ethernet (3 GiB into five is 15 GiB).
In other words even if the downloads fails, I pay but I have no returns.
This is absurd when the government is promising free WiFi to the youth.
All bunkum.
I met a young group (guys and girls) of Kandy in the city centre and they we trying WiFi there and they were telling me Yaha Palanaya WiFi is a gimmick.
I could not agree more.
The Google's Loon also may be for political Loonies.
This problem was perennial.
I have stated it many a times before.
Only time the Internet was fast like in Singapore was when the Election Commissioner was on his peak during the January 8th election day.
I think now that he is retiring from the Election duties he should be appointed as a supernumerary supervisor (fully paid not free) for our Telecom regulatory body.
He is the only Civil Servant who deserves all the accolades when political stooges were draining and drying out over Public Service.

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