Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wireless World

I just downloaded a torrent link for a Linux distribution for wireless or digital radio stations of the world.
I did not have time to download or test it.

But this is about the mobile world.
I am new to mobile world
It is a big  learning curve.
I am enjoying it, all the same.
Touch system is the most difficult to master, in spite of fine surgical dexterity of young age. 
For a desktop maestro with keyboard wizardry it is a novel experience.
The beauty of the virtual keyboard is,  it is fast on anticipation and spelling corrections.

I generally give scant regard for getting the grammar correct but do the editing over the next 48 hours.
But the obsession is to get the blog piece posted in double quick time.
This is again to compensate for my boredom travelling by a slow bus plying from Peradeniya to Kandy.
I am now blogging on the fly.
Thanks to all the Android developers.
It is becoming a democratic habit.
I wish the young would use it craftily during this election, which is a turning point in our politics.

It has the same power as social media but does not need a BIG PC to explode.

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